August 2018 Newsletter
Newsletter Editor (intern): Julia Gonzalez

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  1. A Note From Rishi:

“Saratogans are “Stronger Together” and happier

2. Saratoga Happenings, Info, & News

3. Upcoming Events

4. Q&A with Councilmember Kumar

5. A Glimpse into August - a pictorial view

  1.  A Note from Rishi


Dear neighbors

I am very excited to report to you the stronger community and connected neighbors coming together in every part of Saratoga; our friendship bonds are getting tighter.

Almost a throwback to what many Saratogans have taken pride in and look back fondly to - the sense of community we had in the '70s and '80s. Are we coming full circle? Saratoga is changing, evolving for the good in the last couple years -  we are truly becoming that "one big happy family”,  •*¨*•♫♪ Where everybody knows your name/ And they're always glad you came".  •*¨*•♫♪ 

Yes, we might say that we are safer with the Neighborhood Safety Watch programs, but there is something deeper happening. The special Saratoga secret sauce of success that we are embellishing has the key ingredients of "Connection, Communication and Collaboration" between our neighbors. That really enhances the quality of our lives - makes us a tad bit hopper.

Here is what I have observed.I attended probably the largest neighborhood block party in recent times earlier this month. The  2nd annual Miljevich Neighborhood Watch party had over 120+ attendees at the historic Miljevich home’s backyard.  Ted Miljevich’s spacious backyard with historic tractors, vintage hand tools and other memories of his family’s orchard day was both intriguing and nostalgic. One of the best venues a block party has had in Saratoga.


Many of our Saratoga neighbors are connecting with their next-door neighbors at such annual block parties.

·       Miljevich neighborhood just celebrated their 2nd annual block party which was 5x bigger than last year

·       The DeHavilland Cox  neighborhood celebrates their 7th annual block party this past weekend. The Fredericksburg Drive neighborhood celebrated their 7th annual block party too.

·       The Meadowbrook neighborhood is celebrating their 4th annual block party next month

·       Harleigh Drive, Prides Crossing East, Congress Springs, Braemar Drive  and many more have scheduled their block parties in the next few weeks

·           The Bonnie Scots is a special story. They held their first meeting in late May, were certified as a Neighborhood Watch in less than a couple weeks. A team of four phenomenal women -  Ada Luong, Indira Joshi, Lori Lytle and Risa Foster - took charge! They have recruited new block captains, applied for their neighborhood grant $,  and are now gearing up for their block party already. Fast moving train..I have a tough time keeping up  :-)

ACTIVE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAMS, BUT...Impressive! The culture we have together established in Saratoga with active Neighborhood Watch programs, is of  neighbors that are connected and socially active. New neighborhood leadership feeling empowered, jumping in, taking charge to make Saratoga a socially vibrant neighborhood.

HAPPINESS INDEX IS UP A simple urge to make Saratoga safer has neighbors getting to know each other.  We can talk about safety, drop in crime, but the true story is that Saratoga has once again become a vibrant community with connected neighbors, that is creating immense happiness and joy for our families - after all we are social animals and happiness index goes up when we are connected.

The story is “Yes, Saratoga has 70 Neighborhood Watch Programs”. But what is even bigger is how our neighbors feel  a sense of belonging; they are collaborating, taking charge, and solving their neighborhood challenges while having fun. Miljevich neighborhood is a prime example. Neighborhood leaders Ray Froess, Tina Hubbard and David Markus on Saturday, created something magical in Ted’s backyard, for every family in the neighborhood that will be remembered for a long time

WHY DON’T YOU PARTY TOO...WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS. Please consider starting a block party in your neighborhood - not next year, but this month. Even if this is a teeny-tiny effort this year, it will still be a VERY good start. You will find many more stepping up to support your efforts and you will make some new friends, perhaps even become the  Superwoman or Superman of your neighborhood.

Taking the first step is important. The party playbook will help you at Simple steps on how to run a block party. Invite the sheriff, invite the fire truck too.

