Wednesday the 22nd of  August

Oaklands Primary School

37 Cunningham Place,


Christchurch 8025

Queenspark School

222 Queenspark Drive,


Christchurch 8083

Dear Mr Willocks

I am a Year 8 student at oaklands School in halswell oaklands. I am writing this letter

to you because of a unit that we are currently doing on formal letters also we are learning about cultural narratives. we are also currently learning how to write a formal letter as part of our writing at school. I am also writing this to you to find out some information that I will be able to use to help me with my learning at school about the cultural narratives .

We have been learning all about the South West Cultural Narrative in class in particular we have been learning what the south west zone ( the one for our area) is and how we could use it in our future renovation that we are going through the process of  a major design and rebuild here oaklands primary school and we are using this important cultural narrative to influence some of the changes that we are hoping to make.

There are a number of questions relating to cultural narratives that I was wondering if you would answer so that I could learn more about cultural narratives;

  1. Does your school have a cultural narrative?

  1. Is your school community ( students, teachers, parents/whanau) aware of this document?

  1. Have you applied/ used  your cultural narrative in any way in your school?

  1. If so, how have you done this?

I would like to thank you in advance for answering my questions and for your time and helping me with my reachsearch I would be very grateful fo you could take the the time to reply to me. Your answers to my questions will be very helpful with the learning activities that I am doing here at school.

Yours sincerely

Sophie Davison

 Sophie Davison Year 8 Student, Oaklands School.