Tairangi School Procedure Statement

TRUANCY        NAG 6 Legislation & Regulations

The following procedures are to be followed by the school:

  1. Unexplained regular absences will be followed up by the school contacting parents/caregivers to seek and explanation for the absence.
  2. If satisfactory explanations cannot be found then the school will contact the local truancy service for assistance.  The school will work with the truancy service to locate the student and get him/her back to school.
  3. Where the school believes that the student is a truant with parental consent, letters will be sent to the parent pointing out their obligations and stating that the school will put the matter in the hand of the truancy service.
  4. If a student leaves the school but no request for records comes from another school we will endeavour to ascertain where the student has enrolled.  We will especially try to ensure that all Year 8 students have enrolled at a secondary school.
  5. If a student has not been at school for 20 consecutive days and where there is no explanation for that absence, the student will be removed from the school roll and the details will be provided to the National Truancy Service (NETS) through the Ministry of Education.

File:truancy6.doc        Procedure Statement – Truancy