I am extremely proud to be a Saratogan and I look forward to seeing many more of such block parties and  a thriving, flourishing sense of community-ship

Together, let us build connections with our neighbors, make it one joyous community, continue to enhance the quality of our lives

- Rishi


What an amazing community we live in! With our strong neighborhood community-ship and collaborative spirit, Saratogans have the ability to handle challenges and find solution. And we did that to address the  gradual increasing crime in our neighborhoods.

Saratoga is definitely one of the safest cities, but one break-in is one too many, and we have done a phenomenal job of reducing** crime with the collaborative and teaming between our neighbors, our city and our sheriff, on the foundation of strong neighborhood leadership.

Saratogans don't point fingers, we collaborate, we innovate and we solve problems!

Our residential break-ins had gone up* from 59 in 2012 to 130 in 2016 and then 2017 happened! What happened? Read on...

Our City of Saratoga had a huge drop in burglaries from 2016 to 2017 compared to many Santa Clara County cities - A 29% drop from 2016 to 2017 as per the county crime tally table - see attached. As per West Valley Patrol, residential burglaries dropped a whopping 47%** from 2016 to 2017.

I am extremely proud of our vigilant citizens our alert and engaged Sheriff team, 70 neighborhood watch programs that are growing thanks to engaged neighborhood  leaders and an active city of Saratoga Neighborhood Watch program***.

Monthly burglaries averaged 15 in the summer of 2016; dropped to 3 in 2017 as per our sheriff. Why did crime drop so drastically? By fighting crime empowering each neighbor, neighborhood at a time and collectively making a huge difference...alongside our determined, proactive, hard working sheriff team...strategically rolling out Neighborhood Watch programs, building awareness with the crime, talking about best practice and specific safety deterrents****  to rollout. A few neighborhoods have put up cameras at the entrance/egress points… door bells installed in people's homes the first line of deterrent, locking up fence gates, arming the alarm systems - it was a collective concerted effort that resulted in this dramatic drop

Crime has gone up in many cities or stayed constant

Did crime magically go down in Saratoga?

Our engaged, aware neighborhoods are helping. "See Something, Say Something" is our city slogan to address crime. The call volume to our sheriff was the highest in June earlier this summer. Neighborhood Watch programs have helped and so also the awareness about crime

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Captain Urena was quoted in a Saratoga News article:***** "Saratoga’s drop in those kinds of burglaries is “absolutely” related to its recently revitalized Neighborhood Watch program". Read these Saratoga News articles below

*Home Burglaries in Saratoga as per our official sheriff report:

2017 - 69






**NOTE: Our county uses a different metric for burglaries. As per the County DA's office: 2016 burglary count for Saratoga is 159 and 2017 is 93. As per our sheriff department that number is 130 and 59. Our sheriff does not take attempted break-ins as part of their count.

***Visit the city of Saratoga safety page for information on the latest crime stats and Neighborhood Watch Programs

**** Safety Deterrents visit

*****Mercury News articles

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2. City Happenings, Info, & News

Protest against San Jose’s 0.83% water rate increase w/AL#524

San Jose Water is at it again - they have proposed a 0.83% rate increase with AL#524

They are relentless with increasing their water rates…

So what do we do? Yes, we do what we do best….PROTEST!




Download the Water Rates Protest App on your...

Apple iOS phone

  1. Go to App Store and Search for Silicon Valley Water
  2. Download and Open
  3. Fill the form with your info and hit “Click to send email"
  4. Review the email and send. The email is delivered to CPUC.

Android phones

  1. On your Android phone go to,
  2. Download and Open
  3. Fill the form with your info and hit “Click to send email"
  4. Review the email and send …Your protest email is instantly delivered to CPUC

New Turnaround on Big Basin Way

A new turnaround has been constructed on Big Basin Way, just past the intersection with 6th Street. This will improve traffic circulation through the Saratoga Village and provide a designated place for drivers to pull off the road and turn around before leaving the Village.

