2019 Electrician Local Search

Online Exposure Checklist

And SEO Guide

Do These Simple Things And Get More Local Electrical Exposure Online

Highly Actionable Ways To Increase Your Electrical Web Exposure

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Step By Step Things That Electricians Can Do To Get Higher Local Search Engine Visibility.

Things To Do For Your Local Electrician Business”

[1]  Set-Up And Verify A Google My Business Account

[2]  Complete Your Entire Google My Business Profile. [After Verification]

[3]  List Your Name, Address, And Number The Same Everywhere Online - Be Consistent And Exact.

[4]  List Local Area Codes - No 1 (800) Toll Free Numbers.

[5]   Build Local Citations on Yellow Pages, Foursquare, and Yelp. Get on Home Guide, Home Advisor, Angie's List & Yelp. Get on Home Guide, Home Advisor, Angie's List & Thumbtack. Aim For Electrical Directories

[6]   Join Local Social Media Groups, such as Facebook, Alignable, and Meetup

[7]  Join Alignable – It’s a local business networking website. Great for b2b leads and local networking

[8]  Join Your Local Chamber Of Commerce

[9]  Get Customer Google Reviews And Respond To The Reviews - Responding To Reviews Helps Your Google Rankings.

[10]  Set-Up A YouTube Account And Make Videos That Target Local’s And Electrical Issues

[11]  Get Google Reviews And Respond To Reviews (Google My Business). Tell customers to list exact services in the reivews.

[VIDEO] How keywords in reviews help:

Things To Do To Your Electrician Website”

[12]  Get A Site That Is Secure. You want "https," not "http."

[13]  Your Website Must Be Mobile Friendly, it must be responsive for viewing on cell phones.

[14]  Your Website Should Be Fast And Load In Under 2 Seconds.

[15]  You should include "city/town" somewhere in the website title, along with Electrician or Related Term.

[16]  Include "city/town" In The Website Description.

[17]  Create unique content for every page on your website, Include Local Data And Information such as landmarks, roads, and nearby towns close to your location.

[18]  Embed A Google Map Of Your Location On Your Website.

[19]  Include These 4 Pages On Your Website and include your business contact info on all of the pages.

  1. About Us
  2. Contact Us
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Terms Of Service

[20]  ADVANCED: Learn About Schema Markup And How To List Your Business Information On Your Website Using local business schema markup - You can email cj@cyberreachseo.com if you have any questions.

[21]  There are 3 T's For Search Engine Optimization. Trust, Traffic, And Topic. You Must Get Google To Trust Your Site, You Must Get Web Traffic, And You Must Have A General Topic For Your Brand Online.

Here are some things you can do to satisfy the “3 T’s” of SEO.

[22]  Make A Customer Review Page On Your Site And Use It To Generate Reviews From Customers.

[23]  Link Your Website To All Of Your Social Media Profiles, even your YouTube Channel.

[24]  When Uploading Images To Your Google My Business And Your Website, Change The Photo File Names To Include "city/town" and “Electrician”.

[25]  Add Keywords To Your Website Content, Make Sure To Use electrical or electrician related terms and add your "city/town"

[26]  Try To Use Your "city/town" And “electrician” In The First 100 Words Of The First Paragraph Of Your Website.

[27]  Find keywords that will bring in high converting customers, customers that are buying and not just browsing. Use sales terms so that your website is viewed as selling electrical services vs. providing information about electrical services.

Use Sales Intent Keywords:

Using sales intent keywords will get people on your site who are in need of electrical repair vs. people just browsing electrical content online. Sales operators also helps Google understand that your website is about selling a service vs. just providing information.

Add buyers intent to your website, Include The Terms "Get a quote," "Purchase," And "Prices" In Your Website Title And Content. Using Purchasing Search Operators Tells Google Exactly What The Purpose Of Your Site Is About.

Use terms such as “Hire, Get Prices, Reviews, Who To Call, Can Come Out Now, Emergency, 24 hour response.

[28]  Start Blogging To Generate Web Traffic And Connect With Your Customers, Blog About Your electrical Services.

[29]  Try To Build Backlinks Pointing To Your Website From Other Electrically Related Websites.

[30]  Use natural sounding language in your content to get found by people searching for electricians using Siri, Alexa, And Google Home.

[31]  Add written driving directions to your location, you can use Google Maps to set this up. Demo below


If you have any questions or need some advice about anything in this checklist please email cj@cyberreachseo.com

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Electrician Near Me” Keywords That You Can Use On Your Website

  1. find electrician near me
  2. 24 hour electrician near me
  3. home electrician near me
  4. electricians near me reviews
  5. find local electricians
  6. residential electricians near me
  7. electrical repairman near me
  8. emergency electrician near me
  9. electricians nearby me
  10. 24 hour electrician service
  11. electricians emergency
  12. 24 hour emergency electrician
  13. electrician companies near me
  14. electrician near me open now
  15. electrician near me free estimate
  16. electrician near me cheap
  17. electrician near me phone number
  18. cheap local electrician
  19. cheap electricians near me
  20. affordable electricians near me
  21. electrician near me 24/7
  22. electrician near me contact number
  23. 24 hour electrical service near me
  24. after hours electrician near me
  25. after hours electrician near me
  26. emergency electrical repair near me
  27. electrical contractors near me
  28. commercial electrical contractors near me
  29. best electricians near me
  30. residential electrical contractors near me
  31. industrial electrical contractors near me
  32. local electrical contractors near me
  33. electrical installers near me
  34. electrician near me cheap
  35. electricians near me open now
  36. licensed electrician near me
  37. find an electrician near me
  38. qualified electricians near me
  39. electrician around me
  40. electrician companies near me

The list of electrical keywords can go on forever. The best keywords that electricians can use for SEO are the ones that capture the search intent and focus on “Near Me” phrases.

