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Transportation Request

Requests for transportation to Charter, Private and Parochial schools

must be received no later than April 1, 2022.  

Non-Public eligibility complies with the Uniondale Public School Distance.  

NY State Distance Requirements
for Transportation:

Uniondale Public Schools Distance Requirements for Transportation:

Grades K-8: 2 miles or more

Grades 9 12: 3 miles or more

Grades K-3: .5 of a mile or greater

Grades 4-6: .75 of a mile or greater

Grades 7-12: 1.5 miles or greater


• Medical         • Special Education         • Private & Parochial Schools

Transportation Application

Note that we will continue to follow CDC guidelines. Our goal is to accommodate as many scholars as possible in their home school; however, the safety of our scholars and staff is our number one priority.