Highland RV Resort Park Rules & Regulations

Not a Lease: This agreement is not a lease of real estate and shall be used for seasonal or temporary periods of time. The camping season is from May 1st until the week after Thanksgiving each year. Highland RV Resort property rights predominate. Any exception to a park rule requires the consent of the owners, without creating a precedent.


Seasonal Sites: All sites are rented to one family consisting of two adults and two unmarried children under the age of 18. Unmarried children are not permitted to stay in the park without parental supervision and must be on their sites by 11:00 pm. Seasonal sites are non-transferable. Sub-rental of your trailer must be approved by the office and the daily or weekly rate will apply. Seasonal sites are metered and read in September of each year. Each site pays for their own hydro consumption to the office on receipt of their bill.


Payment Schedule: Before entering the park on opening day, the balance of all seasonal site fees are to be paid at the office to avoid a late penalty charge of 5% per month. A $300.00 deposit to hold a camper’s site for the following season is payable at the office by September 1st of each year. Deposits are non-refundable. Campers understand and agree that if they notify the Park Manager that they intend on leaving Highland RV Resort after making their deposit they are still responsible for their site fees until their site is re-rented during the current contract season and will be reimbursed on a pro-rated basis.


Insurance: Highland RV Resort is not liable for acts of theft, burglary, vandalism and for any damage caused by natural elements. The park will not be responsible for accidents or injuries which happened on Highland RV Resort property. You are solely responsible for safeguarding your possessions, family and visitors. You must maintain current personal, trailer and vehicle insurance coverage.


Low Noise Level: Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am – strictly enforced. Please respect your neighbors, no noise after 11:00 pm. Keep televisions, radios, etc. at a low level. Persistent and excessive noise will result in eviction. Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated.


Alcohol: Campers must keep beverages at their site. Excessive drinking will not be permitted within Highland RV Resort. No drinking and driving.


Vehicles and Speed Limit: Speed limits, speed bumps & stop signs are posted for safe traffic movement and are strictly enforced. 10 KM is the maximum. Watch for pedestrians and children. Visitors must park in designated parking areas. Campers are permitted one car and one recreational vehicle per site. Unless approved by the office, additional vehicles must be parked in designated areas only. Motorcycles are permitted but only for transportation in and out of the park.


Lakefront, Swimming Pool and Spa: No lifeguard on duty. Lake access and swimming is at your own risk. Highland RV Resort is not liable for any injury and/or tragedy relating to beach, lake, and swimming pool, spa and deck activities. The park swimming pool is for registered guests only. Campers must comply with all safety rules posted around the pool area.  Swimsuits are required.


Small Campfires: Small campfires permitted – no more than two feet high. Campfires must be put out with water by midnight. Never leave unattended. Campfires only permitted in designated areas. Firewood can be purchased from the office. It is illegal to burn pressure treated lumber.


Visitors: Visitors must register and pay admittance fee on arrival (Visitor Pass, Daily Visitor and Overnight Visitor passes are available at the office). Seasonal campers are responsible for their visitor(s). Visitor(s) check-out is by 11:00 pm for day pass and 1:00 pm the following day for overnight visitor. Seasonal campers are responsible to inform their guests of the park rules and regulations. No more than 12 people are allowed on a seasonal site at one time.


Pets: Pets are permitted at Highland RV Resort. A camper is permitted one pet per site. Pets must be kept on a leash when outside. Campers are responsible for friendly behaviour of their pets. Please be respectful and dispose of pet droppings properly. Pets are not permitted inside community buildings, office or recreational areas (mini-golf, pool area, playground, volleyball court, etc.). Visitors are allowed to bring one pet into the park. Campers are solely responsible for any injuries their pet causes to others and any damages their pet causes to property.

Site Maintenance: Sites must be well-maintained. The park staff shall have access to sites for the purposes of park maintenance, operations, repairs, development and supervision. Site changes including but not limited to patio stones, concrete, wood, decking, sheds, etc. or removal of same must be approved by the Park Manager. Trees, shrubs, driveways and gardens placed on your site become the property of Highland RV Resort and shall not be removed by anyone other than park staff. Storage of items or collection of miscellaneous articles on site, which detracts from the appearance, will not be tolerated. No fencing, clothes lines or tents of any kind. Tampering with park property will lead to eviction. No digging on sites without Park Manager’s approval.


Lawn Care and Park Appearance: Seasonal campers must keep their lawn cut. Our Park Manager can arrange for lawn cutting to be completed. Highland RV Resort is not responsible for damages due to lawn cutting to a camper’s property or site. Campers are encouraged to cut their own seasonal sites. Community lawn mowers and trimmers are available. Do not litter within our park including cigarettes.


Trees: Do not damage or trim our trees (nails, screws, tree decorations are damaging to the health of our trees). Tree trimming is subject to park manager’s discretion and completed by park personnel. Any planting of trees or shrubs by campers becomes the property of Highland RV Resort and cannot be removed.  


Garbage: Garbage must be put in plastic bags prior to placing in designated garbage bin. No bulk items placed into park garbage bin (mattress, chairs, tables, electronics, etc.). Disposal of bulk items are the responsibility of the camper. Contact your local dump.


Recycle: Campers are encouraged to bring their recycling home. If you wish to leave recycling at Highland RV Resort’s designated roadside location please contact our Park Manager for further details. Proper recycling procedure is necessary to participate in our roadside location.


Compost Materials: Place compost items (leaves, twigs, weeds, etc.) in brown compost bag and place in garage area for staff pick-up.


Extra Water Use: Extra water usage such as washing trailer, vehicles, and watering gardens, trees, lawns, etc. require an additional charge. Make payment to the office for extra water usage.


Sunrooms, Decks and Sheds: Highland RV Resort permits sunrooms, decks, sheds and other alterations upon approval. Certain permits and requirements apply. Contact our Park Manager for further information.


Trailer Sales: The office must be notified of a trailer sale. All trailer sales in the park must be handled through the office on a commission basis. For Sale signage is not permitted. Trailers sales are at the discretion of the park and are completed on an individualized basis. Further documentation about trailer sales can be found at the office. Campers wishing to upgrade their trailer should notify Highland RV Resort’s Park Manager to ensure the new trailer is suitable for your site.