Arma Roleplay Rules


Teamspeak & Website Information

As a player at ArmaRoleplay, you must be on our TeamSpeak whilst playing in-game.

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Our TeamSpeak & Website Rules:

0.0.1 - Abusive, trolling and disrespectful behavior is strictly forbidden. This includes loitering.

0.0.2 - Advertisements or recruitment in any form for any other gaming community is not allowed (this includes verbal, links, suggestions).

0.0.3 - You may not post suggestions, complaints, reports or bugs in the shoutbox. This is a place to chat only. Breaking this rule will lead to your comment being removed or further website sanctions.

0.0.4 - Whilst actively playing in-game you must be in the TaskForceRadio room unless you're given permission by a staff member to do otherwise.



General Rules

1.0.1 - A good level of roleplay is expected on this server. Failing to provide a sufficient level of roleplay will lead to you receiving warning points (the server is role-play, not rule-play).

1.0.2 - No cheating, exploiting, glitching, use of third party modifications (add-ons or executables), use of memory editor software (Cheat Engine or anything of the sort), or any other applications that are not provided, provisioned or endorsed by Arma Roleplay. Supporting someone breaking this rule will lead to your removal also.

1.0.3 - Using in-game VON/chat (direct, side, global, group etc.) is forbidden. You may ask questions and post *twitter* adverts via side chat only, but we encourage you to ask in-game questions whilst in-character. *Twitter* adverts cannot be used to ask questions, only to advertise services.

1.0.4 - Leaving the map (entering debug zone) during an ongoing situation is strictly forbidden.

1.0.5 - Abusive, trolling and disrespectful behaviour is strictly forbidden.

1.0.6 - You must have a level of maturity about you whilst playing on this server, and you must have a working microphone.

1.0.7 - If revived by a medic you must do as instructed by the medic (which includes going to a hospital), unless discharged by the medic on scene.

1.0.8 - Combat logging is not permitted. This includes disconnecting whilst in an active roleplay situation. If initiated on, you must wait up to 10 minutes after the situation has ended before logging off/switching sides. You may not disconnect whilst dead. If you need to leave mid-situation, tell all parties involved and message an active Moderator+ on TeamSpeak.

1.0.9 - Activities between civilian and police/EMS will have no effect on your other life. E.g. if you commit crime as a civilian, you will not be removed from the police force.

1.0.10 - The courthouse is declared a no-violence area as soon as a court case opens.

1.0.11 - Extreme roleplay is forbidden. For example, rape, sexual and graphic roleplay.

1.0.12 - Whilst flying an airplane within Elaine city limits you may not go below 200m altitude. Breaking this rule does not grant the police to take action, only to report it to a staff member.

1.0.13 - You may not lift/tow a tow truck currently towing a vehicle.

1.0.14 - When being shot at, or when an officer is attempting to taze you, you are not allowed to zig-zag by dragging your mouse full speed left and right as this causes your character to de-sync around (You are still allowed to zig-zag normally by pressing A & D whilst running and normally move your mouse from side to side).

1.0.15 - You are not to abuse barriers that can either be placed by scroll wheeling as a cop/EMS, or purchased at Rebel as a civilian (blocking off a building completely, blocking in a vehicle etc).

1.0.16 - Excessively farming EXP for the Talent Tree is not allowed. Example: Repeatedly Impounding Vehicles, Buying vehicles over and over just for EXP.

1.0.16 - You may not spam the “Passenger” or “Hands Up” horn, this applies to every player on the server.

1.0.17 - You may kill a medic if they are combat reviving someone during an active gunfight.

1.0.18 - You must not interfere with a situation that you’re not a part of unless you have a good reason; you may interfere if your friend is involved, but keep in mind you must follow all initiation rules, including initiating as a group. Running in an ongoing situation for loot is not a good reason.

1.0.19 - You may not kill someone that is unconscious (knocked out).

1.0.20 - Staff members have the final say during help rooms.


Random Deathmatch (RDM) and Initiation Rules

2.0.1 - You may not kill anyone unless valid initiation has been made and they’re not complying within a reasonable amount of time (does not include hostage situations).

2.0.2 - Vocal initiation is required before causing any type of harm. This includes tasing, knocking someone out, pulling someone out of a vehicle and restraining.

2.0.3 - When initiating you must have your weapon out in a threatening manner.

2.0.4 - You are not allowed to initiate on moving vehicles going over roughly 40kmph.

2.0.5 - If the other party has successfully fled after initiation has been made, this is seen as the situation ending and re-initiation is required.

2.0.6 - Talking “trash” is not classed as initiation.

