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Latin 8


Jacqueline Cross


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856-848-8200 #527

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PD 2 Google Class Code: a1il3p                PD 6 Google Class Code: i3n1hym

Course Description

        Latin 8 continues an introduction to the Latin language and Roman culture.  Students read stories which follow a Roman family as they move from their home in the country to the city of Rome.  Through these stories, students learn about many topics such as daily Roman life, travel in the ancient world, Roman roads, social class, and the treatment of slaves.  Students will also continue their study of mythology and history by completing projects on mythological monsters, the seven kings of Rome, and heroes of the Roman Republic.

Course Expectations and Assessments

Course Policies 

        Homework is an essential part of learning Latin.  Homework provides an opportunity for you to practice independently what students have learned in class, to extend learning beyond the classroom, and to help students prepare for upcoming lessons and discussions.  Homework WILL be collected, checked, and graded as part of their support grade.

        Students may retake primary assessments within ONE WEEK of receiving a grade on the original assessment.  In order to be eligible for a retake, students must complete a Retake/Test Corrections Form.  Students may NOT retake benchmark assessments.

        All work your student completes in this class must be original.  This means not copying work or answers from another source (including Google Translate), another person (unless working together in a group), or submitting work that was previously completed for another class.  Any work found to be NOT original will receive a 0% and may be reported to administration.


Required and Recommended Materials 


        Weekly lesson plans are available for parents and students to view in Google Classroom.  Students can always either email me or come up to me to ask for extra help.  I can meet with students before school, during lunch, or after school.  

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences