MGA Tournament Sign-up Information

  1. Total-E System: To sign-up for MGA events, use either a POA Computer located in the Pro Shops or a personal computer via the "Member Login" -- Select “Member Tools” and then “League”. Select the desired date and Group and follow instructions.

  1. Tournament Days:  Groups 3 and Group 4 play on Mondays. Groups 1, 2 and Scratch play on Tuesdays. Your GHIN Index will determine the group and day of play.  In order to prevent players alternating between Monday (Group 3) and Tuesday (Group 2), those within the overlap area of Group 2 and 3 published index ranges will be allowed to choose the day/group with whom they wish to play.  See Special Group Rules for more details, and the MGA website for current breakpoints.

  1. Monday Groups:  Group 4 is no longer an exclusive group. Your index as of the day of signup closing for an event will determine whether you play in Group 3 or Group 4. See Special Group Rules for more details, and the MGA website for current breakpoints.

  1. When to Sign-up:  Players in all groups may sign up beginning on the Wednesday two weeks prior to the tournament play days and continuing until 4:30 pm on the Tuesday one week prior.  Contact the Group Tournament Director to sign up after the deadline.

  1. Match Play:  Sign-up for MGA Match Play will be available earlier, at least a month in advance of the first Match Play Tournament in May.  See Match Play Tournament Rules for more details.

  1. Pairings:  Tournament pairings and tee times will be available under your Member Account and the MGA 18 website by Thursday prior to the event.  Also normal Total-E email tee time confirmations will occur. 

  1. Tournament Directors:  The Group Tournament Directors (TDs) are volunteers trying to do their best.  Please treat them accordingly.  Due to unforeseen changes, the TDs listed in the annual directory may at times be inaccurate. The MGA website is the best source for the correct group Tournament Directors.

  1. Cancellations:  To cancel prior to the sign up deadline, use the “Total-E System”.  To cancel after the deadline, contact your Group Tournament Director. (DO NOT CALL THE PRO SHOP).

  1. Tournament Results:  Final results of each tournament will be posted on the MGA 18 Website within two days following the event.

  1. Prize Money:  All prize money will be pro shop merchandise credits posted to your POA account.  

Rev 01-2019