2.0.7 - You must be outside your vehicle to initiate

2.0.8 - To initiate as a group, you must all be in the same gang. Gang members must have the gang name prefixed before or after their nametag e.g. [LVMafia] John Doe or by having the same last name.

2.0.9 - If you are revived by a medic, the previous initiation has officially ended. When revived you’re automatically in medical custody. Additionally, if someone is in medical custody, you cannot initiate on them as this is classed as committing a crime against ESU (the police may still take someone under police custody but must go to the hospital for medical treatment with the suspect if the medic instructs to do so).

2.0.10 - When you initiate on the police, it does not mean you initiate on the entire cop force, as this is a random deathmatch. The initiation would only be towards the cops involved in the situation or on those that arrive as backup.

2.0.11 - Sirens do not count as initiation. You must still initiate verbally and with a weapon, as mentioned in other rules. Police may still ram during a pursuit regardless of initiation status.

2.0.12 - Entering a gang base with a weapon that you aren't a part of is automatic initiation and you can be killed by members of that gang. This also includes airspace over the gang base, but only if the aviation vehicle is loitering.

2.0.13 - It is the initiating party's responsibility to make sure that the victim can hear and understand the initiation.

2.0.14 - Stealing someone else's property is automatic initiation. You must be sure they're stealing it, rather than it being an accidental pickup of an item/entering a vehicle.

2.0.15 - Entering a captured drug (gang) area with a weapon is a form of initiation, and the gang in possession of the area have the rights to shoot you on sight. This also includes airspace over the captured drug (gang) areas, but only if the aviation vehicle is loitering.


2.0.16 - Police may use force to apprehend someone presenting a weapon whilst being pursued, even if verbal initiation has not yet been made.

Safehouse Rules

3.0.1  - During the Safehouse mission, you may not commit crimes against other civilians that are in the zone.

3.0.2 - The entire Safehouse zone is KOS (kill on sight) for Police vs Civilians during the mission. No initiation is required.

3.0.3 - Both parties (Civilian & Police) have to be inside the red zone of Safehouse to fight each other.

3.0.4 - As a civilian, you may not wear/use any police clothing/vehicles whilst at the Safehouse mission, neither can police imitate civilians by wearing normal clothing.

3.0.5 - New life rules for the Safehouse mission is different, civilians may return after 10 minutes from respawning, and police may return after 5 minutes.

3.0.6 - Medics are not allowed to revive anyone who has died during the Safehouse mission.

3.0.7 - Any crimes committed during Safehouse are not to be registered by the police, and do not count.

3.0.8 - Upon the Safehouse mission ending, police must leave the area and not loiter.

3.0.9 - The Secret Intelligence Service are not to participate in this mission or assist anyone during this mission.


Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)

4.0.1 - You may not use your vehicle in a way to cause injury or death, as this is classed as vehicle deathmatch (VDM). However, you may use your vehicle as a tool (i.e vehicle maneuvers, such as PIT) to prevent the vehicle from fleeing. Exceptions may be mentioned below.

4.0.2 - You may not purposely VDM someone unless it helps you to escape.

4.0.3 - If someone has been run over, you must not rob them or use their unconsciousness to your advantage.

4.0.4 - D-Sync ramming is not allowed.

4.0.5 - Vehicle to vehicle contact is allowed



5.0.1 - You must not use any type of third party communication while in-game (Skype, Steam, etc.)

6.0.2 - You can’t use information that you found out of the game without the use of roleplay.

5.0.2 - You are not allowed to make up invisible items which cause an unfair advantage (such as saying that you've got a gun/knife pointed at a person, even though you're unarmed)

5.0.3 - You must find out a player's name through RP reasons, not through looking at the name above their head. (excluding police under circumstances specified in the police S.O.P.)

5.0.4 - Police officers must know the location of gang bases and drug dealers through roleplay reasons. Police must chase someone into a gang area or use warrant-approved reconnaissance/surveillance to find a base, not by being told. The location of a gang base is forgotten after a server restart, unless a warrant for surveillance/search/arrest has been approved. Do not confuse gang bases and gang claimable (drug) areas.

5.0.5 - Drug (gang) areas can be raided if a verbally approved warrant has been given by a Lt+. Reasons for a warrant do not include just seeing a drug growing (getting information from a scripted criminal informant is a recommended method).


New Life Rule

6.0.1 - NLR (New Life Rule) means when you die you forget the events what led up to your death.

6.0.2 - Don’t go back to the place where you died and seek ‘revenge’ on the person who killed you. Police may return to their scene of death if they're called back (i.e requested back as backup) to respond to an incident except for bank situations, police may not return to a bank situation.

6.0.3 - Once you've been revived by a medic, you may not return to combat.

