Oberoi International School Language Policy 

February  2019

Language wraps itself around, in through and between everything that we teachers and learners do in the classroom. 

(Ritchhart 2002:141) (Language and learning in the IB programmes-September 2011)        



The aim of language learning at Oberoi International School is to shape student identity by   enabling them to become effective communicators in an ever-changing world. We celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity that students bring to our community (students, teachers, staff, parents and stakeholders). In doing this, we ensure that the language practices reflect the philosophy and standards of the International Baccalaureate.

In our school, we endeavour to develop lifelong learners who confidently apply English and other languages at complex levels to make sense of the world around them, solve problems and work collaboratively with others.

Purpose (Principles of language teaching and learning):

At OIS, we teach language/s through an inquiry-based and authentic context in order to:

Language profile:

Language of instruction:                                                

English is the medium of instruction and is the language used in all internal and external communication, collaborative work and planning. All of our administrative staff speak English and the majority are fluent in at least one other language. The use of other languages in appropriate circumstances is welcomed and celebrated.

Role of teachers

The school believes that every teacher is a language teacher and has a responsibility in the development of language in the school. In the light of this, all teachers are actively encouraged to continuously upskill by pursuing professional development opportunities within or outside school.

Mother tongue development and promotion:

As identified in the language surveys, our school represents a multitude of mother tongues. It is our objective to ensure that the whole school community including teachers, students and parents is involved in the promotion and celebration of diverse mother tongues. We promote mother tongue development in the following ways:


EAL Support:

The school offers an EAL programme (English as an additional language) to support students with little, some or no previous exposure to English thereby increasing access to and engagement in learning. All teachers are language teachers and with the additional support from the EAL programme (push-in and in some cases pull-out) aims at helping the students cope with the demands of the mainstream curriculum and the school environment.

In order to support students and increase their chances of success, there are specific procedures in place for the Primary and Secondary divisions at the following links:

Primary EAL

Secondary EAL

Language acquisition pathways in secondary


Language acquisition pathways:

Language acquisition is integral to the philosophy of the school as it promotes intercultural understanding, facilitates communication and global engagement. Students at OIS are provided opportunities to gain competence in either Hindi, French or  Spanish with the  overall long-term goal of multilingualism.                                        


Primary: In Nursery through SKG, additional language instruction is informal and supports mother tongue language and host country language development. Additional world language instruction begins in Grade 1 with the host country language. All students from grades 1 to 5 have daily teaching and learning classes for Hindi. Starting in Grade 3, students formally engage with French and Spanish.         


The pathway and details of each language course in the secondary school is outlined at the above link.



The language policy will be reviewed every two years for additions and modifications and will involve the active participation of teachers, administrators, parents, students  and school leaders through the formation of a language committee.


Language committee members: 2017-19

PYP coordinator OGC campus

PYP coordinator JVLR campus                                 

Deputy Head of Primary OGC campus

Deputy Head of Secondary OGC campus

MYP coordinator OGC campus

MYP Coordinator-JVLR Campus

Diploma Coordinator OGC campus

Diploma Coordinator-JVLR campus



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