2017 Six Flags Wild Safari Inv Preview (Overall and by Varsity race)

The Six Flags Wild Safari Inv enters year eight.  We changed the course in 2013 so we could include a stretch of the course along the Asian animals, which means the course record holders are Steve Maine (Highland, NJ) 15:39 and Jade Tricomy (Toms River North, NJ) 18:09.  This year’s race features teams from 6 states, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. More than half the teams are from out-of-state, as in the previous years, so everyone gets to race against teams they would normally not see.  Remember, the fastest 7 boys and girls (The All-Six Flags Team) and the fastest boys and girls team get special awards in the park and then go to the fastest ride and cut the line.  This year, the fastest team gets the ride of their choice.

Both the boys and girls races have outstanding individuals.  Many will compete in different races so we will see who gets pushed enough to run the top time of the day.  On the boy’s side, Steve Fiumefreddo (Indian Hills, NJ) is the only returnee from last year’s All-Six Flags team.  He was 2nd fastest with a 15:52.  The fight to make the All-Six Flags team will most likely come from the following:  David Lazipone (Kellenberg, NY) 4:23 (1600), Pedro Bava (Iona Prep, NY) 4:25/9:32 (1600/3200), Andrew Meredith (Haddam-Killingworth, CT) 4:25/9:37 (1600/3200), Chris Smith (Edison, NJ) 4:25 (1600), Colin Flood (Manasquan, NJ) 4:26/9:59 (1600/3200).  There are many others (see the Varsity Previews below) but there is always at least one surprise.

The fight for the fastest boys team average should be a good one with several good teams but Indian Hills is back after setting the course record for fastest team average last year at 16:10.2.  They are ranked #9 NJ.  Also keep an eye on Kellenberg, NY (#19 Class A) and North Salem, NY (#11 Class C).

The girls meet returns 5 of the last year’s All-Six Flags team.  Jade Tricomy, now at Toms River South, ran last year’s fastest time, the course record, 18:09, as a freshman. She ran 5:05/11:09 (1600/3200) last spring.  Ariana Gardizy (North Penn) at 18:15 was 2nd fastest and ran 5:03/10:40 (1600/3200).  Sarah Flynn (Ursuline, NY) was the 4th fastest at 18:34 and ran 10:38 for (3000), Olivia Dyer (North Penn, PA) was 7th fastest at 19:04 and ran 11:01 for 3200 and Mackenzie Hughes (Holy Angels, NJ) was also 7th fastest at 19:04 and ran 4:59/11:06 (1600/3200).  Others to watch for the All-Six Flags team (fastest 7 of the day):  Lily Flynn (Ursuline, NY) 4:32 (1500), Sierra Dinneen (Notre dame, NY) 4:42/10:27 (1500/3000), Corrine Barney (Indian Hills, NJ) 10:54 (3200), Lauren Wagner (Voorhees, NJ) 4:59/10:54 (1600/3200), Julie Lawson (Convent/Sacred Heart, NY) 10:23 (3000), Nicole Cassavell (Voorhees, NJ) 5:01 (1600).

(add 20 secs to 1500 to make 1600 time and 42-45 secs to 3000 to make 3200)

For the girls, we have some great teams. North Penn, who had the fastest team average last year is back.  Ursuline, NY (#11 in Class A), Kellenberg, NY (#21 in Class A), Notre Dame, NY (#9 Class B), Voorhees, NJ and Red Bank, NJ will all be chasing the team average record of 19:20.4 held by Pearl River, NY.  

We used Jim Lambert’s Star Ledger NJ rankings, Doherty’s NY rankings and PA milesplit.

Let's look at each race and see who the top individual and teams are. The times next to the runners are either their best 2015 spring time or their personal best.

Varsity A

Boys: David Lazipone (Kellenberg, NY) 4:23 (1600), Chris Smith (Edison, NJ) 4:25 (1600), Chris Shaw (Washington, NJ) 9:55 (3200), Josiah Moyer (Souderton, PA) 10:02 (3200), Evan Chu (Washington, NJ) 10:05 (3200), Erick Dearing (Washington, NJ) 10:06 (3200).


Teams: Kellenberg, NY, Washington, NJ

Girls: Ariana Gardizy (North Penn, PA) 5:03/10:40.69 (1600/3200), Maureen Lewin (Kellenberg, NY) 4:45 (1500), Olivia Dyer (North Penn, PA) 11:01 (3200), Rachel Herrman (Phillipsburg, NJ) 5:12 (1600), Cynthia Boryeskae (Edison, NY) 5:13/11:25 (1600/3200), Maya Richardson (Kellenberg, NY) 4:55/10:58 (1500/3000), Alondra Cruz-Delgado (Newburgh Free Acad, NY) 11:09 (3000), Maeve Gimbert (North Penn, PA) 11:57 (3200), Brianna Lausev (Kellenberg, NY) 11:14 (3000),

Teams: North Penn, PA, Kellenberg, NY

Varsity B

Boys: Pedro Bava (Iona Prep, NY) 4:25/9:32 (1600/3200), Braedon Fiume (Bergen Cath, NJ) 4:28/10:01 (1600/3200), Jack Boherman (Carmel, NY) 4:29 (1600), Vincent Castonuoro (Carmel, NY) 10:05 (3200), Darien Miller (Winslow, NJ) 4:32 (1600).

Teams: Carmel, NY

Girls: Lily Flynn (Ursuline, NY) 4:32 (1500), Sierra Dinneen (Notre Dame, NY) 4:42/10:27 (1500/3000), Jade Tricomy (Toms River South, NJ) 5:05/11:09 (1600/3200), Jade Sessions (Carmel, NY) 4:49 (1500), Corrine Barney (Indian Hills, NJ) 5:11/10:54 (1600/3200), Angela Castonuoro (Carmel, NY) 4:50/10:20 (1500/3000), Klaire Klemons (West Islip, NY) 4:51/10:29 (1500/3000), Haley McLean (Ursuline, NY) 4:51/10:37 (1500/3000), Sara Flynn (Ursuline, NY) 10:38 (3000), Madeline Barney (Indian Hills, NJ) 11:21 (3200), Keiana Mitchell (Notre Dame, NY) 10:45 (3000), Daphne Banino (Ursuline, NY) 10:49 (3000), Lindsey Field (Notre Dame, NY) 10:52 (3000), Katie Turk (Carmel, NY) 11:01 (3000), Leanne Atkinson (Indian Hills, NJ) 11:52 (3200), Kayla Sexton (Carmel, NY) 11:12 (3000),Angela Artini (Shaker, NY) 4:59 (1500)

Teams: Ursuline, NY, Notre Dame, NY, Carmel, NY, Indian Hills, NJ  

Varsity C

Boys: Steve Fiumefreddo (Indian Hills, NJ) 4:24/9:40 (1600/3200), Chris Leymeister (Indian Hills, NJ) 9:54 (3200), Benedictus Bago (Snyder, NJ) 9:55 (3200), Ryder Morrello (West Essex, NJ) 9:56 (3200), Bobby Oehrlein (Indian Hills, NJ) 10:00 (3200), Ben Landel (Ramapo, NJ) 4:33 (1600), Josh Vencius (Deptford, NJ) 10:07 (3200)

Teams: Indian Hills, NJ

Girls: Lauren Wagner (Voorhees, NJ) 4:59/10:54 (1600/3200), Mackenzie Hughes (Academy of Holy Angels, NJ) 4:59/11:06 (1600/3200), Nicole Cassavell (Voorhees, NJ) 5:01 (1600), Corrine Barney (Indian Hills, NJ) 5:11/10:54 (1600/3200), Charlotte Cochrane (Red Bank, NJ) 5:10/11:19 (1600/3200), Madeline Barney (Indian Hills, NJ) 11:21 (3200), Olivia Mandella (Academy of Holy Angels, NJ) 11:35 (3200), Christina Bagin (Academy of Holy Angels, NJ) 5:16 (1600), Emily Sell (Voorhees, NJ) 11:48 (3200)  

Teams: Red Bank, NJ, Indian Hills, NJ, Voorhees, NJ

Varsity D

Boys: Colin Flood (Manasquan, NJ) 4:26/9:59 (1600/3200), David Perry (Ramsey, NJ) 9:50 (3200), Grant Gilbert (Manasquan, NJ) 4:32 (1600),

Teams: Manasquan, NJ

Girls: Kate Sherman (Mohonasen, NY) 10:52 (3000),Katie Onello (Mt St Dominic, NJ) 11:50 (3200), Angela Tarabokija (Kinnelon, NJ) 11:58 (3200),

Teams: ??

Varsity E

Boys: Andrew Meredith (Haddam-Killingworth, CT) 4:25/9:37 (1600/3200), Anthony Razze (Pitman, NJ) 9:56 (3200), Ben Leicht (North Salem, NY) 4:29 (1600), Cooper Knox (Alexis DuPont, DE) 9:59 (3200), Bobby D’Angelo (Gill St Bernard, NJ) 9:59 (3200), Sebastian Reed (Pitman, NJ) 10:01 (3200), Jonah Spector  (Haddam-Killingworth, CT) 10:02 (3200), Sean Vincent (North Salem, NY) 10:06

Teams: Haddam-Killingworth, CT, North Salem, NY

Girls: Julia Lawson (Convent/Sacred Heart, NY) 10:23 (3000), Gabby McCully (Pitman, NJ) 5:14/11:47 (1600/3200), Fiona Calcagnini (Convent/Sacred Heart, NY) 4:56 (1500), Emma Newgarden (St John Villa, NY) 10:59 (3000)

Teams: Convent of the Sacred Heart (NY)