Permitting goes Online

Did you know you can get a tree permit, a sound permit by going online? Here is the link
Hosting a neighborhood block party? You can just submit the permit request online
Give it a try - no need to visit city hall.
We are also exploring online building permits - simple ones like getting a remodel for a car charging install - also online.

Wednesday Farmers Market moves to Prince of Peace Lutherean Church

On August 22, the Planning Commission reviewed and unanimously approved a proposal to relocate the All Bay Farmers’ Market from Blaney Plaza in the Village to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 12770 Saratoga Avenue. The Farmers’ Market will be open on Wednesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. from April through October and from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. from November through March. The new location will provide shoppers with plenty of parking in the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church parking lot, which can be accessed from Saratoga Avenue and Cox Avenue. According to Market Manager Bill Harlow, the Farmers’ Market will begin operating at its new location next month.

Residential Burglaries in 2018 at 35 so far

NOTE: We ended 2017 at 69



8/6 Between sometime on 6/13 and 12:30 AM on 8/6, unknown suspect(s) entered a residence in the 14000 block of Carnelian Glen Court by breaking a window. Nothing was taken from the residence and the total amount of damage is unknown.

8/6 Between 10:00 AM and 5:56 PM, unknown suspect(s) used a step ladder to access an open window, pushed the window screen inwards and entered a residence in the 12000 block of Titus Avenue before taking car keys, cash and jewelry for a total loss of about $6,207.

8/6 At 11:48 AM, unknown suspect(s) entered a residence in the 12000 block of Titus Avenue by kicking a door open and took electronics for a total loss of about $948.


**On 8/3 Between 6:15 PM and 9:55 PM, unknown suspect(s) entered a residence in the 13000 block of Beaumont Avenue through an unlocked rear sliding glass door and took cash and jewelry for a total loss of about $22,400.

**7/30 Between 10:13 AM and 10:17 AM, unknown suspect(s) entered the garage of a residence in the 12000 block of Saratoga Creek Drive by kicking a side door open. Nothing was taken from the residence.


**8/3 Between 5:57 AM and 6:05 AM, unknown suspect(s) broke through a window of a vehicle parked near Starbucks in the Quito Village shopping center on Cox Avenue and took a laptop and a purse for a total loss of about $2,000.

**8/4 Between 12:30 AM and 9:14 AM, unknown suspect(s) entered an unlocked vehicle parked in the driveway of a residence in the 18000 block of Kosich Drive and took electronics for a total loss of about $2,270.

Vehicle Burglaries 8/6/2018 – 8/12/2018

**Between 1:15 PM and 1:35 PM, unknown suspect(s) broke through a window of a vehicle parked at the US Post Office on Allendale Avenue and took an empty purse for a total loss of about $250.

***Between 12:45 PM and 12:52 PM, unknown suspect(s) broke through a window of a vehicle parked near CVS in the Argonaut Shopping Center on Saratoga Sunnyvale Road and took a purse containing cash, credit cards and a cellular phone for a total loss of about $2,300.

**Between 6:00 AM on 8/5 and 8:00 AM on 8/6, unknown suspect(s) broke through a window of a vehicle parked in the 12000 block of Walden Court and attempted to steal a bag containing clothing, but ultimately were unable. Nothing was taken from the vehicle and the total amount of damage is unknown.


8/31-8/19 - none

8/6-8/12 - 3  residential burglaries (Totals 35 so far this year)

7/30-8/5 - 2 residential burglaries

7/23-7/29 - none

7/16 - 7/22 - 1 residential burglary

7/9-7/16 - none

7/2 - 7/8 - none

**JUNE (0)

6/25 -7/1 - none

6/18-6/24 - none

6/11-6/17 - none

6/4 - 6/10 - none

** MAY (4)

5/28-6/3 - none

5/21-5/27 - none

5/14-5/20 - none

5/7-5/13 - 3 residential burglaries

**APRIL (3)

4/30-5/6 - none

4/23-4/29 - none

4/16-4/22 - none

4/9 - 4/15 - 1 residential burglary

4/2 - 4/8 - 2 residential burglaries

**March - (8 )

**February - (10 )

**January - (5)

Let us stay vigilant, watch out for our neighbors and let us make Saratoga safer!

