Board Meeting: Monday Aug 7, 2017


Via Google Phone Group

Attendance: Christy, Nerissa, Ray, Kaitlyn

Process for W. End Pick-ups:

Kathy called Kaitlyn on Sunday Aug 6th to ask address to try and cold call customers by W. End. Christy said is okay to call phone membership, we need a drive and script to collect data. It should be organized.

Christy: Staff send notes that is worried about Co-op state of not enough funds generated. And staff should not be projecting it to members when they come in. She has good sales. Christy is going to work on Sunday to see what is appropriate on how staff represent themselves.  

The Calendar:

Board Mtg is now 1st Monday of Month.

Nerissa: Wants to advertise in newsletter when the board is meeting

Christy: Has been asked for a financial report, she will do that on Sunday

Sept Meeting is 2nd Monday, 11th. 1st Monday is Labor Day.

Oct. 1st Monday, 2nd of Oct.

7pm time for meeting

IT Volunteer:

Owen: hosts our emails and can take previous board member off Steering board email group. To take Natalya - Christy to contact Owen.


Sept 17th. Potluck event with Worm Farm Guy (date he was avail). 11-1pm

Ask members to bring part of their garden share

August, runs Food for All, is going to help cook at this event.

Kaitlyn is not available that day.

Ray is available that day.

Christy is available.

Promote saving seeds and bring them back to fill up the library with fresh seeds.

Similar format to spring plant swap.

Sustainability Meetings at Co-op

Every other Friday, goal being to get everyone's lease together to collectively bargain for rent increase (rent increase is likely to happen in May 2018).

Seed now holds lease, offered to buy it. But it was lower than owner wanted.

Building owner would like to sell.

Nerissa: It is currently permitted for business, but new zoning may change.

Forterra would like to buy building and has mission to keep local business in process of development.

Seattle Green Drinks Event @ Food Lifeline. Christy, Kaitlyn and Will (KVN Husband) to table about the Co-op.

Next membership meeting: Fall.

Official Voting Kaitlyn in as Board Member: Christy motioned it, Ray second. KVN to meet with Natalya ASAP to put board minutes up on website.

Nerissa: Login saved on her personal computer. Google doc with password for board minutes. KVN to update Nerissa with password

Christy: Hay coming in Friday. HDI order: hardwire cloth, feeders, ect.

Ray is sole board member on bank account. Christy voted  to remove Meridth from the bank account. Ray seconded.

End of Christy's official agenda...

Nerissa: wondering if worthwhile to have NorthEast pick-up site, Nerissa found a lot of addresses with those. Christy is N.E. We really need a Ballard, but not many members in Ballard left or willing to do drop off point. Christy: We also can have after hours at the Co-op, member from peninsula. Ray said if we can focus on Ballard first. Then focus on co-op after hours meeting.

Put info on website about pick up sites. -Nerissa.

Christy - found an ipad for $175. its a newer generation. for a mobile station.