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77.69 Abraham
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77.69 Abraham

1509. The immediate future is all about destroying diabetes and building out Walkabout Solopreneur.  I am 3 days into a 21 day water fast.  After that, I will go to a cheap starch based vegan diet which is what fat ass America needs as well.  I need to walk the walk by maximizing WS with affiliate marketing only before venturing onto my own books and membership sites.  I need to rebuild my own structures.

1510. Top 8 Tips to Optimize Your Blood Sugar Level

With regard to insulin resistance, research shows intermittent fasting promotes insulin sensitivity and improves blood sugar management by increasing insulin-mediated glucose uptake rates.

While there are a number of different intermittent fasting protocols, my preference is fasting daily for 18 hours and eating all meals within a six-hour window. If you’re new to the concept of intermittent fasting, consider starting by skipping breakfast and have your lunch and dinner within a six-hour timeframe, say 11 AM and 5 PM, making sure you stop eating three hours before going to bed.

This works for me in the short run, but does not help my blood sugar reading go down quickly.

Research10,11 has also shown men who eat supper at least two hours before bedtime have a 26% lower risk of prostate cancer...

This is reason enough for IBMs* to not eat late at night.

1511. When I start eating again, I want to use the toaster oven for all of my roasted vegetables.  It is perfect for portion control.  I need to minimize cooking oils, and maybe use coconut oil to line the pan.  

1512. We live in a new world of universal truths and relative truths.  Universal truth is fact based, like the laws of gravity.  Our culture has elevated relative truths even though they are based on opinion and agreement.  These arbitrary rules hold people back.  

Relative rules are real - maybe.  They include concepts like God, meditation, and having a corporation treated as a person.  Thoughts construct our world and empower or restrict generations that follow along.

1513. I must develop my own individual ascetic voice to stand up for introverts who have to bear the brunt of laws created by busy body leftists, of which many of us were.

1514. Over the next few weeks, I have to reestablish my social media accounts and use them wisely.

1515. When it comes to article marketing, even with spinning, I believe you have to send all visitors to your main blogs or an inside page or to a review page on your site.

1516. Some things I need to do to build a new business:


1518. AI: Brain Health For IBMs*

1519. Expansion of my core IM business?

I am looking for ways to expand my IM business, and I have found 2 that fit with my personality.

1. Start a LinkedIn profile repair business.  

I have purchased a program from Lee Cole, and it looks relatively complete.  I have listened to the training videos, and 2nd time through, I will create checklists for my own use and to share if others buy through my affiliate link.

Passive LinkedIn Gold Mine

2. Become an affiliate for medical travel.  This will be the next huge business as health care gets outrageously expensive (as if it were cheap now).

Dental to Thailand.  Plastic surgery in Argentina.  Anything in Cuba.

I expect a long list of possible items to promote.

1520. Your Personal System

A business like McDonald's thrives because every detail of their operation at every level is systematized and recorded.  No detail is left out.  This happens at every level from the farm to your stomach, and even beyond to accounting and corporate.

Nothing is set in stone.  While it’s not Japanese kaizen, it’s close.  Constant improvement.  Menus evolve.  When I was young, all they sold were burgers, fries, soda, and shakes.  I loved it when the fish sandwich came along - with a piece of cheese.

Now, as snowflakes clamor for $15 per hour “living wage” working at McDonald’s, the chain is developing smart kiosks to replace them.  McDonald’s was never meant to be a career choice except for a few managers.  It’s sad what’s become of our economy when burger flippers have no alternative career choices.

That brings me back to creating your life and earning a real income without having to take to the streets like depression era workers.  Each of us has some unique and individual challenges, but never in the history of mankind have we had so many choices.

At 65, I am retired on a small Social Security income, forced into being a night time caregiver for my 91 year old mother, and fighting to regain my health and fitness before I return to the life of perpetual traveler.

Without good health and a full-time online income, continuous travel is not an option.

Relationships need to be cleaned up to free your mind for travel.  On the road is a great place to find your next ex-wife.  I’ve started by finalizing a divorce, my third.  Being married is not one of my top skills.

