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You have found your perfect house. You want to make an offer on it.  

  1. Have you interviewed agents and found one that will work hard for you but also that you like?  Do they listen to you? Are they proactive? Do they respond in a timely manner? These are important factors to know before you are in the middle of an escrow and find your agent is too busy to respond to you.
  2. Have you interviewed and found your perfect loan agent? This agent is very knowledgeable in all of the current loans, interest rates and what will be the best loan for your specific situation. Can this person explain all of the different steps and hoops that you will have to go through?
  3. Now that you have your agent and your loan agent,  it's essential to have your pre-approval letter. In this market a pre-qualification  letter is not enough. The pre-approval letter will let you know what you can afford. What you will need:

A: Pay stubs, ability to prove income

B: Estimated debt, credit cards, student loans, car loans etc.

C: Credit score

D: Proof of down payment funds

  1. Now the fun part…Make Your Offer