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Literacy/Social Studies        


  • Grammar- We are working on adding the suffixes  -s, -es, -ed, and -ing to nouns.  Students have a study guide for a test on Monday, Dec. 13. They must be able to tell what each suffix means and write words correctly using each suffix.    
  • Reading- We will continue to work on our main focus of context clues.  We will also be researching and completing activities on Christmas festivities from around the world.  
  • Spelling/Phonics- Pretest given Monday.  This week’s words are homographs.  Students should have these words behind their spelling tab in their binders.  Students should study these words nightly.  


  • Students will be adding fractions with unlike denominators

  • Students will have a test Friday on  adding fractions.

A study guide will come home on Thursday.

  • Students will bring  home a math family letter that has  examples of what we are learning, weekly.

  • Homework: Study multiplication facts every evening.  Your child knows which facts they are working on. Use computer games, flash cards, or have them write and say the facts.


Students will be using science techniques and STEM ideas to make Christmas ornaments and crafts.