Appeal of an AT&T Microcell Site – by Nicole Johnson

At their July 11 meeting, the Planning Commission approved 12 microcell sites to be located on existing utility poles within the public road right-of-way at various locations on Big Basin Way, Congress Springs Road, and Pierce Road. On July 23, an appeal application was submitted to the City Clerk for one of the sites located on Pierce Road near the Vista Regina intersection. The appellant states negative aesthetic impacts to the surroundings and a visual burden as reasons for the appeal. The application is tentatively scheduled to go before City Council on September 5.

As of Fiscal Year 2018/19, the City of Saratoga’s total assessed valuations are almost $15.5 billion – having grown by almost $1 billion in the last year. Santa Clara County grew by $33 billion overall. Assessed valuations reflect the total net assessed value of residential and business real estate.

This is the sixth year in a row with greater than 6% growth, “consistent with the second longest post-recession recovery, led nationally by the Bay Area’s high technology sector,” announced County Assessor Larry Stone. His press release providing additional information is available on the County Assessor’s website.

MCI/Verizon Fiber Optic High Level Design – by Poh Yee

MCI Contractors will begin installing fiber optic communication wire for Verizon throughout Saratoga this week, and work will continue over the next 6-9 months. This project will serve the community with improved future communication capacity and create a 5G network for Verizon customers.

The City has issued encroachment permits for various sites, including Big Basin Way, Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road, Saratoga Avenue, Fruitvale Avenue, Cox Avenue, Allendale Avenue, Pierce Road, and Glen Brae Drive. Throughout the project, there will be minor traffic delays at these locations on occasion, but all traffic lanes will remain open.

Fiscal Year 2018/19- Saratoga’s assessed valuations

As of Fiscal Year 2018/19, the City of Saratoga’s total assessed valuations are almost $15.5 billion – having grown by almost $1 billion in the last year. Santa Clara County grew by $33 billion overall. Assessed valuations reflect the total net assessed value of residential and business real estate.

This is the sixth year in a row with greater than 6% growth, “consistent with the second longest post-recession recovery, led nationally by the Bay Area’s high technology sector,” announced County Assessor Larry Stone. His press release providing additional information is available on the County Assessor’s website.

Saratoga Neighborhood Watch Programs have enhanced our safety

Saratoga’s Neighborhood Watch program is being credited with a significant downturn in home break-ins as per a Saratoga News article - see the link below. Saratoga’s biggest crime problem is burglaries,” Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Lehmann said. “A few years ago we weren’t getting enough calls about suspicious people and vehicles, so the Neighborhood Watch program has had a real impact.”

Start a neighborhood watch program for your street today - contact Council member Rishi Kumar at rkumar<at>

Santa Clara County Sheriff's Captain Urena: "Saratoga’s drop in those kinds of burglaries is “absolutely” related to its recently revitalized Neighborhood Watch program". Read these Saratoga News articles below

New Alexa ‘skill’ may ward off burglars

A new “skill” for Amazon’s Echo smart speaker takes things a step further: Away Mode attempts to trick potential burglars into thinking somebody is home by playing long audio clips that sound like real – albeit absurd – conversations that could be happening inside.

The skill, created by Hippo Insurance, a San Francisco-based home insurance company, includes about a half-dozen conversations. Users can ask Alexa to play Away Mode, and it will play recorded conversations, such as a couple breaking up while trying to watch TV, a frustrated mom explaining to her daughter how to assemble IKEA furniture over the phone or two average guys talking about what makes them unique because they want to start a podcast.

The idea was to come up with "funny but somewhat common conversations that happen in a home,” says Andrea Collins, head of brand marketing at Hippo Insurance.

