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Ticket Policy 2020-2021
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Clyde CISD Athletic Ticket Policy

SY 20-21

  1. Per UIL guidelines schools are limited to a maximum of 50% occupancy of a stadium or gym.  For our stadium, this means the visitor’s side will be allowed 600 spectators and the home side will be allowed 1,167 spectators.

The high school gym capacity is approximately 750 spectators.  

  1. The UIL has asked schools to minimize the transfer of materials such as money and tickets at stadiums and gyms.  For this reason, we will presale tickets during the week of our home games via our e-ticket system on our website at  Tickets are nonrefundable.  
  2. All spectators, adults and children (regardless of age) must possess a ticket or district approved pass in order to be admitted into the stadium or gym.  
  3. District issued passes are the only passes that will be accepted at home games.  Senior citizens were given a special code that will allow them to access complimentary tickets for HOME varsity football games.  Senior citizen passes issued by the district will be accepted at all other HOME games.  
  4. Masks or face coverings (over nose and mouth) will be required in the stadium and gym for all spectators.  Spectators may remove face coverings once seated and socially distanced from others outside of your immediate family.  Exceptions to the wearing of face coverings include (a) any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing of a face covering, (b) while a person is consuming food or drink.