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America Can Lead Call to Climate Action Student Council Resolution DRAFT 4.8
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America Can Lead: Call to Climate Action Resolution by ______________ Student Council

WHEREAS, our nation has a proud tradition of leading the world in addressing humanity’s most pressing problems and in advancing the cause of human rights and prosperity. For example:

WHEREAS anthropogenic climate change is one of the greatest challenges faced by humanity;

WHEREAS climate change is neither a partisan nor a political issue;

WHEREAS---(acknowledge bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus as well as CCL, Put A Price On It, Students for Carbon Dividends, and Schools for Climate Action)

WHEREAS, (enumerate climate dangers and science---language from SF and SCOE resolutions)

WHEREAS---mention Juliana v Gov and Our Children’s Trust and Zero Hour

WHEREAS---(acknowledge California PTA and SCOE resolutions)

WHEREAS, climate change is a social justice and equity issue. While climate change impacts all people and disproportionately impacts all young people and all future generations, it disproportionately affects people of color and people in poverty, thereby exacerbating existing inequities and limiting equality of opportunity which is a foundational aspiration for modern America;

WHEREAS---we have the technology and the economic strength for bold climate action; all that we need is public and political will to meet the challenge of restoring our climate;

WHEREAS, we have faith in the American people, our democratic processes, in our elders, and in our collective ability to lead the world out of this climate crisis;

WHEREAS, in these divided times, all Americans from all political parties, religions, ethnicities, rural/urban/suburban communities and from all corners of the nation could unify behind the cause of restoring America’s leadership on climate change action, for the good of our generation, our children’s generation, and for all Americans and all people of the world;

WHEREAS, time is of the essence and the actions we take in the next few years will have repercussions (potentially very positive or negative depending on our course of action) for generations to come;


1. We declare climate change a generational justice and human rights issue;

2. We endorse equitable and effective state and national carbon pricing policies and call on all adults, voters, leaders, and institutions to join us in advocating for and implementing these policies rapidly in order to restore the climate. Congress should act immediately to implement a fair and effective national carbon pricing policy.

3. We call on all youth, all adults, and all institutions to advocate for and to take climate action in order to protect our generation and future generations. We expect that political parties or political movements silent about climate action will become unviable as our generation ages into the electorate. We encourage our student council, school district board, county board of education, state board of education, and the board of the California School Board Association, the board of the California County Boards of Education, and the board of the National School Board Association all pass climate action resolutions similar to ours, calling on Congress to enact swift, fair, and effective climate policies in order to protect current and future students.

4. We encourage all individuals, all leaders, and all institutions to engage in non-partisan advocacy and outreach among peers and similar institutions as well as organizing bodies such as county, state, and national boards or associations (other school districts across state and country; Board Member to other Board Members and to CSBA and NSBA;) as well as across scales and sectors including engagement with local, state, and federal agencies, jurisdictions, and leaders. We expect adults, especially adult leaders of youth-focussed institutions to advocate strongly for fast, effective national climate policy. It is important for all institutions to break the spiral of silence on climate change as a generational justice issue.

5. Research shows that perceptual filters and beliefs about the validity of climate science are strongly influenced by social affiliation and social/political groupings. We respectfully request that those people closest to the Members of Congress who are the most disengaged from climate change work to shift the Member’s perceptions and beliefs about the issue. We respectfully encourage staff members, supporters, colleagues, and constituents of currently climate disengaged Congresspeople to engage in honest, direct dialogue with the Member to explain why his/her silence or inaction on climate change harms young Americans and future generations, eroding national moral authority and national identity. As Californians, we encourage influencers of the following currently climate-disengaged Congresspeople to speak up and help shift the Member’s perception of and thinking about positive solutions to the climate crisis:

  1. Tom McClintock (CA-02, Tahoe Area)
  2. Doug LaMalfa (CA-01, Redding Area)
  3. Devin Nunes (CA-22, Southeastern San Joaquin Valley)


  1. We celebrate (list of existing sustainability measures and programs already at the school or district): x, y, z

  1. We encourage our own student council officers, teachers, school board members, and superintendent to engage with local, state, and federal jurisdictions and elected leaders to engage in non-partisan advocacy for science-based policies to restore the climate;

  1. We encourage our school district to form a multi-stakeholder committee to develop a Climate Action Plan addressing these areas:
  1. Buildings and Grounds
  2. Operations and Transportation
  3. Food Service
  4. Direct Greenhouse Gas Measurements and Goals for Net-Zero
  5. Climate Literacy and Climate Advocacy in the curriculum and graduation requirements
  6. Institutional Advocacy for Climate Action
  7. Partnerships with local, regional, state, and national agencies and organizations to advance our response to climate change

  1. We encourage all students to transmit this resolution to MoCs, school boards, school stakeholders, (students, parents, teachers) and friends and family across the country

  1. We direct our student council secretary to transmit official copies of this resolution to Schools for Climate Action campaign, local Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter, school board, school administration, all California members of Congress, staff members of currently climate-disengaged Members of Congress named in this resolution, the Climate Solutions Caucus, and school district superintendent, the California School Board (CSBA), the California County Boards of Education (CCBE) and the National School Board Association (NSBA).