***For full article, visit link***

Coyote Sighting in your neighborhood?

Here is an important safety tip from our county to avoid interaction with Coyotes


Coyotes are a part of a healthy ecosystem in Santa Clara County, but that can lead to sightings and interactions with people and domestic animals. With recent accounts of possible coyotes attacking small pets in Mountain View, we encourage you to follow a few recommendations and tips for avoiding coyote interactions before they happen.

To report a coyote sighting in your residential area, please go to or call the Santa Clara County Vector Control District at (408) 918-4770. In case of immediate danger involving any wild animal, call 911.   (Comments are not monitored by the Vector Control District so please do not report coyote sightings on this post.)

The below information provides guidance on how to properly maintain your property, protect your pets, and react if you encounter a coyote. Information is also available online:

Your Property

•        Trim and clear brush and dense vegetation from around your house and near the ground that could provide hiding places for coyotes and habitat for rats and mice.

•        Pick up fallen fruit, which attracts coyotes and their prey including rats, mice, and birds

•        Secure your garbage and recycle bin lids. Coyotes have a keen sense of smell. Strong garbage odors and food left outdoors are attractive to coyotes, as well as other wildlife.

•        6’ fencing, secured below ground level, including a 1 1/2 foot overhang slanted outward from the yard can help to prevent coyotes from scaling a fence or digging under it. Wooden stockade and chain link fencing are easily climbed by coyotes

•        Small children shouldn’t play outside unsupervised.

Walking your Pets

•        Keep your pets on a fixed-length leash when walking them. Retractable leashes allow dogs to travel an unsafe distance away from you.

•        Take note if your pets seem nervous and frightened when outside. They may have encountered or smelled a coyote nearby.

Your Pets at Home

•        Never leave pet food or water outside. Pet food and bird feeders directly attract coyotes and animals that coyotes eat.

•        Poultry or hobby livestock should be secured in sturdy cages or pens every night.

•        Pets should be brought in at night.

Make Coyotes Uncomfortable

•        Use loud noises to scare coyotes away (e.g., an air horn, a referee whistle, or shaking a can with marbles/coins inside). Tolerating their presence encourages coyotes (and other wildlife) to remain nearby and lose their fear of humans.

•        Install strategically placed motion detector lights outside to deter coyotes from your home. They tend to shy away from lighted areas.

•        Stray dogs or cats can compete for food with coyotes and may be eaten themselves. Call your local Animal Control to report abandoned animals.

If you have questions or comments, please call (408) 918-4770 or email

The Saratoga Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Tri-Chamber mixer on Aug. 23rd!

Saratoga Senior Center Construction

Please note that the Saratoga Senior Center is temporarily closed for the renovations. All classes have been moved to their temporary locations. Please visit for more information on class locations!

Saratoga will see road work soon…

Earlier this month, the City Council approved the Pavement Management program for many Saratoga streets.Contract was awarded to the lowest bidder O'Grady Paving Inc. for $1.827M. You should projects going forward soon

3. Upcoming and Past Events

World renowned artist exhibit to shine at Montalvo Arts Center, Oct – March!

Bruce Munro at Montalvo: Stories in Light

October 28, 2018 – March 17, 2019

Tickets on sale now!

Tickets are now on sale for this astonishing new exhibition by artist Bruce Munro. Featuring 10 light-based works ranging in scale from immersive to intimate, Bruce Munro at Montalvo: Stories in Light will utilize multi-hued waves, clusters, cascades, flocks, and seas of illumination, transforming Montalvo’s historic Villa and grounds into a breathtaking spectacle of light. This is the first time Munro's work will be publicly on display on the West Coast, and will be the largest number of his works ever on view at a single venue. To information on the exhibit, dates, and to buy tickets, please visit

The exhibition is open to the public on select days from October 28, 2018 - March 17, 2019. Standard tickets are $25 with timed entry between 6:00 pm – 8:20 pm. Please note that no cars will be allowed on site, and all patrons must park at West Valley College and board a free shuttle to Montalvo.

