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Literacy/Social Studies        


  • Grammar- Students will be learning how to choose and use sentences with purpose.  ALL of the skills we have learned thus far will continue.  Students will continue to use the 3 types of sentences and prepositional phrases. Students should review any notes or reference pages they are given in class daily. Daily grammar grades are given throughout the week over notes and reference pages given to students.  
  • Reading- We will finish up Unit 2, Characters Develop Relationships this week.  Students will analyze character relationships and conflicts, identify similes and hyperboles, and state ideas and opinions about real-world perspectives on  character traits.  An end of unit assessment will be given on Friday to track student progress for skills practiced over the last few weeks.
  • Spelling/Phonics- Pretest given today.  This week’s words are a review over r-controlled, open, and closed syllables, and r-controlled vowels.  Students should be studying words nightly.  


  • Students will have a test Tuesday on place value of numbers including decimals. A study guide will come home on Monday.
  • Wednesday students will begin learning about the powers of 10 and exponents.
  • Students will bring  home a math family letter that has  examples of what we are learning, weekly.

  • Homework: Study multiplication facts every evening.  Your child knows which facts they are working on. Use computer games, flash cards, or have them write and say the facts.


Students will be learning about photosynthesis.