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Student Handbook

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Mission Statement

World Compass Academy engages and inspires learners in a safe, challenging, and individualized learning environment that cultivates and fosters character, a lifelong love of learning, and the skills to engage in the global community.

World Compass Academy Handbook

Go Anywhere, Do Anything!

World Compass Academy engages and inspires learners in a safe, challenging, and individualized learning environment, which cultivates and fosters character, a lifelong love of learning, and the skills to engage in the global community.

The World Compass Academy mission statement is realized through four guiding principles:

The World Compass Academy (“World Compass Academy”) Student handbook contains a summary of the expectations, policies, and procedures that guide our school. Students and parents are responsible for knowing and following all school policies and procedures, even if they are not included in this handbook.  Updates to policies and procedures may be made throughout the year as need arises.  Those are traditionally communicated via the school website. The policies contained in this handbook are intended to be a guide for behaviors and expectations in our school environment and are not all-inclusive. The rules in this handbook are subject to interpretation and modification by the school administration and faculty as needed to promote a safe learning environment for students. Students and parents will be notified of any material changes to the contents of this handbook.

Except as otherwise modified in this handbook or any other World Compass Academy policy or procedures, World Compass Academy follows the Douglas County School District code of conduct. Please familiarize yourself with the DCSD Code of Conduct as this is an important resource for understanding World Compass Academy’s policies and procedures regarding student behavior.

Table of Contents

Section 1: School Procedures & Policies


DCSD Code of Conduct

Non-Discrimination & Non-Harassment Policies


Attendance Policy



Planned Absences and Family Trips

Make-Up Work

Withdrawal Procedures


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures



Volunteers & Volunteer Hours


Count Day

Special Events


Communication Pathways




Emergency Standard Response Protocols

Reunification Method

Teacher Workroom

Section 2: Student Behavior & Conduct Expectations


Bullying at School

Character Education

Pledge of Allegiance and School Pledge


Dress Code Enforcement

Spirit Wear Days / Dress Down Guidelines 


Acceptable Use Policy

Cellphone, Tablet, Personal Media Device Policy 


Instructional Time


Student Report Card/Progress Reports

Section 3: Academic Programs & Services

Foreign Language Program




Lost and Found



Health Policies

Section 4: Extracurricular Activities & Special Occasions

Explorers’ Club (Before and After Care)

Enrichment Clubs


Field Trips

Parties and Snacks


Cultural Awareness & Celebrations




DCSD Code of Conduct

World Compass Academy is committed to supporting the school’s mission, vision, and goals. We are able to help achieve these critical elements through the use of common expectations. We share the DCSD Code of Conduct as a means to help align all our students, parents, staff, and our community with a uniform set of expectations that will guide us in all that we do and say.

DCSD Code of Conduct 


World Compass Academy is committed to ensuring that no otherwise qualified student shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any school program or activity on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, or ancestry. World Compass Academy is committed to maintaining a learning environment for students that is free from harassment based on an individual’s disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, or ancestry. All such harassment, whether by employees, students and third parties, is strictly prohibited.

Please Review DCSD Code of Conduct Policies Regarding Non-Discrimination/Non-Harassment:

Non-Discrimination/Non-Harassment of Students


Attendance Policy

Regular and punctual attendance at school is expected and required. Hours are as follows:


Morning Class-8:30-11:15

Afternoon Class-12:30-3:15

Half Day Kindergarten:

Morning Class-8:00am-11:30am

Afternoon Class: 12:00pm-3:30pm

Elementary School (Grade Full Day K-4)


Middle School (Grade 5-8)


Students are expected to be in attendance every school day. School work, both in and out of class, is of highest priority. Once on school property, students are required to report to the designated class. Students may not leave campus during school hours unless signed out by a parent or guardian in the front office. Students are expected to be in their assigned classroom seats when the bell rings at the beginning of each class period.


World Compass Academy requires written parental or medical documentation for all absences and tardies. Student academic success requires students to be present each day. The principal reserves the right to determine whether or not an absence qualifies as being excused. Examples of excused absences include:

World Compass Academy will comply with all state laws for student attendance and reporting. A letter of concern will be sent to parents after a student accumulates 5 unexcused absences within the academic year. A student accumulating 4 or more unexcused absences within one month or 10 or more unexcused absences within the academic year will be considered habitually truant and may be subjected to truancy proceedings in accordance with state truancy laws.

Truancy information and statistics for Colorado can be found on the Colorado Department of Education website and here.

When a student’s number of absences reaches 10 or more days, a doctor’s note will be required for each additional absence due to illness.

Any time a student is absent please call the attendance line at 303-814-5280 and be prepared to leave the following information in your message:


Students will be considered tardy if they are not in their classrooms at the designated school start time. Parent or medical documentation is required when a student is tardy.

Instruction will begin promptly at the start of school; therefore, it is highly recommended that students arrive no later than five minutes prior to their designated start time. Students must receive a tardy pass from the office to enter class if they arrive late.

Excessive absences and/or tardies are defined as 5 or more in a semester. State Law requires notice be sent to parents of students with excessive absences and/or tardies. Prompt attendance in school is imperative for the educational success of all students.

Students with more than three tardies, early dismissals, or any combination of the two will not be eligible for perfect attendance, unless doctor’s notes are provided for the tardies or dismissals.

Please Review DCSD Code of Conduct Policies Regarding Attendance:

Student Attendance (JH)

Planned Absences & Family Trips

Travel, cultural immersion, and life experiences support the mission of World Compass Academy.  Trips can be valuable educational experiences but require the support of parents to help students stay caught up academically. For all such absences, a Trip Form must be completed and submitted to the office a minimum of 2-weeks prior to departure in order to receive approval. Please also contact your child’s teacher directly to arrange work for the days missed.  

World Compass Academy will grant an excused absence for a family trip when the following conditions are met:

Given appropriate notice, teachers will send missed class work and homework with students to complete during their absence. This work is due on the day of their return to school. Any assignments not given to the student prior to departure are due in accordance with the make-up work policy.

Make-Up Work

Requesting Make-Up Work for Unplanned, Excused Absences

A request for make-up work cannot be made on the same day that the student is absent. It is expected that the child will use this time to rest and to regain his/her health sufficiently to return to school. A student who does not make up assigned work in accordance with the policies below will receive a grade of zero for the assignment.

