Ruler: Arch Lord Penner. Penner had been a warlord in Amiia. Taken as a slave on a pirate ship, he ended up in Anterndans where he worked his way through the rank before he took over one of the largest pirate gangs, Bloody Bull’s Band. When the former ruling family was ousted in a pirate led coup, various warlords

Population: 31,000+, 60% human, the rest a mix of races. Almost all of the population is located inside Anterndans’ city walls, with a select few inhabiting some close suburbs where produce is grown.

Economy: Anterndans is run entirely by various outlaw and pirate bands. It’s economy exists mostly




Ruler: Aluata follows an ancient Chresen tradition of selecting rulers that is known as ‘democracy’. All land owning men in the nation, which constitutes the majority of men, vote collectively on who should lead them every 6 years. The head of state is known as the Prótipergós. The current Prótipergós is Mikale Gressent,

Population: Aluata is very sparsely populated. The urban areas that exist, Limnitipol, Dala, and Charis, are large towns at best. The entire country has a population of about 600,000.

Area: ~20,000 square miles

Law: Citizens are afforded many rights to protect their civil rights from the government.


Ruler: The Grand Tachiatzulur, always appointed from the Council of the Morean College of Magic. The current Grand Tachiatzulur is Oskanthikala the Dancer, a mage of great power. In reality, the Council of Morean College rules the city, though the Grand Tachiatzulur acts as the executive of their decisions. Oskanthikala is said to be over 100 years old, though she looks to be in her late 20s at most. Her beauty is the subject of numerous poems.

Population: The entire city-state has a population of approximately 100,000, with 40,000 of those living in Morean City and the remainder living in the nearby countryside.

Economy: Trade; Skilled artisanal work; magic items; there is a brisk trade in domesticated dolphins sold in the harbor.

Law: The law in Morean is extremely strict. Very little mercy is shown to lawbreakers, with the one exception that members of the magical elite openly flout the law. Magicians, or at least those who have attained a certain amount of power and level as magicians, are given great leeway in their behavior. Things used to be much worse. The creation of the Tri-City Trade League, a sort of trade-based alliance between Hexaville, Morean City, and Mithas has resulted in some changes. The League, a separate legal entity of its own and one with a lot of power coming from its


The city-state of Morean. The


Ruler: The lich Athantimena, who had been a half-elf when alive. He chafes against the overbearing influence of his dominant neighbor, Morean City, but he isn’t foolish enough to upset them.

Population: 10000, 90% human.




Ciropos is an entirely rural kingdom. Morean ensures that no large urban areas are ever formed where rebellion against it’s rule could form.

Scirop had been the capital of the old kingdom but it was destroyed by the wizards of Morean in 709. Athantimena had been

Valtoh ‘Yis

This no man’s land, just to the east of the Cyllynios Swamps, has no humans living in it. Monsters of various forms inhabit it’s overgrown bog land.

Morean Forest

Ruler: The forest itself has no ‘ruler’ but the Rangerking has always served as the leader of the resistance that make it their home.

Population: There are many fantastic creatures living in the forest, most notably centaurs who were imported from Silauca more 1200 years ago by Chresenar as a workforce. They have since adapted to their forest home. Those humans who do live here tend to be





Ruler: Tash is a krallik, ruled over by the head of state known as the kral. The kral is not absolute in power, but he has jurisdiction over the military. The papazlik is a council of priests (papaz) who have jurisdiction over various areas, including the country’s court system. The kral has not historically been a hereditary position, Instead, the papazlik has chosen a new kral. For the last century, however, corruption has meant that a single family, the Hakli family, has managed to rule, with each son managing to be appointed to replace his father for five straight generations. It has become so that most Tashem now accept that the kral is a hereditary position.

The current ruler is Kral Ahtem Hakli, in conjunction with the papazlik.



Law: Tashem law was originally modeled after Qa’ashite law, which was fairly progressive and egalitarian. Over time, however, the constant threat of war from its neighbors has made Tash a more paranoid society than its wealthier southern patron. This had made its legal system less merciful, and Tashem authorities less dependent on evidence to prosecute a wrongdoer.


Dosai’eldinah: A fishing community consisting of numerous small villages along the west coast of the Shinnal peninsula.

Musayellah, The: A cobblestone road that runs from Castle Akibar to the Capital Road

Nirballa: This fortified town is completely isolated from the rest of Tash, cut-off by the Minored Hills, which makes overland travel extremely hard. The orcs that still dot the hills also make it dangerous, and the Tashem have not been able to drive them out because travel is so difficult. Nirballa is small but has thick stone walls and a sizable garrison.

Triq al-i-Shemel: The North Road.

Triq al-Was’ima: The Capital Road. It runs from Tashi to Lalitar and is cobblestoned.

Triq min al-Wasuf: This road runs from Injera to Tilari. It’s nickname is Triq al-Du’babi Dahl, or Foggy Lost Road, from the thick fog that rolls off the sea and can shroud it obscuring mist.


Ruler: Varies. The castle of

Population: Few humans have survived the Great Fall. Most of the residents of Zythaous today are undead or other evil creatures.

Economy: Non-existent

Law: Non-existent


        Raunevahst: Once the largest town in Zythaous. Since the Great Fall it has been



Ruler: The Andovasillyas, the name for the office of the absolute monarch. The current Andovasillyas is Stemma Iaco’an Kokindonti (NE hm W14), who





Kontasil: A town near the

Xander: A walled city and the home to the