I have a daughter in her early 20s I would love to help more.  Money is key, but not so much as “assets” but as ongoing, recurring income you can access anywhere in the world.

Continuous improvement is key for your personal system.  Individual kaizen.


Kaizen is nothing mysterious or new.  It’s the basic philosophy of stoicism.  

Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic philosophy that flourished throughout the Roman and Greek world until the 3rd century AD. Stoicism is predominantly a philosophy of personal ethics which is informed by its system of logic and its views on the natural world. According to its teachings, as social beings, the path to happiness for humans is found in accepting this moment as it presents itself, by not allowing ourselves to be controlled by our desire for pleasure or our fear of pain, by using our minds to understand the world around us and to do our part in nature's plan, and by working together and treating others in a fair and just manner.

As an IBM (Introvert Boomer Male), it’s time for me to lay out a detailed plan of action to create the best me I can make.  That light at the end of the tunnel is getting too bright to wait another day to get started.

My biggest problem is an addictive personality.  I don’t eat a scoop of ice cream, I grab a spoon and the container.  I don’t have a piece of toast, I make six.  And for Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies (2nd largest selling after Oreos), a sleeve is my serving size.

I wish I were that addictive to exercise.

I’ve tried a balanced approach to food, and it doesn’t work.  If I eat nothing but real, unprocessed foods for a week or a month, a single lapse will send me spiraling to a 500 blood sugar reading.

Once I taste sugar, I don’t stop until I have half killed myself.

So what is the vision?  Perpetual travel.  To get ready, I have to maximize my health and increase income.

The two main goals to contribute to perpetual travel:

  1. 3,000+ words per day
  2. eat real, unprocessed foods that are diabetic friendly

Underneath these goals are a number of daily actions and constant improvements to make me healthier and wealthier.

I will go into them later, but writing down these minor daily tasks are juvenile, stupid, silly, and totally necessary for me.  If I don’t record, I don’t do.

Even on the first day, I’m starting to feel like a monk.  Detailed rituals.  I do keep these private and adjust for anything that is not working for me.  Unlike a monk, my schedule will not allow me to work when I want.  I just list the items and do as many as possible whenever I have a moment.

My “to do list” has been replaced with a “might do” list.

Might do’s are big ticket items that are impossible without all developing tiny habits and rituals.

I am heading for the best/worst 131 days of my life.  Starting at 12:01 am, I am off to see the wizard.  March 2nd is my brother’s birthday, and the hard end goal for my new life.

By this date, I need the income and savings to leave Jacksonville forever.

Once I leave, I will head overseas to build a team to do my online marketing for me.  It might be Thailand.  It might be Vietnam.  It might be Ukraine.

At the end of 77 days, I need to turn over the day to day online business to third world women.  Single moms around the third world are the hardest working people on the planet.

1521. The Eastern Keys - My Takeaway

I was attracted to The Eastern Keys to reconnect to my youth.  At age 21, I went to South Korea with the Peace Corps.  (Long since closed down in Korea due to their amazing economic development.)

When you’re young and stupid and learning the language, you think everyone must be spouting philosophy and Eastern wisdom.  Most likely, they are deciding what to have for lunch.

Movies have such an effect on us.  Asians were not all Charlie Chan, but I had to get there after watching the World of Suzie Wong.  Nancy Kwan was way too beautiful.  Only half Chinese, I could not get Asian women out of my mind.

What was reality?  Even better.  In the 1970s, being a white boy in Asia was candy store time.  You were a novelty that many girls wanted to try or even exploit.  I guess you are not being exploited if you are a willing participant.

During my first year of Peace Corps, I did manage to earn a black belt in Taekwondo.  I worked out daily in an unheated gym down on the ocean.  Pain.  But worth it.  While it seemed crazy at the time, the discipline helps.

No matter how cocky you feel with a black belt, you have to remember that in Korea at that time, every male served 3 years in the military.  During that enlistment, each would earn a black belt in Taekwondo.  And maybe even higher degrees than I had.

Potentially, any man on the street in Seoul can kick your ass.  You just don’t know.

