Chandra Kumala School



Chandra Kumala School grants Partial Scholarships for the National Curriculum Programme to members of the public.  

External Partial scholarships (previously entitled “subject scholarships”) are worth between 10% and 50% of fees, are granted based on the strength of a student in a particular subject, and are reviewed on an annual basis.

Who can apply?

We wish to assist pupils aged from SD 3 and SD 6 to continue their education at the school.

Age in September

From class:

Going to class:


SD 3

SD 4


SD 6


How to apply?

Parents / students who are interested in applying for this scholarship must pick up an application form from our school main building (lobby). A copy of their school report from the past two semesters must be submitted with the completed registration form.

Student must pay the Rp 250.000 scholarship test fee. This test be will be deducted from the entrance fee if the student is selected. Student will also receive entrance fee discount of 50%.

Students must also sit the entrance tests for each subject, except for the subject students are applying for the scholarship in.

If the students are not selected but still want to register in our school, they will need to pay full fees minus the Rp 250.000 scholarship test fee, and will still have to sit the entrance tests for all subjects.

It is the responsibility of individual student to get necessary evidence to support their application!

The scholarship will be given in the form of:

1st Year – 10% of 12 months school fees

2nd Year – 20% of 12 months school fees

3rd Year – 50% of 12 months school fees

The scholarship cannot be converted into money. If the student ceases studying at the school for any reason, the scholarship will be automatically revoked. The scholarship cannot be transferred to a sibling or another candidate.  

New candidates will be selected at the next academic intake.

Application deadline is : 4th May 2018 – 4pm.

Scholarship Eligibility:

Requirements for Evaluation


Evidence of external activities may be required to assist in the evaluation process. Extra points will be awarded to students who have held a position of responsibility or leadership.

Students will be subject to interview and tests/auditions, or portfolio reviews, as appropriate.

See below for types of testing and evaluation conducted to select scholarship recipients:






P4, S1

1 per level

Written examinations


P4, S1

1 per level

Written examinations


P4, S1

1 per level

Auditions and Theory Examinations


P4, S1

1 per level

Art examinations and Submit portfolio

Conditions for Scholarships

Scholarships are reviewed annually by the Education Committee on the criteria of:

  1. The student keeps an 'A grade' average in his/ her scholarship subject, and a 'B grade' average in other subjects.
  2. Sustained language performance: verbal and written.
  3. Commitment and loyalty to the school.
  4. Upholding all school rules and regulations without exception.
  5. Availability to enter internal or external competitions and actively involved in school activities, especially those which are related to the student's scholarship subject.
  6. Students will be monitored regularly and warned if standard is not up to the requirement. Student will receive 3 warnings: 1 verbal and 2 written, final written warning will also serve as notice of scholarship termination.
  7. School reserves the right to withdrawn the existing scholarship offer if students are found to be in breach of any schools rules or regulations.

Scholarship AY 2018/2019