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Content for Folder PlaceHolders  - Started March 14 2018

This document is in development and reads
like the musings of a mad man.  Sorry.

I thought I’d use the editorial potential of the folder placeholders [1]  to lay out the possibility of an alternative way of viewing this problem.

Why don’t we begin with the obviosa.

Why didn’t Robert F McDermott, my family’s attorney-in-fact and the syndicate manager at United Services Automobile Association [2]  expeditiously settle a perfectly ordinary water/steam-damage claim in a legitimate, well-known and perhaps even upscale NYC cooperative apartment building?

Why?  Why not?

The answer to that question begins with an understanding of the true nature of syndicate manager at an unincorporated insurance syndicate organized as a reciprocal interinsurance exchange.

Robert Frances McDermott, who we can now fully appreciate as a consummate criminal and con-artist, was directing an unincorporated bailment operation.

Above all else - he was the bailee of $ billions of deposits made (in the aggregate) by each syndicate name in order to guarantee their performance to pay the claims of all the other syndicate names.

This was all admitted to, writ large, in the very insurance contract that was before The Honorable Carol E Huff.


Robert Frances McDermott’s single and very simple job was join the 2.5 million USAA syndicate names to any action against a syndicate name and to defend and pay those cases.

In those cases where the 2.5 million USAA syndicate names at large had indemnified a syndicate name:  Robert Frances McDermott’s 2nd mission was to take up the rights of the 2.5 million USAA syndicate names as subrogees.

The fly in the ointment is those cases where a USAA syndicate name is denied payment of her claim.  And that is what we had in The Honorable  Carol E Huff’s courtroom.

The common law, statute, code, and judicial practice all over the county is clear that courts shall not permit themselves to become jirgas and sharia courts or original jurisdiction for unincorporated membership organizations.

Judge Carol E Huff knew very well that in NYS the operators of a membership organization may not help themselves to the compliant, bend-over-backwards, and friendly services of a NYS Supreme Court Judge to have their unlawful way with a member.

It gets even more complicated where the heavily bribed and paid off NYS political establishment is whispering in that judge’s ear that she is hearing a case where her just decision may interrupt the availability of funds to spread around the New York State political estate.

USAA is a big big political contributor.

In fact, I am prepared to show that criminal Robert Frances McDermott’s unlawful institution of litigation against me and my family had exactly that very dark purpose.

And here is exactly how that works (pay close attention Judge Huff).

At a corporate insurer, the proceeds of a criminal evasion of the duty to pay a policyholder 1st party claim yields funds to the corporation stockholders.

USAA is not a corporation.

The proceeds of Robert Frances McDermott’s criminal evasion of his duty to join the other 2.5 million members of the unincorporated insurance syndicate to the payment of the costs of restoring the Koenig family’s cooperative apartment from the damage caused by the landlord’s exploding steam pipes would yield the return portion of each syndicate name’s deposit.

Right!  Right?

Hold on a minute!

When Robert Frances McDermott organized Judge Carol E Huff, Judge Martin Schoenfeld, and Judge Diane Lebedeff into a precision drill-team lock-step to fuck the Koenig family:  does anybody really believe that Robert Frances McDermott paid back to the syndicate names the proceeds of his theft?

Of course not.

What Judge Carol E Huff was bribed and importuned by the entire NYS political establishment to ignore were these two overriding elemental considerations:

  1. Her role as the internal decision of Robert F McDermott to criminally deny the Koenig family claim was an appellate/review jurisdiction and not an original jurisdiction.
  2. As criminal sleazebag USAA Lawyer Robert M Spadaro was refusing to produce the digest of unincorporated reciprocal interinsurer’s claims denial:  Huff’s only recourse was to remand back to USAA’s own internal claims resolution mechanism.
  3. What was also clear from facts that required no trial as they were fully admitted to by all parties: criminal sleazebag Robert M Spadaro and his equally criminal patron Robert Frances McDermott had a clear duty to join and to maintain the joinder of landlord 55 Liberty Owners Corp  .
  4. In the meantime,

That leaves dangling yet a further very interesting question:

Who had the duty to inform Judge Carol E Huff that the USAA which was presenting itself as a real party-in-interest in her courtroom was in fact an unincorporated insurance syndicate organized under Texas law as a         .


And if Robert F McDermott failed to appreciate his duty to settle the claim - then what were the internal membership mechanisms to resolve the matter?  After all - USAA is ostensibly a membership organization.

This last question above as to internal resolution of membership issues is actually very interesting.

I ask this question of the persons cc’d below.

On review - one can see that there were absolutely no triable facts in the matter:  as such, no trial was necessary.

What in heaven’s name could have been the circumstances behind a fully and correctly insured plaintiff presenting himself in Judge Carol E Huff’s courtroom for a declaratory judgement as how to parse the financial responsibility for restoring damage from a landlord’s exploding steampipe:

  1. The tenant’s damaged personal property, fixtures, and improvements: and,
  2. the cooperative corporation landlord’s property

This question has a very sad answer; and I lay the deficit in moral accountability at the feet of Judge Carol E Huff. 

So what was going on?  What was played out in Judge Huff’s courtroom was a very simple fraud upon the court. 

For the purposes of the thought experiment - let’s just make some assumptions.  For the purpose of the discussion, let’s accept these facts as prima facie true.

  1. The Koenig family owned shares in 55 Liberty Owners Corp which entitled them to a proprietary lease on apartment # 17C.
  2. 55 Liberty Owners Corp, the cooperative housing corporation, had a condominium interest
  3. The Koenig family was the fourth owner of the shares ;  the second owner of the shares (Joseph Pell Lombardi) had performed in 1985-86 a bespoke medium-high end gut-rehab of # 17C from the studs in for the third owner - Burt Sanoff [RIP].
  4. As
  5. The cooperative apartment corporation single-pipe system steam pipe riser behind and beyond the demising walls of Koenig family cooperative apartment unit # 17C at 55 Liberty Street in NYC did fracture.
  6. A steam pipe branch runout welded to the 6” steam riser and feeding the Southwest corner radiator of Koenig family cooperative apartment unit # 17C at 55 Liberty Street in NYC became separated at the beginning of the 1988-1989 winter heating season and leaked saturated high-pressure Con Edison industrial steam piped in from Con Ed’s 24th street electrical generating plant 3 miles away.

cc: this list is assembled pretty much as it comes to mind.

Judge Carol E Huff

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[1] This index.html file has the effect of hiding the infra. folder structure.  People who arrive at one of these folder index  placeholder pages is almost certain to be snooping around the website.  Any person who requires clarification may simply pick up the phone and call me at my personal cell phone:  + (cell, sms, mms + FaceTime)

[2] United Services Automobile Association; NAIC # 25941; FEIN  74-0959140; TDI Company Number 14-86800; Current TDI Certificate of Authority  [CofA]  # 14585 granted on April 2 2008: an unincorporated insurance syndicate organized as a Texas reciprocal inter-insurance exchange.

Unlawfully commenced inter-insuring by receipt of a syndicate name's deposit against a reciprocal contract on either June 20 or June 22 1922. First one year license (expired February 28 1926) to commence inter-insuring by reciprocal contract granted on or slightly before March 23 1925 (two and nine years after USAA's unlawful 1922 "receipt of a first deposit from a "syndicate name".