Add Localization To Your Target Phrases

For any key word combinations you could add localization signal such as nearby towns of neighborhoods. Listing specific landmarks , roads, or even other locally related terms to your target search phrases is a powerful way to capture nearby people looking for your services.

Focus On:

Professional Tips To Add Local Relevance Signals To Your Website

On-Page Website Ideas That Send Localization Signals To Google

Page Title:
Use Brand Name + Keyword + Location close together.


Meta Description:
Use keyword + location with variations

Use 2nd keyword (or category) + location
Example H1 Tag:
Riverview’s Top Electrical Installer

Use variations and longtail electrical keywords
Example H2 Tag:
We are the most affordable electricians near your location.

Recommended Strategies For H2 and H3

Make Bulleted list of Google My business categories that link to inner service pages.


You get the idea, you should design pages targeting specific Google My Business electrical categories and them make a list of those categories on your page.

Picture Alt Text:
Use Electrical Related Keyword or variation

Example Picture Alt Text:
Electrical Installer in Riverview

Use YouTube:

Add A YouTube Video About [electrician + city/town]

YouTube Video Embed:

(You can design a YouTube video to use on your website)

YouTube Title:

Title should be locally relevant and include co-occurrence.

Add Your Business Address:

Add your exact address to your webpage.


Cyber Reach SEO
Email: cj@cyberreachseo.com
Phone: 813-374-1106
Url: https://www.cyberreachseo.com
13923 Felix Will Rd
Riverview , FL 33579

Next, add a link from your address to your Google My Business profile


Electrician Riverview FL (or your business name in address section)  links to - https://goo.gl/maps/6dKcFFaTXUn (GMB Profile)

Add Business Hours And Local Phone Number

Hours: (By Appointment Only)

Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Sunday     9:00AM - 5:00PM

(813) 708-8055

Write a geo-relevant paragraph about your location.
Example City, County and Region:

Big Bend Electric Company is located in Hillsborough County just east of I-75 in Riverview Florida. Our family owned business serves all over Riverview and bordering towns such as Apallo Beach and Ruskin.

Add Written Driving Directions (2-4)

Use Google Maps For This

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Click the directions tab
  3. Choose a local starting point (anywhere in town)
  4. Type your business address
  5. Click on the “details” tab
  6. Literally copy and paste the driving directions onto your website

Driving Directions Example

Starting Point:

Riverview High School
11311 Boyette Rd, Riverview, FL 33569

  1. Continue to Balm Riverview Rd
  2. Head northeast
  3. Turn left toward Balm Riverview Rd
  4. Turn right toward Balm Riverview Rd
  5. Continue on Balm Riverview Rd to Clement Pride Blvd
  6. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Balm Riverview Rd
  7. Turn right onto Big Bend Rd
  8. Continue on Clement Pride Blvd. Take Ambleside Blvd to Felix Will Rd
  9. Continue on Clement Pride Blvd. Take Ambleside Blvd to Felix Will Rd
  10. Turn left onto Ambleside Blvd
  11. Turn right at the 2nd cross street toward Felix Will Rd
  12. Turn right onto Felix Will Rd
  13. Destination will be on the right

You should add about 2 - 4 driving directions to your website, use any location in your town as the starting point. This helps drive local relevance to the search engines.

Add Local Outbound Google Maps Links:
Include 2 - 4 Google Maps links to other attractions in your town.

Example Local Outbound Links:
Big Bend Rd:

Riverview Chamber Of Commerce: https://goo.gl/maps/wkdZNAS4E7S2

You can do this very easily

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Type a local location in the search bar and click “enter”
  3. Click the share button
  4. Click the “copy Link” text or use your mouse to copy the text
  5. Paste the link code somewhere on your website as a outbound link

Link To Your Review Sites

Add links to review sites on the location page. Use reviews such as HomeAdvisor, Yelp, or even your Google My Business reviews.

Electrically Related Keyword Ideas And Terms that you can use on your website or blogs.

GMB Keywords: Electricians
electrical, switch, wire, wiring, electrical, switch, wire, wiring

GMB Keywords:
Electric Supply Store
electric, ltd,

GMB Keywords: Electrical Engineer
basic, basics, electricity, theory, basic, basics, electricity, theory

GMB Keywords: Electric Motor Repair Shop And Store
dc, dc motor, generator, motors, dc, dc motor, generator, motors

GMB Keywords: Electric Utility Company
electricity, energy, nstar, power, electricity, energy, nstar, power

GMB Keywords: Solar Energy Equipment Supplier
manufacturing, solar panel, solar panels, solar power, manufacturing, solar panel, solar panels, solar power

GMB Keywords: Lighting Store
bulbs, fluorescent, light, light bulb, bulbs, fluorescent, light, light bulb


 Person or business that specializes in maintenance and repair of electrical wiring for private residences and commercial buildings.

Electric Supply Store:
Retail establishment specialized in the sale of electrical goods and equipment

Electrical Engineer:
A person who specializes in the study and application of electricity.

Electric Utility Company:
Public utility responsible for distributing electricity to consumers (residential or commercial)

Make Money By Using Intent Based Search Terms

Appearing for search terms such as “electrician city/town” is great but there also intent based keywords that you should aim to capture. If you capture search intent with the way you structure your content, you will be shown for a lot of other terms related to someone at the purchasing end of the search funnel.

Search Intent Examples:


Customer types: “electrician Riverview Fl


They may just be doing research or browsing.



Customer Types: “Do i need a permit to get a whole house generator installed in Riverview Fl?”  


Intent based match that someone looking to get a generator installed, they are at the end of the purchase funnel and ready to spend money.

Takeaway: Use the second example as a blog topic to capture search intent.

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