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1.        Purpose

A need for crossing guards at various dangerous intersections in our school area has been identified.

2.        Authority

The Board, recognizing its responsibility in providing for the safety of our students, entered into an agreement with Cumru Township to secure school guards for the agreed upon intersections.

3.        Guidelines

The following provisions apply:

  1. Cost of guards will be shared on a fifty-fifty basis between the District and the appropriate municipality/District.

  1. Hiring and supervision of guards will be the responsibility of the appropriate municipality.

  1. Uniforming the guards appropriately will be a municipal responsibility.

  1. Training will be in two (2) phases:

  1. A general training session for all guards.

  1. Specific on-the-job training to be the responsibility of various police departments involved.

  1. Advance notice to be given to the District on any additional guards to be hired at which time the new situations will be reviewed.

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