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Support Handbook
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Support Handbook


© 2023 Blindside Networks Inc.

This handbook is written for customers (referred hereafter as “you” or “your”) of Blindside Networks to help you resolve support issues related to our hosting for BigBlueButton (the “Service” or “Services”).

Support Resources

To help your instructors and students get started quickly with using BigBlueButton, we have a Help Center, which has several sections including:

Feel free to share this link with your instructors and students:

The Help Center houses several Knowledge based articles that cover the following:

For your end-users, the best resources are the two tutorial videos:

Viewer (student) capabilities: 

Moderator/Presenter (with breakout rooms): 

These videos are available in the client from within the Settings menu

And in the welcome message.

You can find other videos on the HTML5 client here

There is a public test server for the HTML5 client at 

Help Desk Training

We recorded an overview of BigBlueButton specifically for the help-desk

We can provide training for your help desk (contact us at for details.

Support Contacts

If you are an instructor or student, please refer to the above Support Resources and contact your institution's help desk for Tier 1 support.  

We provide Tier 2 technical support for our Services.

You can contact us via




Core Support Hours:

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 ET

Language: English

E-mailing us automatically opens a ticket in Zendesk (our ticketing system). For support requests received during Core Support Hours, we will respond to requests according to the following times:



Response time

Level 1: Critical

Impact on all users and no workaround is available.

2 hour

Level 2: Major

Impact on a large number of users and no workaround is available

4 hour

Level 3: Normal

Impact on a small number of users & workaround is available.

8 hours

Level 4: Low

No immediate operational impact on users

1 day


You may set the initial Priority for your call or email.  We reserve the right to reassign the priority over the course of investigation.  We will respond to support requests received outside Core Support Hours in the following business day.

Level of Service

We provide availability of Service at levels no less than 99.95% of uptime during each calendar month.  

We calculate availability using total actual minutes available for the applicable month divided by total possible minutes available for the applicable month excluding:

Service Credits

If in any monthly period during the Term of the Service, the Service availability falls below 99.95% of uptime (excluding the outages listed above) for a period of at least fifteen (15) consecutive minutes (“Outage”), upon request you are eligible to receive a prorated service credit based on the table below.

Length of Outage

Service Credit

0 – 4 hours

1 day of service fees (i.e. 1/365 annual fees)

4 – 48 hours

2 days of services fees (i.e. 2/365 annual fees)

48 – 96 hours

5 days of service fees (i.e. 5/365 annual fees)

Thereafter each block of 96 hours

5 days of service fees

Status Page

You can see a status of our services at