Elementary/Middle School Program

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December 13, 2018

Dear Kiva Community,

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018 the RE-1 School Board discussed the concerns they have for the future of Children’s Kiva Montessori Elementary/Middle School (E/M S). The meeting was long, yet productive.  We appreciate the many Kiva Community members who spoke on the school’s behalf, sent letters and emails, and made phone calls.  We are extremely proud of our students who spoke at the meeting and willingly shared, honestly and bravely, how they feel about their school. It is after all, the students whom we are all here for!  

The RE-1 School Board has valid concerns about the viability of our school and has found us in breach of our contract. They voiced a willingness to continue to collaborate with us and have given us 60 days to prove to them that we can turn our school around.  We do not yet know all the details this will contain, but we will share the information with you as soon as we receive it from the District.  What we do know is that it will take the entire community, E/M S Board, all of our staff, parents, and students working together, if we are to succeed.

We express our sincere thanks to the RE-1 School Board and administration for hearing the voices of our Board, students, parents, staff, and greater community.  We appreciate their willingness to come together while respecting everyone’s hopes for our school and the Montessori program.  Let us not take this opportunity and the responsibility that comes with it lightly.


Children’s Kiva Montessori Elementary/Middle School Board of Directors