Guest Reader Sign-Up

Burroughs Read-A-Thon 2020

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Ms. Kenza (Rm 146)

Mrs. Wold (Rm 147)

Ms. Tripp (Rm 140)

Ms. Zitur (Rm 145)

Mr. Wold (Rm 142)

First Grade

Mrs. May (Rm 236)

Ms. Mooney (Rm 238)

Lasser (Rm 235)

Ms. Fischer (Rm 232)

Ms. Ziegler (Rm 240)

Second Grade

Mrs. Kuhlman (Rm 231)

Mr. Moen (Rm 205)

Mr. Templeton (Rm 206)

Ms. Debrey (Rm 233)

Mr. Janssen (Rm 203) *Contact Mr. Janssen to schedule

Third Grade

Ms. Blossey (Rm 353)

Mr. Kroening (Rm 348)

Mr. Torline (Rm 351)

Ms. Berg (Rm 346)

Mr. Wilkinson (Rm 357)

Fourth Grade

Mr. Frober (Rm 302)

Ms. Kennedy (Rm 312)

Mr. Kilibarda (Rm 301)

Mr. Pederson (Rm 315)

Fifth Grade

Mr. Benjamin (Rm 320)

Mr. Hulsey (Rm 322)

Mr. Moyer (Rm 330)

Ms. Walvatne (Rm 329)