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Off The Rails Comedy Club, Saddleworth COVID Risk Assessment
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Who could be harmed?

Action taken



Pre show

Infected guests attending


Comedy club staff, customers, performers,

Guests advised not to attend if displaying any COVID symptoms


Buying tickets

Risk of infection buying paper tickets from bar


Venue staff, customers

No paper tickets on sale at venue. Online booking only

Can only book max of four per person

Contact number as condition of booking


Travelling to venue

Risk of infection from public transport, car sharing etc


Comedy club  staff, customers, performers,

Venue staff arriving separately

Performers travelling separately.

Guests advised to avoid public transport and only to car share with same household or support bubble.


Arrival at venue

Risk of infection through breach of social distancing, queues forming, guests wanting to speak to friends outside bubble ( see Interaction Of Guests below)


Customers, venue staff

All current licensed trade rules and guidelines in place inc table service, masks and rule of six.

Large car park and reduced audience negates risk of contact as people getting in and out of vehicles.  


Entry to show

Risk of infection


Customers, venue staff

Comedy club staff masked and gloved for set up and duration of both shows. Both to be changed regularly and disposed of properly

All guests must be masked until seated in bubble. No mask. No entry. No exceptions.

One way system in place with guests entering only via internal staircase.

Signage in place re distancing

Comedy club staff to check no queue forming and ask people to remain seated until last minute.

No hand stamps

Guests allocated seats toward front in order of arrival  so as to stop ‘miiling around’ although that would be highly unusual in a comedy club enviroment



Risk of infection


Customers, venue staff, performers

All seating disinfected prior to show

Shows now split into early and late show to create distancing

Capacity reduced by two thirds to 53 seats distanced at 1m+

All forward facing.

Upstairs bar closed

Theatre seating (no tables)  wiith all guests sat  side by side. This has always been our policy to stop chat

Performers 2m from nearest guest

All seating in two's with 1m+ gap . Any household groups of four will be asked to sit in two two's

Window opening lights open all around room to prevent aerosols forming

Side fire door ajar to increase air circulation

Internal air recirculator NOT to be used



Risk of infection



Customers to exit in bubbles onto car park exit so as not to come into contact with any late show audience.

Any customers wishing to re-enter pub can do so by rear,. downstairs entrance but only if there is sufficient capacity downstairs which is currently highly likely on a Saturday

RG staff to police this


Turnaround for late show - contamination of seats, doors etc

Risk of infection


Comedy club staff

All seats, push plates, toilet flush handles, bannisters, anything that anyone may have touched to be disinfected

Door to toilets pegged open to negate use of push plate

Staff to wear masks and especially gloves when doing this.


Turnaround for late show - overcrowding risk

Risk of infection

OMBC pointed out the risk that early show guests going back downstairs for a post show drink combined with ‘ordinary’ pub customers and early late show guests could least to pub exceeding seated capacity of 78


Customers, pub staff

Comedy staff to liaise with pub staff and check capacity 15 mins before end of early show at 7.30pm

If downstairs capacity is reached excess comedy club guests have ample seating in beer garden at rear or covered smoking areas at front with only  5% chance of rain with gentle breeze forecast for Saturday evening.

Upstairs room could be opened 15 mins earlier if required and  side fire door used for entry to maintain social distancing

All diners or groups of four or more are going to be asked to pre book tables.


Use of microphone

Risk of infection due to proximity to mouth


Performers, comedy club staff

Two separate mics and stands to be used.  

MC uses same all night

Other disinfected between the two acts

Staff to be gloved when disinfecting


Interaction of guests

OMBC pointed out that as some guests will know attendees from outside of their household or social bubble this creates a potential infection risk


Comedy club guests

Guests will have seating allocated upon entry and seated within minutes of the performance starting

Due to the very nature of comedy shows it is highly unlikely anyone will stand up and move around during the performance.

One member of comedy staff

Will be in the room at all times as is usual practice.

Arrival is a different matter though. Both pub and comedy staff will police this closely.




4.4/5 HIGH

2.3/5 MEDIUM