CLIL Activity-Applications lesson plan

Aims: To learn about applications with some new vocabulary, practise listening and reading skills.

Activity: Designing their own app idea and presenting to the class.

Language: Use of the present tense, present continuous and vocabulary related to applications. Higher level speakers will learn about persuasive writing techniques.

Procedure: This CLIL worksheet can be given as homework or be done in class.




3→ D



6→ G


Listening answers

1.) The boy in the video is fourteen years old.

2.) The app was created for Apple, iPhone.

3.) The game is called Bubble Ball

4.) In total the app has been downloaded more than two million times

5.) On Thursday the app was downloaded four hundred thousand times.

6.) He would have made two million dollars if he had charged $1 for the game

Reading answers

  1. True
  2. False
  3. True
  4. True
  5. False