Elementary Make-Up Work for Excused Absences

For any class missed, if and only if the student’s absence has been excused, the teacher may assign the student make-up work based on the instructional objectives for the subject or course and the needs of the individual student in mastering the essential knowledge and skills in meeting subject requirements.


A student will be responsible for obtaining and completing the make-up work in a satisfactory manner and within two days for each day absent. The two days allotted for make-up work will begin the day following the student’s return to school.

Weekends and holidays count towards this 2-day allotment. For any absence that is for five or more consecutive days, it will be required that the teacher, parent, and student work out a specific timeline for completion of the make-up work.

Middle School Zero Day: Make-Up and Late Work

Zero Day is a designated date after which all late work will no longer be accepted. Zero Day will take place on the first and third Fridays of each month. Work from the first Thursday through the third Wednesday will be due on the third Friday. Work from the third Thursday through the first Wednesday will be due on the first Friday. The day of the week may occasionally change to accommodate school breaks and holidays.

Work Assigned Between

Zero Day

September 5- September 19

September 21

September 20- October 3

October 5

October 4-October 17

October 19

October 18- October 31

November 2

November 1- November 14

November 16

November 15-December 5

December 7

December 6- December 19

December 21

December 20-January 16

January 18

January 17-January 30

February 1

January 31- February 13

February 15

February 14- February 27

March 1

February 28- March 13

March 15

March 14-April 3

April 5

April 4- April 17

April 19

April 18-May 1

May 3

May 2-May 15

May 17

May 16-May 24

May 27

Students who are making up work missed due to an absence must write “ABSENT” and turn in all work before Zero Day to receive full credit.  It is the student’s responsibility to appropriately label their work with “ABSENT.”  

Students whose work is late (work is not turned in on the original due date and there is no student absence) will have the opportunity to turn in the assignment for partial credit. Work that is late, but turned in before 0 day will be scored out of 80%.  

All assignments (both late work and work from absences) must be turned in by Zero Day.  No credit will be given for assignments submitted after Zero Day.  

Students who are making up work missed due to an absence must write “ABSENT” and turn in all work before Zero Day to receive full credit.  It is the student’s responsibility to appropriately label their work with “ABSENT.”  

Students whose work is late (work is not turned in on the original due date and there is no student absence) will have the opportunity to turn in the assignment for partial credit. Work that is late, but turned in before 0 day will be scored out of 80%.  

All assignments (both late work and work from absences) must be turned in by Zero Day.  No credit will be given for assignments submitted after Zero Day.  

Withdrawal Procedures

If a move or other circumstance requires a withdrawal from school, please submit a withdrawal request e-mail to the School Registrar (mary.bertke@worldcompassacademy.com) as soon as possible. The following information must be submitted with your withdrawal request:

Prior to a student’s departure, all textbooks, library materials, and borrowed supplies must be returned, all fees must be paid, and all accounts must be settled with the school office. Once all of the qualifications are met, a parent/legal guardian may withdraw a student from the school.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

(Please note: UPDATED traffic plans are occasionally distributed through the school’s website, social media, and email communications. Preschool Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures differ and can be found in the Preschool Handbook.)

Parent Expectations:

To ensure student safety, parents should NOT be on their cellphones at any time during the drop-off or pick-up process. Please also note that World Compass Academy is a smoke-free zone. Parents are expected to abide by all traffic laws and respect all school personnel directions.

If parents prefer to walk-up to drop-off or pick-up their child(ren), they must park in the Plum Creek Church parking lot and escort all “walk-up” students through the crosswalk. Parents will not be allowed to park in the school parking lot and walk-up.

Carpool Policy:

For detailed information regarding World Compass Academy’s carpool, please review the school carpool procedure distributed annually in the Fall or on the school website. 

Student Arrival:

Students may be dropped off  in accordance with the schedule below:

Middle School (Grade 5-8 and siblings in grades K-4) and Half Day K Morning Class beginning at 7:45am.

Elementary (Grades Full Day K-4) beginning at 8:00am

Half Day K Afternoon Class beginning at 11:55am. 

Students should not be dropped off and left unattended prior to the times listed above. Please wait until a Carpool Attendant is present before allowing your student to exit the vehicle. For safety reasons, students should exit on the sidewalk side, only. Unless a child requires assistance, we ask that parents remain in their vehicles. In order to ensure proper traffic flow and drop-off efficiency, families without a middle school student who arrive prior to 8:00 am will not be permitted to drop-off their students nor to wait at the front of the line and will be asked to pull around and rejoin the back of the drop-off line.

Student Dismissal

Student Dismissal begins when school ends in accordance with the schedule below:

Half Day K Morning Class beginning at 11:30 am. 

Elementary (Grades Full Day K-4) beginning at 3:15pm

Middle School (Grade 5-8 and siblings in grades K-4) and Half Day K beginning at 3:30pm.

Parents are expected to arrive promptly to pick their student(s) up and should follow the signs to proceed to the appropriate pick-up location.

In order to ensure proper traffic flow and drop-off efficiency, families picking up a middle school student will be permitted in the carpool line beginning at 3:30 and not prior. Families may not park and wait at the front of the line and will be asked to pull around and rejoin the back of the line should their student not be waiting out front when the car reaches the front of the line.

Parents are requested to display their color-coded Carpool ID card on their dashboard.

Late Pick-Ups

Parents are expected to pick-up their students as soon as school has ended. At the end of pick-up, any remaining students will be brought to the office to contact parents and/or emergency contacts listed in Infinite Campus. A second attempt to reach parents will be made 15 minutes later. If after the second attempt no responsible party is reachable, law enforcement and/or the Department of Human Services will be called.

Students will remain in the school office until they are picked up, or until 4:00pm, when all remaining students will be sent to the Explorer’s Club. Parents will then be charged at the daily drop in rate, per child.  Due to the school office closing at 4:00pm, parents will need to pick-up their child(ren) through the east cafeteria doors.

Early Pick-up

Although we discourage students from missing school, we understand that there are times when a child must be picked up early. Please communicate all such plans by e-mail to your teacher, as far in advance as possible, to arrange any missed work. Parents must park in the parking lot and come to the front office to sign your child out. Please note that early pick-up ends at 3:00pm—if you arrive after 3:00pm, you will need to pick-up your child in the carpool line. Early pickup is intended to be used as an exception and will not be allowed on a regular basis. Routine early dismissal is disruptive to the student(s) and the entire class. The office and administration reserves the right to deny early pick-up after 3:00pm.  