6.0.4 - If you have been revived by a medic, you can remember your previous life.

6.0.5 - If you die during a raid on your base/house (includes civilian raids), you cannot respawn at your base/house.

6.0.6 - The police may not spawn at the Department of Corrections if they died during an attack on the DOC.


Roleplay Rules

7.0.1 - Never break character: Breaking character will destroy the roleplay for you and everyone else.

7.0.2 - You can’t play music while restrained

7.0.3 - You must always value your life. You are, however, allowed to fight for your life. You must follow demands if unarmed and facing potential death. Civilians may still evade from police even when faced by certain death, but still require a reason to evade.

7.0.4 - You must connect to our server with a FULL roleplay name; this means there must be a first name and a surname. Your roleplay name must not be offensive or inappropriate.

7.0.5 - You may not go in or out of a vehicle whilst restrained or stunned.

7.0.6 - You must not purposely bait cops. For example, you must not deliberately drive in and out of the police HQ to have an officer initiate on you. This also means you should not attempt to bait an officer just for the sole reason of wanting to rob them.

7.0.7 - You must have a valid reason to rob/kill/kidnap an officer i.e. you may only rob a cop for his gear if you require his gear for a near future objective (such as escaping someone from DOC).

7.0.8 - You may not take a cop hostage with less than 5 cops online.

7.0.9 - You may not use the radio when knocked out or restrained.

7.0.10 - You must have a reason to evade the police.

7.0.11 - Green zones are no crime, no initiation zones (applies to police). Green zones consist of;

7.0.12 - If you initiate on someone/have been initiated on you may not flee into a green zone (green zones listed above). Exceptions include driving through the area.

7.0.13 - If you have been released from medical custody in the hospital, you may evade the police whilst inside that hospital green zone.

7.0.14 - When police training is going on, the training ground is a green zone.

7.0.15 - Licensed legal business bases are no-violent zones. You cannot flee into these areas from the police or a civilian.

7.0.16 - When negotiating at a hostage situation, civilians must provide reasonable demands, a reasonable demand is not asking for $1,000,000 or a bearcat filled with donuts. Civilians may demand a maximum amount of $500,000 for a hostage.

7.0.17 - It is against the rules for the following positions to be corrupt:


Police Rules

8.0.1 - Officers must try their best to roleplay even when civilians are in jail and must not just restrict them to their cells unless having a good reason.

8.0.2 - You must never issue or sell weapons/items/vehicles to civilians.

8.0.3 - Police must close the bank vault once a bank robbery has ended fully.

8.0.4 - Cops cannot use CPR kits to revive civilians (unless they died by a bug/non-roleplay mean). You can only revive other police officers once a roleplay situation has ended.

8.0.5 - You can only arrest a wanted civilian if you know their name by some roleplay mean. It is best to never assume someone’s identity, and to always find out their name. (This will be amended at a later point).

8.0.6 - All other rules are in the ECPD/DOC S.O.P and if broken, are punishable by Command members and Internal Affairs.

8.0.7 - In order for the Governor to be declared corrupt, a warrant must be requested and accepted by State Command and the Department of Justice.

8.0.8 - Neither the ESU or Police may impound vehicles during a combat situation.

8.0.9 - Police officers may NOT enter a captured or uncaptured drug (gang) area unless they chase someone fleeing into that area, or they have a verbally approved warrant by a Lieutenant or above.

8.0.10 - Police officers may not loiter or camp Civilian Spawn. They may enter the area but only for as long as the situation requires them to be there.

8.0.11 - Cops must receive an approved warrant via the forums to raid a house/gang base, there are some exceptions in the cops S.O.P.


8.0.12 - During a hostage situation the police should consider the hostage’s life the most important dynamic of the situation, whereby any tactical approach must consider saving the hostage’s life. Police must attempt to make contact with the hostage takers before moving to a tactical solution.

8.0.13 - SWAT/Police may not knock someone out using the SWAT shield, this includes all methods of making someone unconscious.

EMS Rules

9.0.1 - At no point can you claim to a medic that you have double tapped someone. Medics can judge someone whether they can be revived or not.

9.0.2 - Medics are not to be in possession of a firearm.

9.0.4 - You must never issue or sell items/vehicles to civilians.

9.0.5 - Medics are not allowed to kill.

9.0.6 - You must not go AFK whilst playing as medic.

Civilian Rules

10.0.1 - Cop baiting is not allowed. This means luring or baiting the cops into chasing you for no reason, or for to get into a gunfight. This includes but is not limited to...

10.0.2 - After robbing a person, you must wait 15 minutes before you can rob the same individual again.

10.0.3 - You cannot pick up a car with occupants still in it.