Summer Luncheons at Montalvo Arts Center

Wednesdays in August

 The Montalvo Service Group is once again pleased to host its famous series of summer luncheons. Dine al fresco on the front and side veranda of the Villa, just as visitors did nearly a century ago! Bring your friends and create a memorable, delicious experience in this lovely setting. Seating times are at 12:00, 12:30, and 1:00 pm. To view the menus, make reservations, and learn more information, please visit

The Hood of Sherwood at Sanborn Park

Silicon Valley Shakespeare's band of merry men and women is playing The Hood of Sherwood at Sanborn Park in Saratoga. This original production, written by local, nationally-produced playwright Doug Brook, offers a unique and exciting look at one of the world's most famous outlaw heroes. Full of adventure and romance, this fresh take on the classic tales of Robin Hood will take you on a journey that illuminates the importance of community and standing up for what you believe in.


The Hood of Sherwood

July 27 - August 31, 2018

Thursdays - Sundays at 7:00pm

Sanborn Skyline County Park

Sherwood alternates performance dates with Much Ado About Nothing. For exact dates, view our Calendar or see them when you Buy Tickets.We look forward to seeing you at this very special production! Please feel free to share this with your friends - the more the merrier!

Silicon Valley Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing

What better way for Silicon Valley Shakespeare to close out our 20th season, but in the Roaring 20's?!? Set against a backdrop of art deco styling and Jazz music, Shakespeare's wit and mastery of word play shine in the fan favorite comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. Enjoy some pre-show singing and dancing with original jazz music by composer Phil Surtees, starting 15 minutes before curtain at each performance!


Much Ado About Nothing

August 3 - September 2, 2018

Thursdays - Sundays at 7:00pm

Sanborn Skyline County Park

Much Ado alternates performance dates with the World Premiere production of The Hood of Sherwood. For exact dates, view our Calendar or see them when you Buy Tickets.

We look forward to seeing you at this very special production! Please feel free to share this with your friends - the more the merrier!

Free Screening of Documentary, “Dark Money”

Sat, Sep 22, 10:00 AM

Saratoga Library, 13650 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga

DARK MONEY” examines the influence of untraceable corporate money on our elections and elected officials. The film follows an intrepid Montana journalist as he works to expose the impact of the US Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Directed/produced by Kimberly Reed (PRODIGAL SONS) and produced by Katy Chevigny (E-TEAM). Screening followed by audience Q&A with film subject, Ann Ravel, former Chair of the Federal Election Commission.

For registration info, visit link

Superhero Dance for Individuals with Disabilities

The Saratoga Recreation Department is hosting a Dance for Individuals with Disabilities (ages 14 and older) on Friday, September 21 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The dance will be held at the Joan Pisani Community Center, 19655 Allendale Avenue. Parents and support staff are welcome to join, and attendees are encouraged to dress as their favorite superheroes! Admission is $5 pre-registration or $7 at the door (cash or check only), and the registration form must be completed prior to entrance. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Recreation Department, 19655 Allendale Avenue, online, or by mail. Download the necessary registration form here, or call 408.868.1249 for more information.

Date: September 21, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: Joan Pisani Community Center

Address: 19655 Allendale Avenue Saratoga, CA 95070

Contact: 408.868.1249

Cost: $5 pre-registration, $7 at the door

Link: Download Registration Form

Living Room Conversation

The Saratoga Ministerial Association and the City host the monthly Living Room Conversations series for the community to engage in productive dialogue about important topics. To reserve your seat, call 408.868.1216 or email

Date: September 25, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Location: Joan Pisani Community Center

Address: 19655 Allendale Avenue Saratoga, CA 95070

Contact: 408.868.1216

4. Q&A with Councilmember Kumar

Visit for the complete list.

Question: What are the rules pertaining to my old EWAS SYSTEM?