But I digress.  What I also did in Korea was visit dozens of Buddhist temples.  Being introduced to Buddhism in Asia is the way to experience it.  Not that people really learn non-violence or become enlightened, or awakened.

But as individuals we can try.  

Asians have a 5,000 year history of incredible brutality toward other Asians.  You can’t put their cultures on a pedestal and accept everything without analysis.  But you do have paths laid out for you to follow to live a life worth living.

That takes me to the Eastern Keys.  Heavily influenced by the work of Bruce Lee, Mike O’Neal has laid out a series of steps to reboot your life and live in harmony with nature and your own self.

We know Bruce Lee from movies and TV (Kato on the original Green Hornet TV show), or at least we think we know him.  I know of no other martial arts expert who studied fighting and human nature so deeply, even to the point of creating his own martial art - Jeet Kune Do.

One note:  in Hong Kong, the Green Hornet was known at the Kato Show.

His power and form are absolutely perfect.

Aside from fighting, Bruce Lee’s philosophy of life has much to be admired.

You have to look inside yourself.  Learn from your past mistakes.  More forward.

Research your own experience. Absorb what is useful Reject what is useless. Add what is essentially your own.

I have drifted so much of my own life.  No structure to speak of.  No self-awareness.

Now that I’m older (age 64), I’m not done yet, but time is not on my side.  I have to study all I can, and pull out what will enhance my life, reduce stress, and help me live the life I was meant to live.

But as with most systems, try it out as written, and tweak where you must.

I can sure use some revive and thrive for my remaining years.

Many of these keys will look familiar to you.  And they should.  If a religion or philosophy can be said to get to the truth in life, the ideas expressed will be almost identical.  How many “truths” can there be?

The difference is having someone express these truths in a way you can understand.

1522. IBM Reboot Continued:

I don’t understand women.  I didn’t understand them in high school.  Or college.  And I didn’t understand them in the workplace or at home.

At this age, I won’t get married again unless and until I learn what women are really about, and what I need to be happy in a relationship.  Happy?  That’s not a word that comes up all the time in a marriage.

I will go into PUA systems later, but no matter how sleazy they sound, they do give you some insight into how to read a woman’s interest in you, and how to stay out of the friend zone.  

What they teach you is how to present your best self, decide if there is potential, and to move on if it’s not in your best interest to waste time or buy drinks.

When you go abroad in search of a “mail order bride” or your next ex-wife, your friends and relatives with no knowledge whatsoever about international marriage will warn you of money-grubbing, gold digging whores looking to separate you from your money.

Do they exist?  Sure.  But unlike meeting women at home, you are on your guard abroad.  You will have the time of your life even if you fail to find a wife.


1524. I need to include links to my pinterest boards in my spun articles.

1525. From Google’s Top 3 Ranking Factors Explored

  1. SEO is the art of making a website look attractive to the search engines, it also helps sites RANK higher and gain preferential rankings.
  2. Major search engines such as GoogleTM only show 10 sites in their listings per a page, so getting your website to appear on page 1 for your keywords is generally a constant battle with your competitors who are no doubt also trying to achieve the same RESULT.
  3. These 3 factors, if mastered, will give ANYONE seeking to RANK in the Search Engines, a fighting chance to RANK even Higher and become the authority website for a given Keyword or Key-Phrase.
  4. The first thing to understand about Ranking Factors is that Not all ranking factors are created equal.
  5. However, Google’s algorithm is a constantly changing and evolving factor so we can’t rely on yesterday’s ranking factors.
  6. Links and content are generally accepted as the top 2 ranking factors for Ranking in Google.
  7. Factor One is Content
  1. Factor 2 is Links
  1. The 3rd Most Influential AND Powerful Ranking Factor – Google Rank Brain


1527. Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Neil Patel’s article has about 4500 words of content, and it covers everything including promoting affiliate products, creating your own products, how to become a merchant, finding affiliate networks and even building email lists. The page also includes multiple images, infographics, and embedded videos — it’s everything you could ever want to know about Affiliate Marketing on one page.