Indoor Dismissal: Lightning or Extreme Weather Dismissal Procedures

When lightning or extreme weather will impact student pick-up, parents will be notified as soon as possible via e-mail and by the YELLOW indoor dismissal flag displayed on the north, south and east sides of the school. Parents may pick-up their students beginning at 3:00pm. All parents or guardians will need to park and sign-in using their Carpool ID at either the office or the walk-up entrance located at the south gymnasium doors. Students will be released to the office or gymnasium to meet their parent or guardian. Please do not park in any place where you will impede others from being able to enter and exit the school.  

Snow Day/Delayed Start Procedures 

All school closures can be found on the World Compass Academy website (generally updated shortly after 5:00am.) We will also update our Facebook page and send a school-wide email. 


If the school calls for a delayed start, the schedule will be as follows:

Middle School Schedule

Period 1



Period 2


Period 3


Period 4

11:28-11:37 and 12:17-12:58



Period 5


Period 6


Period 7


Elementary Schedule

Start Time


End TIme


Both AM preschool and AM Kindergarten will be cancelled. PM Preschool and PM Kindergarten will run on their regular schedule. Before and After Care will begin at 8:00am. If World Compass Academy is closed for weather, no Before or After Care will be provided.


If you feel the road conditions are unsafe, we respect your decision to keep your child(ren) home, even if school is open. In such cases, please call World Compass Academy's Attendance Line at 303-814-5280 and your child(ren)’s absence will be recorded as excused.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Early Dismissal Procedures

Lighting Dismissal Procedures

Snow Day/Delayed Start Procedures 



The front office is the center of all activity at World Compass Academy. While we welcome all parents, visitors, and other guests, we ask that you check-in with the personnel in the front office area. Visitors are RAPTORED, meaning a Driver’s License will be requested from the visitor and a background check will be conducted upon the visitor’s arrival at the school. Proof of identification will be required in the form of a Driver’s License for each visit to the school.

On days when there are large numbers of parents visiting the school, generic visitor badges will be given out, visitors will be asked to sign-in, and teachers will be alerted and asked to be extra vigilant on these days. Visitors who have not been RAPTORED will be present for observation only and may not work with students.

Teachers and administration cannot accommodate impromptu meetings, but would love to meet with you. If you would like to meet with a teacher or the administration, please call or email to schedule a specific day and time. Questions about student performance, classroom procedure or routine should be addressed in a scheduled meeting, via email, or phone call. Parents are welcome to observe, volunteer, or eat lunch with their student without a scheduled appointment.

Visitor entry to the school may be denied at the discretion of the acting administrator.

Please Review DCSD Code of Conduct Policies Regarding Visitors:

Public Conduct on School Property (KFAA); Visitors and Volunteers in the Schools (KI, KI-R)


We welcome and appreciate volunteers at World Compass Academy! One of our main priorities is to keep children safe. Volunteers are required to adhere to the following procedures in order to protect the students and classroom instructional time.  

World Compass Academy follows all applicable Douglas County School District policies regarding volunteers. These policies can be found here.

WCA asks our parents/guardians to volunteer a total of 15 hours per school (per family). These may be done in a variety of avenues: in classrooms, as a watchdog dad (see PTO volunteer program details), on a board (PTO, SAC, Board of Directors, etc.).

In addition to adhering these policies, and the rules for visitors, volunteers working with students must agree to abide by the following Volunteer Code of Conduct. A visitor shall not serve as a volunteer without first returning to the classroom teacher a signed copy of the Volunteer Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteer Procedure

Please sign in on the Visitor/Volunteer clipboard in the front office and obtain your Volunteer badge/sticker. Please sign out when you leave.

When volunteering in the classroom remember to encourage, praise and compliment students, supervise students carefully at all times, and enjoy this precious time of learning and growing with our students.

Please Review DCSD Code of Conduct Policies Regarding Volunteers:

Visitors and Volunteers in the Schools (KI, KI-R).


School Events Calendar

The World Compass Academy School Events Calendar provides information for important school dates, athletic events, performances, holidays, cultural events, and academic events. Please refer to the World Compass Academy website homepage for the latest version of the school events calendar. You may subscribe to this calendar.

School Year Calendar

The World Compass Academy School Year Calendar provides information on the start/end dates of school, holidays, vacation days, professional development days and parent/teacher conference days. This calendar can be downloaded in .pdf form from the school website under Parent Resources/Calendar (school year).

Count Day

The Colorado Department of Education requires that all public schools submit accurate data reflecting student enrollment.  During September and/or October, all Douglas County Schools are required to take part in a Student Count Snapshot, which determines academic funding. It is critical that students who are enrolled at World Compass Academy be in attendance during this time. Count Day is a predetermined date within this window during which we hope all students will be present at school. Specific information regarding Count Day will be shared with the World Compass Academy community prior to this date each year.

Special Events

Throughout the school year, World Compass Academy will host a variety of events, performances, and cultural immersion activities that enhance our academic program. These dates will be communicated through the School Newsletter, but may also be accessed on the School Events Calendar.


Good communication is our commitment. Parents and community members are vital participants and essential partners in the educational process. Your ideas, questions, and concerns are important to us. We have created a communication pathways document to help provide guidance in who is the best contact for your questions. To view the Communication Pathways, please click here. We welcome your notes, emails, calls and visits. Below are ways we share information:

**In order for us to communicate effectively, please make sure that our front office has your current information. When phone numbers or email addresses change, please notify the office as soon as possible.

All communication between a World Compass Academy parent and a World Compass Academy teacher or staff member should be civil and respectful. If the school receives a communication (in person or electronically) that the administration deems inappropriate, rude, and/or threatening, the school reserves the right to request a redirected communication or to restrict communications accordingly (this may include limiting physical and/or electronic access to school staff).

World Compass Academy teachers will respond to emails and phone calls within two business days. Emails sent to info@worldcompassacademy.com will receive a response within one business day.