The big change we made with Saratoga Fire a few years back was to give residents a choice of system and the monitoring companies for an EWAS system.  Residents are no longer limited to the vendor provided by Saratoga Fire. When an alarm system is required, Santa Clara County Fire makes the final determination if it meets all requirements. You can get another system and monitoring as long as County approves it.

You can call County Fire at 408 378 4010 and ask for Fire Prevention Department, speak with Mac Bala for further info. Here is the FAQ on EWAS

Question: How can I get a fire truck for our block party?

Many neighborhoods are hosting their block parties and would like a fire truck present for the kids.

Here is how: Call County Fire at (408) 378-4010 and ask for Community Education Department, speak with Kristy Duncan to schedule the Fire Truck visit to your neighborhood

Let’s help keep Saratoga safe and fire free!

***Visit Saratoga’s Fire District website:***

Question: How can I track or prevent mail theft?


How can you track mail that was delivered by USPS, but did not receive? Stolen?

Enroll in USPS Informed Delivery. Free service. Go to

Now you can preview images* of your mail and manage your incoming packages on one dashboard without entering tracking numbers. From the Informed Delivery® dashboard you can also sign up for text or email notifications, schedule delivery alerts, request redelivery, enter USPS Delivery Instructions™, and more.

*NOTE: Black and white (grayscale) images show the outside, front of letter-sized envelopes and mailpieces that are processed through USPS® automated equipment

Here are a few ways you can prevent mail theft:

·       Pick up mail promptly after delivery and never leave mail in the box overnight

·       Do not place an envelope with a check and raise the mailbox flag. It may be picked up someone else not the postmaster.

·       Drop outgoing mail directly at the post office when possible

·       Install security cameras monitoring your mailbox if you can

·       If you're expecting checks, credit cards or other valuable parcels, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your mail if you can't be home

·       If you don't receive an expected check, credit card or other valuable parcel, contact the issuing agency immediately

·       When going on vacation, tell the Post Office so they can hold mail until you return

·       If you change your address, immediately notify the post office and anyone with whom you do business via the mail.

Q: What are Neighborhood Watch grants and how can I apply for one?

A: The City of Saratoga offers Neighborhood Watch grants to help neighbors launch or sustain their Neighborhood Watch groups. Each Neighborhood Watch group is eligible to receive one annual grant of up to $300. Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first served basis until funding runs out.

It’s up to your Neighborhood Watch group to decide how you would like to use the grant! Examples of how the grant may be used include flyers, informational materials, or annual block parties. Block parties are one way to meet the new requirement for Neighborhood Watch groups to hold one neighborhood gathering per year in order to stay registered with the City of Saratoga. Each gathering must be open to the entire Neighborhood Watch group, but it does not need to be focused on Neighborhood Watch.

Neighborhood Watch grants help residents organize groups in their neighborhood and stay engaged for years to come! On the City’s website, you can easily apply for a Neighborhood Watch grant or confirm that you’ve held your annual gathering. To submit either of those or to learn more about Neighborhood Watch, visit

Q: How can I run my neighborhood’s first block party?

A: Explained at

5. Glimpses - A Pictorial View

Joining Senator Jim Beall’s 20th Annual Creek Cleanup

Rishi speaks at the Milevich neighborhood block party gathering!

The mother of all block parties hosted by the Miljevich Neighborhood Safety Watch team - with a fair bit of Saratoga history at the historic Miljevich family "farm" that harvested apricots and nectarines.

Big Basin Cafe - weekend coffee

Bollywood actress Tanishaa Mukerji visits Saratoga

Chamber installation dinner - love the work our chamber is doing.

A few new board members are now on board.

Weekend neighborhood safety discussion discussing safety

Yes, .Running again.... for our love for Saratoga, to keep Saratoga *special*....for getting things done...for solving real problems continue stepping up for Saratoga’s toughest issues SaratogaFirst....”

Letters in Saratoga News  - published on the Mercury News site