10.0.4 - You cannot use the tow truck to destroy any vehicle.

10.0.5 - Civilians may only use a CPR kit if they died by a bug or by a non-roleplay mean (gunfights class as roleplay). If a medic orders you to stop reviving or tells the person you just revived to come with them to the hospital, they must do so. Gangs, however, may revive other gang members once a roleplay situation has ended.

10.0.6 - The ECPD ATM is not to be used by civilians (unless needed to pay a lawyer).

10.0.7 - Civilians are not allowed to steal ECES vehicles.

10.0.8 - Civilians are not allowed to commit any type of crime against medics, except threaten a medic not to revive someone (you may kill the medic if they continue to revive the person; give a reasonable amount of time for the medic to stop reviving before killing the medic). You may also kill a medic if they are combat reviving someone during an active gunfight.

10.0.9 - If you plead not guilty when being imprisoned, and you wish to apply for a court hearing on the forums, you must do so within 36 hours of being arrested.

10.0.10 - You may not use a radio whilst in cuffs, as this is classed as fail role-play.

10.0.11 - For the Governor to lose his government official status prematurely, he must either resign, be found corrupt by the police or be taken hostage and eventually killed within a hostage situation (the hostage situation should be roleplayed with the utmost roleplay as each case will be reviewed by the Leadership Team before the Governor loses his status, this includes giving the police reasonable demands for the hostage to be returned safely).

10.0.12 - During a robbery you may not force someone to buy you something from a shop or withdraw from the ATM.

10.0.13 - Civilians must roleplay a traffic stop realistically and not evade. You may ONLY evade a traffic stop if the driver/owner of the car is wanted. Otherwise, you may only evade if someone in your car is wanted/you have illegal goods in the vehicle AND the officer becomes suspicious. Suspicion is asking passengers to step out, searching the vehicle or if the officer draws a weapon in a threatening manner.


Gang Rules

11.0.1 - Gang members must have their gang name prefixed before their nametag e.g. [LVMafia] John Doe (same last name is also suitable).

11.0.2 - There can only be one official leader of a gang.

11.0.3 - You can only have a maximum of 30 people in a gang at any one time, and only 10 may be in-game at once. The Director of Factions may give approval for a gang to bypass this limit.

11.0.4 - SMT have the authority to remove any gang if issues are continuously occurring.

11.0.5 - You may not patrol with other gangs.

11.0.6 - Gang members may not interfere in a traffic stop; unless the civilian being pulled over is wanted or gets arrested (you still may not cop bait).

11.0.7 - You may not form alliances or patrol with other gangs. This includes joining an ongoing hostile situation to help a gang; this does not mean, however, that you cannot do business.

11.0.7 - You may revive other gang members once a roleplay situation has ended, even if they died during a gunfight.

11.0.8 - You may not split up your gang into other gangs as to own more than one piece of land (upgradable gang base).

Major Crimes

12.0.1 - There can only be one major crime at a time.

12.0.2 - No major crimes are permitted to happen within 20 minutes between each major crime.

12.0.3 - Major crimes consist off;

         -  Hostage Negotiations

         -  Bank Robbery

         -  Attack on DOC (jailbreak/robbery of the evidence locker) (you may still break someone out during another major crime, however, as DOC is filled with members of a separate jurisdiction).

12.0.4 - You must not interfere unless you are part of major crime.

12.0.5 - You may only start a jailbreak / attack DOC, if a fellow gang member/friend (evidence will be needed to show that you are related to the person) is in prison and your intention is to release them, you have been hired as an illegal business to extract certain prisoners, or if you wish to rob the evidence locker (read below).

12.0.6 - To rob the evidence locker at DOC you must have in-character knowledge of there being valuable goods in the locker (evidence must be presentable of this), or you may rob it whilst breaking someone out.

12.0.7 - You may not commit a major crime with less than 5 cops online (exclusion below).

12.0.8 - You may attempt to free your gang member from the police at DOC, even if less than 5 cops are online, but your gang member must’ve recently (within 15 minutes) have been taken there & DOC must be guarded/manned at that time.

12.0.9 - Civilians may only have a maximum of 2 snipers when robbing the bank.

Secret Intelligence Service

13.0.1 - There may only be 5 Secret Service agents on at any one time, unless protecting a government official/SIS base, or if it is for training purposes.

13.0.2 - Secret Service members must stick to their SOP weapon restrictions.

13.0.3 - Secret Service members must only use armored vehicles during SOP allowed situations.

13.0.4 - Secret Service SOP changes to usage of weapons/vehicles must be discussed with a Community Manager+.

13.0.5 - You must never issue or sell weapons/items/vehicles to anyone that isn’t currently playing SIS.