Communication Pathways

Do you have a question or concern? Not sure who to call? Take a look at the World Compass Academy Communication Pathways! This chart is designed to help you contact the appropriate person at WCA to answer your question or discuss your concern. (When in doubt, start with the School Office; they will point you in the right direction!)

Communication Pathways


Each teacher has an email address (see WCA Staff Directory for link). Students are also responsible for appropriate communications via all email (i.e. WCA student email addresses). Additionally, WCA staff have a 48 hour response window to help facilitate communications between home and school.


Each teacher has a phone in the classroom. Students must have permission from the teacher to use the classroom phone. Students may not make social plans from school phones. Such plans should be made from home prior to coming to school and should be accompanied by appropriate documentation when alternate transportation is an issue.


School Safety

Threatening Statements, Actions, or Artwork

Any student who makes any statement, action, artwork or gives any other indicator of an intent to harm or hurt self or others will immediately be screened using the Douglas County School District threat assessment tool and district procedures will be followed accordingly.

Please Review DCSD Code of Conduct Policies Regarding School Safety:

Student Rights and Responsibilities/Due Process Rights (JI/JIA); Student Conduct (JIC/JICDA); Weapons in School; Student Involvement Regarding Drugs and Alcohol (JICH, JICH-R); Smoking and Other Uses of Tobacco by Students (JICG); Nondiscrimination/Non-Harassment of Students (JBA); Prevention of Bullying (JICB); Gang-Related Behaviors and Dress (JICF); Student Conduct on School Buses (JICC, JICC-R-1, JICC-R-2, JICC-R-3); Student Use of District Information Technology (JICJ, JICJ-R); Discipline (JK); Student Suspension, Expulsion, and Classroom Removal (JKD/JKE); Grounds for Suspension, Expulsion or Classroom Removal; Crimes of Violence and Unlawful Sexual Behavior; Searches (JIH); and Use of Video Cameras; Visitors and Volunteers in the Schools (KI, KI-R); Communicable Diseases and Long-Term Illnesses (JLCC); Public Conduct on School Property (KFAA)

World Compass Academy Security Procedures

WCA Follows SRP - Standard Response Protocol




Action: Keyed Locked

All Classroom doors remain Keyed Locked (locking mechanism is engaged so that when the door is closed, the door is locked). Common spaces may be unlocked. All adults (both staff and visitors) must display a school-issued id badge. Visitors must comply with the school check-in procedure.


Action: Secure the Perimeter

If there is a threat outside the building, bring everyone in and close the outside door (doors are keyed locked). Lockout is called by the Acting Administrator. Lockout can be called when staff or students notice something weird or strange. A Lockout could be the response to a violent person or incident in the community near your school. Teachers, staff or administration will get students back into the building. Teachers will take roll and notify the office of missing or extra students. Teachers will close blinds in their classroom. Lockout means an increased situational awareness, but academic classes will be conducted as usual. There is no recess, gym, and/or library. Students eat lunch in their classroom. Lunch is delivered to classrooms by office staff, administration, and teaching assistants.  



Action: Lock, Lights, Out of Sight

Lockdown is the protocol used to secure individual rooms and keep students quiet and in place.  Teachers look in the hallway and bring into their classroom any students in the hallway, regardless of grade. Teachers will close classroom doors (doors should be already be keyed locked as per standard safety procedure), turn lights out, and unroll door window shade. Students in the library evacuate to the mailroom.  Students in the gym evacuate to the aftercare room. Students on the playground evacuate to Mrs. Morris’s classroom and Mrs. Truitt’s classroom. The office hallway door is closed.  In addition, teachers and students will move away from corridor line of sight and maintain silence. The teacher will take roll and account for all students. Teachers missing students or with extra students will slip a red card under the door. Teachers who have accounted for all students slip a green card under the door. Teachers will email Pam with any missing students. Occupants of rooms will not unlock their rooms for anything or anyone. When the incident is over, a responsible person capable of unlocking the room from out in the hall (administrator, custodian, Law Enforcement, etc) will unlock the door and brief the occupants.  

During drop-off, dismissal, recess, or anytime when students are in transition (ie not with their regular class), students should be taken to the closest classroom and teacher will take roll.  The teacher will email Pam, office manager, a list of students sheltering in their classroom.



Action: Follow the Directions

Evacuate means moving students in an orderly fashion from point A to point B. A fire drill is really: “Evacuate Out of the Building.” With the exception of a fire drill, where the evacuation location is preassigned, an evacuation announcement is always followed by a location. For instance: Evacuate to the Gym. Administrators, teachers, and building staff all need to work together to quickly, quietly, and safely evacuate students to the evacuation point. Students and staff will leave stuff (backpacks, books, etc) behind. Instructions detailing specific actions during the evacuation may take place such as holding hands, covering heads, and/or crawling. Teachers will ensure they bring a roll sheet. Immediately upon reaching the evacuation point, teachers should take roll. They will display a green card if all their students are accounted for and a red card if they are missing students.        



Action: Follow the Directions

This action is similar to “shelter in place”, however the SRP gives specific instructions within the action. For example instead of just announcing shelter, the command may be “Shelter for tornado, drop cover and hold”. The command will be to shelter, what we are sheltering from, and the specific self protection action to do. Some examples of announcements could include:

Teachers will ensure they have all of their students by taking roll. They will display a green card if all their students are accounted for and a red card if they are missing students.    

WCA Standard Reunification Method (SRM) 



  1. Walking Distance: Plum Creek Church: 960 I-25, Castle Rock, CO 80104 - 303-663-1714
  2. 2-5 miles: Medved AutoPlex - Castle Rock: 1404, 1506, 1520 S. Perry Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104 - 303-688-3137

Standard Reunification Method:

1. Establish a Parent Check-In Location.

2. Deliver the students to the student staging area, beyond the field of vision of parents/guardians.“Greeters” direct parents/guardians to the Parent check-In location, and help them understand the process.

3. Parents/guardians complete Reunification Cards.

4. Procedure allows parents/guardians to self-sort during check in, streamlining the process.

5. Runner recovers student from the student staging area.

6. Controlled lines of sight allow for communication and other issues to be handled with diminished drama or anxiety.

7. Medical or investigative contingencies are anticipated and addressed.

Teacher Workroom

Children, regardless of age, are not allowed in the workroom area at any time due to safety concerns. The teacher workroom is a very busy place and must be able to support a working environment conducive to completing work assignments in a safe, timely, and efficient manner.


Behavior and Conduct

Students are responsible for knowing and following all classroom rules and expectations for behavior in school and at school activities. It is the responsibility of each student and their parents to know our school’s policies and the consequences that will follow if an expectation isn’t being met. World Compass Academy’s standards for behavior are to help students learn to make smart decisions not only while attending school, but in life. The expectations outlined herein apply not only to students, but staff members, parents, and other visitors are all expected to be positive examples while on campus or at any school sponsored events.  

Student violations of behavior and conduct expectations will be dealt with as quickly as possible in order to minimize disruptions and to hold students accountable. Teachers are responsible for keeping classroom order and are afforded discretion to implement policies and programs to maintain appropriate classroom conduct. The School Administration will deal with serious instances of unacceptable behavior in accordance with the student handbook, school policies, the DCSD code of conduct, and applicable laws. The standards in this contract will apply to all conduct in school, at school-sponsored events, or any off-campus activity that has a substantially disruptive impact in school.

The following list is an example of unacceptable behaviors. The list for illustrative purposes and is not a complete list:

  1. Continued willful disobedience or open and persistent defiance of proper authority including, but not limited to, a deliberate refusal to obey school staff members, repeated violations of District or school policy and/or regulations, and repeated instances of misconduct, no single occurrence of which might otherwise constitute grounds for suspension or expulsion.

  1. Repeated interference with a school’s ability to provide educational opportunities to other students.

  1. Repeated disruptive conduct resulting in the student being declared an habitually disruptive student, as defined by District policy JKC, Discipline of Habitually Disruptive Students.

  1. Willful destruction or defacing of school property.

  1. Behavior on or off school property which is detrimental to the welfare, health, or safety of that student, other students, or of school personnel including without limitation, behavior which creates a threat of physical harm to the student, other students, or school personnel.

  1. Incidents of assault upon, disorderly conduct toward, harassment of, the making of a knowingly false allegation of child abuse against, or any criminal act directed toward a school teacher or school employee, or instances of damage occurring on District premises to the personal property of a school teacher or school employee, for which a minimum of a three day suspension shall be mandatory.

  1. Committing an act which, if committed by an adult, would constitute robbery or first or second degree assault, as defined by state law, for which expulsion shall be mandatory.

  1. Committing a violation of the School or District’s policy regarding                                                                  non-discrimination/non-harassment of students and staff.

  1. Intentionally causing or attempting to cause damage to school or private property, stealing or attempting to steal school or private property.

  1. Intentionally causing, attempting to cause, or threatening physical injury to another Person.

  1. Violating any criminal law which has an effect on the school or on the general safety or welfare of students or staff.

  1. Violating any School or District or building policy, rule, or regulation.

  1.  Engaging in scholastic dishonesty which includes, but is not limited to, cheating on a test or plagiarism.

  1. Disrupting the school program by intentionally causing a false fire alarm or bomb threat.

  1. Throwing objects, with the exception of supervised school activities, that cause bodily injury or property damage.

  1. Directing profanity, vulgar language, or obscene gestures toward other students, school personnel, or visitors to the school.

  1. Engaging in verbal abuse, such as name calling, ethnic or racial slurs, or derogatory statements addressed publicly to others that precipitate disruption of the school program or incite violence.

  1. Committing extortion, coercion, or blackmail, including, without limitation, obtaining money or other objects of value from an unwilling person or forcing an individual to act through the use of force or threat of force.

  1. Lying or giving false information, either verbally or in writing, to a school employee.

  1. Engaging in sexual misconduct including without limitation displays of affection, inappropriate touching, or other inappropriate sexual conduct.

  1. Violating the District’s policy regarding student use of district or school information technology.

  1. Failure to comply with the immunization requirements of C.R.S. 25-4-901 et seq., except that any suspension or expulsion for such failure to comply shall not be recorded as a disciplinary action, but rather, shall be recorded with the student’s immunization records with an appropriate explanation. Enforcement procedures may vary, depending upon the facts and circumstances of an individual case. For example, when a student faces possible classroom removal, suspension or expulsion from school, a specific detailed procedure must be followed by the principal and/or the principal’s designee. In some instances, expulsion is mandatory. When a student faces less serious consequences for failing to comply with District policies and regulations, more simplified procedures are appropriate.

  1. Disrupting the learning environment

Consequences for Violations

World Compass Academy employs a standardized consequence matrix to ensure consistent enforcement of school rules.  Additionally, World Compass Academy will enforce the  DCSD Code of Conduct and Discipline.  World Compass Academy will uphold these policies in matters of student discipline and students will be expected to uphold the standards outlined in this document.

Bullying at School

Bullying is unacceptable under any circumstances at World Compass Academy. Bullying is defined under state law as “any written or verbal expression, or physical or electronic act or gesture, or pattern thereof, that is intended to coerce, intimidate, or cause any physical, mental, or emotional harm to any student.” (Section 22-32-109.1(b), C.R.S. 2016.  Bullying in any form, including cyberbullying, which occurs on campus, during a school sponsored event, on school provided electronic devices, or that otherwise causes a substantial disruption in school will be dealt with immediately at the administrative level.  Students who feel that they are being bullied should inform a faculty member and/or administration immediately.

World Compass Academy’s interpretation of the term “bullying” includes, without limitation:

If a student needs help resolving a conflict or if a student feels that he/she is being bullied, the student or his/her parent or guardian should immediately communicate with the student’s teacher or the school administration.

World Compass Academy will employ guidance on best practices and definitions from the Colorado Department of Education and state law when defining, preventing, and reacting to bullying.  

Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services

Law enforcement and child protective services will be immediately called in the event of suspected sexual misconduct, suspected sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, crimes of violence, and at the discretion of the teacher and administration.

Character Education

The World Compass Academy community operates by the Cougar Essentials, based off Ron Clark’s Essential 55. All character traits will be exemplified throughout the year, but each month will have a special focus.  

Cougar Essentials

September: Leadership

October: Manners

November: Compassion

December: Perseverance

January: Knowledge

February: Positivity

March: Respect

April: Integrity

May: Be the best person you can be.


Cougar Cash will be given out when a member of the school staff witnesses an example of the monthly character trait. Cougar Cash may be used the last Friday of each month in the Cougar Store (open during the lunch/recess block.)

Second Step

World Compass Academy employs the Second Step program to help students develop social emotional success skills.  Lessons are delivered weekly to all students.

Pledge of Allegiance & School Pledge

Pledge of Allegiance

As a part of the daily procedure, students will have the option to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag at a designated time. Students will stand and recite the Pledge while facing the flag with their right hands over their hearts. No student will be compelled if the student or the student’s parents or legal guardian objects on religious, philosophical, or other grounds to their child participating in such exercise.

Students not participating will remain quietly standing or sitting at their desks while others recite the Pledge of Allegiance and shall make no display that disrupts or distracts others who are reciting the pledge.

WCA Student Pledge

I pledge today to do my best as I set off on this learning quest.

I promise I will be polite and always try to choose what's right.

I will treat others kindly, persevere, try new things, and overcome my fears.

I will respect myself and others too; be honest in all I do.

The world is here for me to see.

I am here to be the best I can be.

I am ready to spread my wings.

I can go anywhere, do anything!


Dress Code


The purpose of World Compass Academy’s Dress Code policy is to improve the learning environment by:



Unless otherwise specified, this Dress Code applies to students participating in all school sponsored activities occurring on or off campus. Please note that Dress Code items not specifically covered below, but considered inappropriate or contrary to the purpose of the dress code policy are subject to review and interpretation by the administrator and/or Board of Directors.


*Preschool students are not required to wear uniforms.

Please see the World Compass Academy Dress Code Policy for specific information regarding school dress code.

Dress Code Enforcement

Teachers will check and record dress code violations during attendance each day. Students who receive a dress code violation will receive an email home.  Each time a student is out of dress code they will be given a demerit.  


At the conclusion of each month a student who exceeds their grade level demerits will lose Spirit Day privileges.

Students will lose spirit day privileges if they exceed the amount of dress code demerits as indicated below:


3 Fall; 2 after November 1









Middle School

First-Third  Offense

Lunch Detention

Fourth Offense

Office Referral and 7:15 am Detention

Fifth Offense

Suspension and Loss of Middle School Auction

Formal Uniform Violations

On Formal Uniform days students are expected to be in complete formal uniform including socks and shoes.  

First Offense

Letter of Concern Sent Home

Second or Greater Offense

Student will be sent to the office to call home. Student may not return to class until they are in approved uniform attire.

Spirit Day/Dress Down Day Guidelines

These guidelines govern student dress on designated school spirit days.


Halter-tops, bare midriff, see-through apparel are not to be worn. Dresses and tops must have sleeves and backs.


Dresses, skirts or shorts may be no shorter than fingertip length. Tights, leggings or other types of hosiery must be accompanied by a fingertip length or longer top or dress. All pants and slacks must be worn at the waist with no visible undergarments


Hats, caps, sunglasses, rollers, picks, and any other head coverings are not to be worn in the building during the school day.  Exceptions may be made for “hat days.”

Shoes must be worn at all times. Discretion should be used as to the appropriateness and safety of certain types of shoes.  

Attire that may damage school property or cause personal injury to others (such as chains or studded items) is not to be worn.

Clothing that is suggestive, has a double meaning or innuendo, or suggests inappropriate ideas is unacceptable.

Any apparel, jewelry, cosmetic, chains, make-up accessory, notebook, or manner of grooming which by virtue of its color arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute denoting membership in a gang or advocating drug use, violence or clothing bearing racially or sexually offensive messages will not be worn inside the school building.


Acceptable Use Policy

We are very pleased to bring a wide range of technologies to students, staff and faculty at

World Compass Academy (WCA). The internet and computers on our network are used to

support the educational objectives of WCA. Use of these technologies is a privilege and is

subject to a variety of terms and conditions. World Compass Academy retains the right to

change such terms and conditions at any time.

1. Communication

a. I will use language that is pertinent and appropriate when submitting academic

work, participating in online forums and working collaboratively. I will be

thoughtful and mindful about the language I use when posting online or sending

messages to someone else. I will be mindful of how my words are interpreted by

others. I will not use profanity or any language that is offensive to anyone.

2. Privacy

a. I will be aware of privacy settings on websites to which I subscribe. I understand

that anything I do online or electronically is not private and can be monitored. I

will not share any personal information about myself, family or faculty. This

includes passwords, home addresses, phone numbers, ages, and birth date.

3. Honesty and Safety

a. I will not engage in behavior that puts myself or others at risk. I will represent

myself honestly. This includes accessing the network using an account other

than my own. I will seek help if I feel unsafe, bullied or witness unkind behavior. I

will only communicate with people I know.

4. Learning

a. I will have a positive attitude and be willing to explore different technologies. I will

evaluate the validity of information presented online and understand that not

everything online is true. I agree to document and properly cite all information

acquired through online sources including but not limited to images, videos and


5. Respect for self and others

a. I will not upload or publish personal information, private communications or

photos of other people without permission. I will respond thoughtfully to the

opinions, ideas and values of others. I will not send or share mean or

inappropriate emails or texts.

6. Respect for school and personal property

a. I will take care of all equipment on campus. I will report misuse and/or

inappropriate content to my teachers and adults. I will use the computers on

campus for school related purposes only.

World Compass Academy Student Acceptable Use Policy

I understand that it is my responsibility to honor the Acceptable Use Policy and uphold the

World Compass Academy technology responsibilities both online, offline, at school and at home.

I understand that my actions can affect others and that I will be accountable for my behavior. I

will not engage in activities that are in violation of the WCA Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

I have read the Acceptable Use Policy and agree to follow these rules and guidelines when

using technology.

Parent Section:

I hereby release World Compass Academy (WCA), its personnel, and any institutions with which

it is affiliated, from any and all claims and damages of any nature arising from my child’s use of,

or inability to use, the WCA network. I will instruct my child regarding the rules of use

contained in this document and understand and agree that the agreements contained herein are

incorporated into the contract under which my child is enrolled at World Compass Academy. I

understand that it is impossible for WCA to restrict access to all controversial materials

and WCA encourages parents and guardians to supervise and monitor any

online activity. I am aware of my child’s account information and passwords for the use of

technology at WCA.

