Expressions of interest are currently being invited from organisations and businesses from within the Sacred Heart community who are interested in becoming  Supporters of Sacred Heart School Mosman during the 2017 school year.



The process of Supporter engagement is being undertaken in consultation with Sydney Catholic Schools who will ensure that any arrangements into which the school enters will be consistent with the principles, vision and goals for Catholic education.


Sacred Heart School Mosman is a Catholic school with an inspiring vision for education. The Gospel values of Faith, Generosity, Courage, Kindness, Forgiveness and Love are right at the core of Sacred Heart Mosman’s educational vision:


“Developing the whole person in a school where we love to learn together for life and learn to love life together, being the voice, heart and hands of Jesus in the world.”


Our vision is constructed around the elements of Wellbeing, Achievement and Engagement, each of which is linked by our central focus on developing strong Relationships.  Sacred Heart Mosman is seeking to work in partnership with organisations and businesses whose public image, products and services are consistent with our vision and values and where there is a mutual commitment towards the development of good community relationships.





 Sacred Heart Mosman’s website at provides great detail about our school. In short:


           Catholic School on site since 1900. Sacred Heart Mosman was established in 1983.

           Sacred Heart Mosman is the largest Catholic primary school on the Lower North Shore.

           We have 393 students from Kindergarten to year 6, and 275 families.

           We have 30 teaching staff, including subject specialists for Music, Art and PE.

           Sacred Heart Mosman is a leader in innovative practice in many areas.  These include the provision of 21st Century Learning environments with a high focus on 1:1 technology; the 2016 launch of the Arrowsmith program on Neuroplasticity with 20 students currently enrolled in the program.


Partnership Opportunities 2017


For the Calendar Year 2017 the school is seeking to engage in partnerships with organisations or businesses across three different fields.  Each school Supporter will have involvement with the school in a distinct area of the school’s life:


  1. School Sporting Supporter:  supporting the school’s Athletics Carnival in May, Term 2, and Swimming Carnival in October, Term 4.
  2. School Fundraising Supporter:  supporting the school in its efforts to organise quality fundraising initiatives including the Major Fundraiser in Term 3 and the Spring Fair at the school in Term 4.
  3. School Blue Awards Assemblies Supporter:  supporting the school through the provision of book tokens and certificates to award recipients at the special whole-school assemblies held twice each term








School Sporting Supporter Package


           Supporter’s business logo to appear on back of weekly school newsletter for four weeks with a short message in the lead-up period to each carnival and for one week post each carnival.

           Half page advertisement in Newsletter twice per year to coincide with the Athletics and Swimming Carnivals.

           Opportunity to place Sacred Heart logo and brief message on your own business website.

           Electronic Sign message on School sign on Cardinal St during the week of the Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, and the week after the event highlighting Supporter’s name and congratulating them.

           Sporting and Swimming Carnival presence – opportunities for banners/ pavilion at Carnivals.

           Opportunity to present Trophies at end of year Awards Assembly.


School Fundraising Supporter Package


           Half page advertisement in Newsletter twice per year.

           Opportunity to place Sacred Heart logo and brief message on your own business website.

           Electronic Sign message on School sign on Cardinal St during the week of the event, and week after the event highlighting Supporters name and congratulating them.

           Event presence – opportunities for banners/ pavilion at Spring Fair and Major Fundraiser.


School Blue Awards Assemblies Supporter Package


       Half page advertisement in Newsletter twice per year

           Opportunity to place Sacred Heart logo and brief message on your own business website.

       Electronic Sign message, highlighting Supporter’s name and thanking them on School sign on Cardinal St twice per term to coincide with Blue Awards Assemblies

       Blue Awards are given in recognition of children ‘living out the school values of Faith, Generosity and Courage through their random acts of kindness.  A $25 book token is given to each of the 14 child recipients at each assembly giving a total of $2450 for the year.

       Opportunity to present Awards at the Blue Awards Assemblies.



HeartBeat Newsletter



HeartBeat is circulated weekly via the school app to all families during term time. It is also available on the school website and is archived.


Electronic Noticeboard


Our electronic noticeboard is sited outside the school’s main entrance in Cardinal Street and is updated regularly.



Office Plaque


Sacred Heart will provide you with an office plaque, signifying your support for our school.


Process of Engagement


       Week ending November 5th Expressions of interest for three School Supporters (Sporting, Fundraising, Award Assemblies) from within the Sacred Heart School community communicated by the Principal in the School Newsletter with attachment, detailing Supporter Packages, sent to all families.  Same attachment to be published on school website.

       Tenders to be sent to school office in a sealed envelope, marked to the attention of the School Principal.

       18th November: Tenders close

       Consultation between Principal, Assistant Principal and Sydney Catholic Schools to consider the proposals and determine the Supporters for Calendar year 2017.

       Week ending December 2nd: Announcement of three Supporters made in school Newsletter.

       Head Class Parents to advise all Class Parents and event organisers of the School Supporters for 2017.


Tender Applications


           Category exclusivity will be given to each of our Supporters (eg only one Car company would be accepted)

           Application should detail how your business would like to work with SHM

           Inclusive of the value offer – which could be in cash, or kind

           A Catholic Education Office contract will need to be signed on acceptance.





For 2017 the school is keen to hear from anyone from within the school community who would like to contribute to our educational vision through the gifts of their own ‘Time, Treasure or Talent.’ 


Maybe you are a lawyer with a keen interest in social justice or human rights and would be keen to work with a group of students for a period of time, raising their awareness on this……….or training them with debating perhaps?


Alternatively, it could be that you have an entrepreneurial mindset and maybe could spare a little time to work with a few of our own budding Steve Jobs’s and Elon Musks’s, giving them some ideas?


Maybe you’re a designer/architect/scientist/medic/builder and have some skills to share with any of our students?  These are just a few examples of ways that you could potentially engage with us and contribute to our vision.


Once the Year group Curriculum outlines are released at the beginning of term, there may also be areas of interest that you would like to come in and present on (eg perhaps you have a relative related to one of the Australian explorers?).


The objective is to work in with Class Teachers to enhance the programs they teach and provide inspiration and additional engagement to the learning and teaching process.


If the above resonates with you and you would like to engage with us in 2017, then please get in touch with us via email over the next few weeks with your ideas. We will then try to map out a plan on our 2017 calendar.


The following areas may provide you with some additional food for thought:


·      Wellbeing and Positive Psychology……..meditation, mindfulness.

·      Environmental Sustainability.

·      Debating (Term 3)

·      School Junior and Senior Band

·      Social Justice.

·      Indigenous Awareness

·      Sister School Relationship

·      School Drama or Musical production/ End of Year School Concert (Term 4)

·      Dance – ‘Dance Fever Challenge’ (Term 1)

·      Disability

·      Technology, Design and Innovation

·      Coding

·      Entrepreneurship

·      What else?