Tswelopele Moshe


About me

I strive to live my life in abundance with vigour and passion. I believe in a just world where we all feel free to express ourselves without fear of judgment, where we all feel free to explore the bounds of our creativity and become the best version of a society we can. A society where the voice of one is not muzzled, but the depth of the value it carries are weighted fairly.

As house committee member, this is an environment I hope to achieve within the house. One where each member feels a sense of connectedness, freedom, and pride in the name of Kopano.



Establish an inter-residence program aimed at enabling the shared use of services and resources like tutors.


It turns out an individual’s internet activity is quite a fair measure of a person’s mental health state[1]. That is, there's a correlation between how one uses the internet and the likelihood that they're feeling depressed. e.g. random chaotic behaviour is one pointer. I plan on collecting this data for Kopano (maybe per individual with permission?), on a continued basis (all done autonomously) and introducing intervention when it becomes necessary. Intervention like bringing in a professional (in the mental health space) who can help those affected. Ensuring members of the house are prime for their academics. You don’t need to fill anything in, we’ll just know when the general mood of the house is too low.


Help in significantly improving the image of Kopano through a heavier online presence, intrahouse transparency, and greater merchandise adoption through affordability.



Design more accessible systems to help house members throughout their university studies. e.g. the current mentor programme seems to be heavily underutilised although there is a demand for such(statement without proof).

Keep track of house member’s satisfaction with leadership and appropriately intervene.


Ensure all members of the house feel represented and are represented. Ensure strict measures against bigotry, and intolerance through education and also by allowing these to be easily reported anonymously on Kopano’s Vula site, along with any other transgression.



A study released in November 2018, by researchers from UJ, titled: The role of first-year experience excursion in promoting social integration at university: Student teachers’ views[2]. Basically concluded from analysis of their data that “the first-year student data shows how the ​ excursion environment has been beneficial in helping them traverse their individual differences and find shared or common ground as a basis for social integration.”The study recommends that excursion programs should be that which are centered around smooth university transitions, building a sense of community and student development. 1 As such these are key factors I would focus on when designing a FYE program for the new Kopanisities.

Mental health

At this point in time I have a long term solution. The current solution residence offers is that which students talk to their mentors and their mentors make recommendations. But problem, not always report. Hence we check on you through the proposed system.

Managing my academics and leadership roles:


[1] http://web.mst.edu/~chellaps/papers/12_tech-soc_kcmwl.pdf 

[2] https://sajce.co.za/index.php/sajce/article/view/543/863