Cellphone, Tablet, Personal Media Device Policy

Unless express permission is granted by a staff member, mobile phones/Smartwatches should not be used to make calls, send SMS messages, surf the internet, take photos or use any other application while on school property or at school sponsored events.

Cell Phones/Tablets

Students are not allowed to use or visibly possess a cell phone or personal tablet during the school day or at any school activity. Additionally, cell phone/tablet use is also restricted in Before & After Care and at any school sponsored extracurricular activity. Even when not visible, cell phones and tablets may not disrupt classroom lessons and school activities with ring tones, music or beeping.  


Smartwatches are permitted during school hours provided the wear and use does not distract from learning and/or jeopardize student safety. Smartwatches make not be used to text, make calls, take pictures, send pictures or files electronically, or to access the internet. Smartwatches must not disrupt classroom lessons or school activities with ring tones, music or beeping.


If a cell phone or tablet is heard or seen by a staff member, or a smartwatch is heard, or a staff member witnesses inappropriate smart watch use, the device will be collected and returned at the end of day to a parent/guardian. Additional infractions may result in a 3 day device restriction: If any part of that 3 day period falls on the weekend, the device can be picked up at 4:00 p.m. on Friday and returned to the office at 8:00 a.m. on Monday to complete the disciplinary action.  After the 3 day period, a parent/guardian must pick-up the device in the office. Repeated violations of this policy will result in additional disciplinary action.


Instructional Time

Uninterrupted instructional time in the classroom is vital to an environment conducive to teaching and learning. The following are ways parents/guardians can help protect and honor the instructional time in classrooms:

Please Review DCSD Code of Conduct Policies Regarding Instructional Time:

Student Conduct (JIC/JICDA); Student Discipline (JK); Student Suspension, Expulsion, and Classroom Removal (JKD/JKE); Grounds for Suspension, Expulsion or Classroom Removal; Procedure for Classroom Removal; Discipline of Habitually Disruptive Students (JKC, JKC-R);


Homework is intended to be an extension of the learning and gives independent practice and reinforcement of the skills and concepts presented in class. The general guideline is that students should spend approximately 10 minutes per grade level on written homework each night as follows:

In addition, we advise that students read or to be read to each night for a minimum of 20 minutes. Teachers may choose to send home books to facilitate the reading of appropriately challenging texts. Please note, homework guideline times do not include reading and the time required to complete assignments will vary by student. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher.

Student Report Card/Progress Reports

All students will receive a report card at the conclusion of each trimester.

Parents are encouraged to attend Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Report cards will include student performance level and a grade in each subject. In addition, it will include a mastery checklist for instructional level exit skills in Math and Language Arts.

Performance Level

Above Level - Students in classes with curriculum above grade level.

Accelerated - Students completing grade level content at an accelerated pace

On Level - Students in classes with curriculum on-grade level.

Supported - Students requiring support to complete grade level curriculum.

Grade Scale

A+= 98%-100%










F=59% or below


Foreign Language Program

Preschool Program

At World Compass Academy, every Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten student receives 35 minutes of immersion foreign language each class day. French, Mandarin, and Spanish tracks are available.

Elementary School Program

At World Compass Academy, every student K-5 receives 45 minutes daily of foreign language taught immersion style. The lessons taught in the foreign language block support and supplement the Core Knowledge curriculum for each grade. When students begin at World Compass they will choose a single language track to follow through grade eight. World Compass offers three language track options to its elementary students: 1.) Mandarin Chinese, 2.) French, 3.) Spanish.

Middle School Program

All middle school students (6-8th) will be required to take a foreign language. All foreign language classes will be taught immersion style. Middle School Language Offerings: 1.) Mandarin Chinese, 2.) French, 3.) Spanish.

Once my child is enrolled at World Compass Academy, can he/she switch languages?

1. Once a student accepts enrollment, they may not change their language for the upcoming academic year.

2. Students are allowed to switch languages when moving from Pre-K to Kindergarten. Students moving from Elementary to Middle School will have the opportunity to add an additional language as an elective.

3. If a student meets the criteria of #1 and wants to switch languages, they can send a request to Mary Bertke to be put on a language switch waitlist. If #1 has been met, a current student may only switch languages if a current student withdraws from the desired grade/language. A current student may not take the language spot of a new, incoming student.

4. Should a student have special circumstances resulting in a request for a language track change, the administration will evaluate such requests on a case by case basis.


In addition to the core academic classes, our students will attend specials classes in order to realize their talents and to develop personal and social skills. Specials classes at World Compass Academy are Art, Physical Education, Music, and Technology/Intervention.


Middle School electives are chosen on a trimester basis. The students request electives and are then assigned two for each trimester.


The World Compass Family is expected to treat our building and grounds with respect. The school building should look clean, neat and inviting. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep a neat and orderly building. Gum is destructive to school furniture and flooring and is not allowed. We are all custodians of the building.

Please Review DCSD Code of Conduct Policies Regarding Facilities:

Student Conduct (JIC/JICDA); Public Conduct on School Property (KFAA); Visitors and Volunteers in the Schools (KI, KI-R)

Lost and Found

Please label all students’ items with first and last name (backpacks, jackets, coats, notebooks, lunch boxes, etc.). Items without names will be stored in the Lost and Found located beside the stage. Items not retrieved will be donated to local charities at winter break and on the last day of school.


Lunches from Home

Please send items in your student’s lunch that can be managed independently by your student. Sharing of food is not allowed because of possible food allergies. Carbonated drinks are not allowed in the cafeteria.

Lunches at School

Michael’s of Denver Catering: My Kids Lunch is pleased to be the hot lunch service provider for World Compass Academy students.


My Kid’s Lunch has provided hot school lunches to students at independent schools throughout the Denver Metro community for 18 years.


My Kid’s Lunch offers healthy menu choices each day. Fresh fruit and/or vegetables are included with all hot item menu choices. Whenever possible organic and local ingredients are used.

Meals are easily ordered through our online ordering system. Create your account, order, and pay for all lunches online. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Michael’s of Denver Catering at 303-778-0916.

Free and Reduced Lunch

Families in need may apply to qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch status through DCSD Nutrition Services. Once qualified, the family may also qualify for some additional benefits through World Compass Academy.


Lunch Guests

When having lunch with your student, please wait in the cafeteria area for your student’s class to come to the lunchroom. Please say “goodbye” in the cafeteria and sign-out in the office.

