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Alfred MacDonald Personal Training: information for clients
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Primary location: San Antonio, Texas
(other options available, see below)

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I am now (finally) accepting new PT clients. I will accept a maximum of ten clients **with the monthly arrangement**, so if you're interested let me know ASAP via DM. All other sessions will be a la carte, which are more expensive by a substantial amount. Please pay attention to my available times.


These are the most affordable, but YOU MUST HAVE A WORKING PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

Because this is my first public offering, rates are low at $80/mo in person or online for one session per week. This is by far the best arrangement as it is one flat rate and comes out to $20/session. If you request two sessions per week it is $200/month; while it may seem odd to charge *more* for twice-week arrangements, this is to make up for the scheduling difficulty it will create. I will not do two session arrangements for a lower price and I will not do three-session arrangements; if you wish for more micromanagement, see "alexander the great" below.

Available times are:

I am available for training 30 hours a week. However, these are unusual hours because I am nocturnal. I have had a nocturnal schedule for years; I will only temporarily alter it under e.g. the Marcus Aurelius package.

Monday: available for on-off Q&A, closed for training. (Please be direct with your questions: if you want a critiqe of, say your squat form, just send the video right away, please do not introduce with “hey”; it’s highly probable I will be able to answer 20-30 of your questions at 2AM rather than a single question at 3PM. I give extensive feedback.)

Tuesday: available 1PM - 4AM (time zone: CST)

Wednesday: available 1PM - 4AM (time zone: CST)

(do not worry about training at night; I have a powerful light setup to allow for stadium-like lighting, such a baseball field after dark. This is an old photo of my training setup in my yard.)

Thursay — Sunday: closed (this is the time when I review and make revisions to the progress you’ve made, or not made, which we can discuss Monday or on your next training session)

EXCEPTION: the “Marcus Aurelius” package, see below.

Due to many existing obligations, It is simply not possibile for me to divide 10 clients across 4-6 days. I have tried to accommodate this by making my availability windows on these days extremely long. I will not accept arrangements shorter than three months. An effective training program is typically three months in length.


If you want one session only, it will be two hours at $160 as you are trying to cram a month into that time period, and because I cannot possibly teach you all you want to know unless I have the full two hours of your attention and you are financially invested in this time block. (Also, you're paying for the full two hours; if you quit 30 minutes in, it's still $160.)


In person you will get one one-hour live session per week, or two if you chose that package. If you choose in-person, we will do this at one of several approved parks as I have portable equipment (yes, barbells and plates included) — gyms do not allow unaffiliated commercial training.

If you choose online you will get the same training but you MUST have a reliable recording setup and must be able to follow very specific recording instructions. You must also be able to Zoom call, Instagram call or Messenger call (I do not use Apple products, WhatsApp, Signal, or Telegram and will under no circumstances ever use Twitter). Make sure these calls are reliable, because I will not refund if they fail.

For optimal results, it is strongly recommended to have at least dumbells or a barbell wherever you are. I strongly recommend a basic barbell; even the cheapest 5ft CAP one is fine.


Another benefit: I am *NOT* charging extra for consultation, programming, followup and Q&A over messenger or Instagram — I will eventually, but not right now — however if you're constantly taxing my time (like, >30 minute consultations) I reserve the right to charge consultation fees at my discretion.


I will also under some conditions do one-time sessions in the Austin area. If you live in Austin and want me to come to you for a one-time session, it's $260. This commute is an extra two hours on top of the two hours of training, plus gas. This can be a two hour session if you wish, but it also *must* be in Zilker park and I will not do training packages. I recommend the online option if this is prohibitively expensive.


We can discuss many different kinds of goals. In addition to everyman bodybuilding programs, I am especially knowledgeable in the following:

"ALEXANDER THE GREAT" OPTION: $1750 + airfare and transport

If you live in the US and are in the odd position of wanting to fly me to your residence and micromanage every aspect of your life for a weekend like Aristotle did to Alexander the Great, I will arrive early Saturday morning (~4-6AM) and leave late Sunday evening (~12-2AM). While this cost may seem exorbitant, consider that this is two days of 16 hours teaching you everything I possibly can with my full attention. Including the time to get prepared Friday evening, this comes out to a relatively standard rate of 50/hr plus the opportunity cost of my weekend's thought focused entirely on your diet and exercise. If this is something you want to arrange, please discuss this with me at least two weeks but preferably a month in advance.


I am currently certified under Menno Henselmans. when I get my second certification (CSCS) my fees will bump up considerably so consider this a "new to the industry" discount.

About this certification: it is specialized for those already working in the fitness industry, and the exam passage rate is high because you can postpone it — so only those confident that they would pass took it. To further dissuade you from thinking I don't know what I'm talking about, note my upper 10% status here:.

As I am just starting out, my rates are quite affordable compared to the industry standard. Here are the rates for YMCA: