Parkway West Speech and Debate Captains

Responsibility Agreement

  1. DELEGATED ROLES: Each event (or cluster of events) has ONE captain or a CO-CAPTAIN that will serve as the “go-to person(s) between coaches and team members. To clarify these roles:
  1. ALL CAPTAINS: When it comes to YOUR EVENT, there are two very important jobs:
  1. EVENT PROMOTION: Champion your event. You will recruit members you feel would excel in said event and help them learn the ropes. You should never DISCOURAGE participation in an event.
  2. SUPPORT: NEVER speak ill of another event. To promote your event, you cannot tear down another. If you think someone would be better suited for another event, do not hesitate to direct them there.
  1. CO-CAPTAINS: Will share and take turns as a captain. They must:
  1. Write ONE set of rules that are agreed to by both.
  2. BOTH be present at meetings and practices as much as possible.
  3. Evenly share the duties without over-relying on one to do the work
  4. Communicate clearly with each other and the coordinator if there are disagreements

  1. BEYOND YOUR EVENT: Your job is NOT to "coach" fellow members. Your role will be: 
  1. COORDINATION: Ensure that all who compete know what they are doing, how to do it, and when (including event rules which sometimes change between tournaments).
  1. Reach out BEFORE deadlines to your teammates and encourage/remind them to sign up.
  2. On the last day of tournament sign-ups (TWO Mondays prior to the tournament), it is YOUR responsibility to know who is competing in your event and CONTACT THEM about practices.
  3. YOU will set up and coordinate when, where, and with whom practices will take place.
  1. If in person, we WILL need to share our spaces but this may also mean you need to FIND another space to practice in PRIOR to practice. You are required to ensure a coach is physically present.
  2. If virtual, you will need to provide proof of practice in writing or recording.
  1. YOU will report to Borgsmiller the MONDAY the week of the event if there are competitors failing requirements rather than administering consequences yourself.  Let the Borgsmiller know:
  1. who has set up or done practices and who has not (fill in the spreadsheet)
  2. who was not/is not/will not be prepared appropriately for the practice.
  3. if they have or have not completed their ballot analysis
  4. if they have or have not complied with your rules and/or deadlines.  
  1. DELEGATION: You are not the coach. Your job is to coordinate other varsity members so they can lead. You should NOT be the only one watching practices, teaching lessons, or demonstrating the process. It is expected that you share this responsibility evenly with other varsity members. It is your job to coordinate these sessions but it is not your job to run them. 

  1. POWER: With great power comes great responsibility:
  1. RULES & CONSEQUENCES: You will establish your “plan” but adhere to team enforcement:
  1. Outline your specific deadlines for materials (consider revision time prior to practice deadlines)
  2. Determine how feedback will be provided and how you want to handle communication
  3. Determine how you will use your revision days (you are required to attend or send a representative on Mondays and ballot analysis is now required if they want to compete in that event again)
  4. Do not establish consequences - those are made and enforced by coaches. However, consequences will apply to your rules if approved.  
  1. COACHING: You CAN provide “coaching” based on your experiences but you cannot mandate how it “has to be.”
  2. ROLE MODEL: You are serving as a ROLE MODEL for your peers. You must:
  1. Adhere to your own rules
  2. Demonstrate all parts of the process (preparation, practice, taking and giving feedback). This cannot be done in private, you must do this when present so they can learn from you.
  3. Consider providing extra encouragement for your competitors (notes, gifts, etc. prior to events).

If at any time you fail to meet these requirements you may be asked to relinquish your position.

Thank you for your time and dedication. Your teammates will be forever grateful!

By checking the box in the form, you are agreeing to these rules.