1.Did you know the first ever dirt bike was made by a man called Thomas Edison in 1867. Today I’m here to persuade you that dirt bikes are a Firstly challenging sport and requires a smart brain.  You wear a lot of protective clothing as in,Knee and shin pads,helmet,goggles,body armour and a neck brace.Motocross racing started in 1924 in Great Britain.

2.They were originally called Scrambles. Scrambles would normally race on dirt or sand,they would start the race the same as BMX riders start,behind a gate.  In Motocross they don’t start on a hill and have to guess when to launch.Now there is a event called AMA supercross, it originally started in 1974 and is still raced to this day.The first to this day.

3.The first ever winner of ama Supercross was Pierre Karsmakers and the latest winner in 2017 is Ryan Dungey. There are three classes,there is a 450 class a 250 west class and a 250 east class.

4.Now I am here to persuade you why Motocross isn’t dangerous, because you have all the protection clothes. Thirdly you have lots of practice lessons and you race with your level so if you're just starting you would race in the beginners class. And then the tracks are well planned,nice and smooth and lots of safety people on track.

5.Now I shall tell you why it requires a smart brain, because you have to guess when to launch off the gate so you don’t crash or launch to slow and be last. Secondly you have to know when to pull you don’t crash or launch to slow and be last. Secondly you have to know when to pull your clutch in shift the gear and release the clutch to go faster.

6. You get lots of practice on the track so you know the track.  I think Motocross isn’t dangerous because you have all the safety clothes so that you are protected when you crash.

7.There are a lot of safety and track people there so that if you do crash they can get the bike and you off the track.

8.In conclusion I hope I persuaded you to think Motocross is a fun and not dangerous sport and maybe one day you might want to give it a go!!!