1.          Go to www.caspercollege.edu/myccinfo  and log in. If you need assistance with your password, contact the IT Help Desk 268-3648



2.          Click on “Student Planning” then “Go to Plan & Schedule”.


3.      If you have already picked your class sections (dates/times), skip to # 4. If you have not selected specific course sections, you can do so clicking on “View other sections” link for each class to see what is available.




a.           Your options will appear on both your left navigation bar and within the calendar like the picture below.



b.          Click the section you want and hit “Add Section.”


4.      When a course is selected, it will appear in yellow on the calendar. This means it is “planned” but you still need to register before you are in the class. You can register for each class separately by clicking the register button on the left or for all classes at once by clicking the “Register Now” in the upper right corner.





5.      When a class has been added to your schedule you will see the notification change from “Planned” in yellow to “Registered” in green like the picture below.

6. Check for Alerts- These will show up in the upper left of the screen. These alerts will notify of errors and/or confirm registration.