• Dark Water Rising We will be reading chapters 16-19.

  • Vocabulary Test on Friday. Words are under Monday’s work. 

  • Students must do 40 minutes of iReady Reading each week.  We do this on Thursdays.  This is a grade.

Social Studies

We will be discussing the young United States.  We will be learning about Washington as President, Jefferson, and another war with Britain.  

If your child is absent they must complete the assignment for that day on google classroom and turn it in!


  • Students will be reviewing all 5th grade math concepts this week in preparation for the ACT  Aspire test next week.
  • Students must complete 40 minutes of Iready “My Path” each week.  We do this on Fridays.  If your child is absent on Friday they are still required to do this assignment.  It is for a grade!
  • Students will leave their chrome books at school this Friday so PLEASE make sure they bring their chargers also.  We want to make sure they are charged up for our week of testing.  Thanks


Students will be reviewing science concepts and reviewing how to use the  coordinate plane to solve problems.

 How to Help your Child

Encourage your child to work on I-Ready at home.  Students should go to  “My Path” and work on Reading & Math to work on areas they need improvement on.  10 - 15 minutes a night would be great alternating between math & reading.