Sound Reinforcement and Production Courses

Dirk Johan Stromberg

Audio Engineer, Music Technologist,

and Educator

Course Philosophy                        -|-

Each course introduces topics of live sound through practical exercises and demonstration. Application and theory are balanced through active learning and a variety of experiential live sound experiences.

About Dirk Johan Stromberg        -|-

Dirk Johan Stromberg is an audio engineer, music technologist and educator. Currently he is a Lecturer of Audio Production at LASALLE College of the Arts. At LASALLE he oversees the Sound Reinforcement Curriculum


Previous positions included being Head of Music at School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA) and lecturing positions at Nanyang Technology University, Troy University - Ho Chi Minh City, Istanbul Bilgi University and Brooklyn College.

Production Planning                 -|-                        

 2.5 Hours

A short course dedicated to planning a variety of events from talks to performances. Emphasis is on documentation to facilitate quick setup times, efficient operation and delegation of tasks to less experienced crew.



No prerequisites required. If booked in conjunction with Signal Flow and System Connectivity the course will be 30 minutes shorter.

Signal Flow and Connectivity         -|- 

3 Hours

An in-depth discussion of signal flow and approaches to connectivity in different live sound situations. From simple left/right setups to complex multi-operator systems. The concepts of this course will introduce concepts of production coordination and troubleshooting.


Configuration and Calibration         -|- 

4 Hours

Practical approaches to configuration of systems including; setup, signal flow and calibration. The course will focus on configuring audio systems to eliminate potential feedback and facilitate better mixing.


Mixing Techniques                        -|-

Introduction to Mixing Techniques for Sound Reinforcement

 4 hours

Intermediate Mixing Techniques for Sound Reinforcement

4 Hours

Advanced Mixing Techniques for Sound Reinforcement

4 Hours

A series of classes focused on mixing in live environments. Concepts will focus on process based mixing to prepare and create successful mixes. This will include proper configuration of consoles and microphone techniques. Both analog and digital realms will be considered. More advanced techniques include advanced concepts of digital consoles including latency considerations.

The course introduces concepts through practical mixing exercises as well as demonstrations. Through each of the exercises the participants will enhance their aesthetic abilities.


Extension Courses

A couple short courses to delve deeper into concepts of operation to create a broader vocabulary of engineering.

Live Recording                        -|-

1 Hour

An overview of approaches to recording concerts. A focus on recording recording devices, signal flow and processes.

Live vs. Studio Engineering         -|-                         

2 Hours

An overview to assist audio engineers and AV technicians to differentiate between live and studio engineering paradigms.


AoI/P                                        -|-

4 Hours

A detailed workshop delving into the details of Audio of I/P. Focus on Dante, Jack, Ethersound, Cobranet and Octocore.

Fundamental Electro Acoustics         -|-                         

5 Hours

This is an introduction to electro acoustics. Learn fundamental concepts of electro acoustics creating a better understanding of operation of sound systems and their individual components. The knowledge will facilitate repair and maintenance of cables, microphones, and speakers as well as introduce approaches to troubleshooting equipment faults.





Below is the pricing for courses with 10 students or less. Different combinations of classes will reduce the necessary hours. For institutions without facilities or teaching equipment rental and transportation fees will apply.


< 4 Hours


> 4 Hours < 8 Hours


> 8 Hours < 12 Hours


> 12 Hours

Special courses and workshops are available according to the needs of the institution.