Cafeteria Procedures

We believe children need the opportunity to socialize with peers and encourage students to exercise choice in where they sit at their classroom cafeteria table. Students will be expected to treat every student as a friend and not save seats.

Students bringing lunches will go immediately to their class table. Students purchasing lunch should line up by the serving window. A cafeteria monitor will have a listing of students who have purchased lunch that day and will check off students as they go through the line.

Students who forget lunch will call parents to bring lunch. Unfortunately, school lunches must be ordered 48 hours in advance. We cannot accommodate day-of lunch purchases.

Students must remain seated during their entire lunch period. If they need an item, they must raise their hand until a cafeteria monitor comes to assist them. Food, drink, straws, utensils, condiment packets, etc. must remain in the cafeteria and must not be carried back to the classrooms. Good manners will be the expectation. Students will clean up all trash and will wipe their spot with a nontoxic vinegar, baking soda, water solution before leaving the cafeteria. Adult cafeteria monitors will sanitize the lunch tables between classes.


Instructional Materials

All guided reading books, textbooks, chromebooks, and other instructional media are on loan to students. Students are responsible for the proper care of textbooks and must maintain them in

good condition.  At the end of the year or unit of study, students must return the exact numbered copy they were issued to get credit for turning in the book. Excessive damage will be noted at this time and students may be charged for damages beyond typical wear and tear in accordance with C.R.S. 22-32-110(jj). Students/parents will be responsible for the replacement cost of textbooks or Chromebooks that are damaged beyond repair or not returned for any reason. If a textbook or Chromebook is lost during the school year, a duplicate textbook or Chromebook will not be issued until the cost of replacing the lost textbook is paid. All replacement textbooks and Chromebooks will be purchased by World Compass Academy.

If a parent pays for a book and that book is later returned, a full refund will be made only if the book is returned within two weeks after the end of the academic school year in which it was checked out. An overdue fine will be charged for all books returned after this time.

Student Fees

For, new students, these fees are due within seven days of acceptance. For returning students, these mandatory fees are due in March for the following school year.

In accordance with C.R.S. 22-32-117, these miscellaneous fees supplement the school’s costs for textbooks, workbooks, guided reading books, technology maintenance, and expendable materials for each student. These fees may be adjusted annually, and may differ in amount between grade levels. A student will not be excluded from any course of study, instruction, or class that satisfies the requirements of or transfers the skill, knowledge, or information necessary to meet the requirements of any such course taken for credit, promotion, or graduation for failure to pay these fees.

2018-2019 Fees

Preschool-Grade 8: $200 per student

Waiver of Fees

In accordance with state law, families with a financial hardship can seek a waiver of student fees. World Compass Academy uses federal free and reduced lunch qualification to determine if your family qualifies. Please communicate with the World Compass office if you need a waiver from the student fees.

Health Policies

World Compass Academy follows the Tri County Health Illness Policies on when to keep kids home: 


Please download the complete World Compass Academy Health Policy for more details. If you have any questions, please contact our wonderful school nurses, Stefanie Bender or Jenny Garland, by email or calling directly at 303-814-5260. 

Allergy Policy

World Compass Academy is an allergy aware campus. We take food allergies seriously and understand they can be life threatening. Recognizing that the risk of accidental exposure to foods can be reduced in the school setting, we are committed to working with students, parents/guardians, and providers to minimize risk and to provide a safe educational environment for food-allergic students. As such, we implement the following guidelines:


Authorization Forms: Authorization to Assist Competent Students with Self-Administration of Medication form must be completed for each school year. A separate form must be completed for each medication. There are separate forms for Epi-pens and Non-Competent Students. These may be picked up from the school nurse. Parents or legal guardians must bring their student’s prescription medication to school. The first dose of medication must always be given at home in case of an adverse reaction.

Prescription medication can be self-administered in school by following these guidelines:

Over-The-Counter (Non-Prescription) Medication can be administered by the school nurse by following these guidelines:

End of the Year Procedures: Only empty prescription bottles will be sent home with a student. At the end of the school year, if a parent does not pick-up their student’s medication, designated school personnel will dispose of the leftover medication per policy procedure and document.

Emergency Care Plans are required for any student with an Epi-pen or diabetes. These are updated/revised each school year. Students with Diabetes Lancets and blood-soiled chem-strips must be disposed of in an approved sharps container. There is one available in the nurse’s office.

Please Review DCSD Code of Conduct Policies Regarding Health:

Communicable Diseases and Long-Term Illnesses (JLCC); Grounds for Suspension, Expulsion or Classroom Removal (immunization requirements)


Explorers Club: Before and After Care

The Explorers Club is our Before and After Care program. The before school care will run from 6:30am - 8:00am and the after school care will run from 3:30pm - 6:00pm. 


Please visit the Explorers Club website for additional information and pricing.

If you are interested in being a volunteer or if you have any questions, please contact the Explorers Club Director, Shea Leah Addenbrooke.

Enrichment Clubs

A variety of after school enrichment clubs are offered and have a varying pricing structure. A listing of available clubs and associates costs are published prior to the start of each month. Please contact Shea Leah Addenbrooke with questions.


World Compass Academy offers both a lower and upper elementary choir. Middle school choir is an elective offering. If you have any questions, please contact our Music Teacher,
Ms. Armstrong.

Field Trips

Field trips are designed to support and reinforce learning. Field trips will be decided on a grade level basis. Transportation needs may vary by class and field trip, but could include bus rental and carpooling with parents.  On a case by case basis, students may qualify to have an alternative educational equivalent of the class’s field trip. In this manner, a student would stay on campus or be able to complete their alternative field trip learning objectives under the supervision of an adult at home.

Parties and Snacks

Food allergies can be life threatening. At World Compass Academy, we will make every effort to protect the students with these allergies while not taking away from traditional childhood celebrations.

Birthday Parties

Students love to celebrate birthdays at school, as it is a memorable time to share with teachers and friends. In an effort to foster a healthy environment, minimize food allergy exposures, and maximize student instructional time, students are not allowed to bring in food items for birthday celebrations.

We suggest the list below as option for honoring your student on his/her special day:

Please keep in mind these additional guidelines:

School-wide Parties

Snacks for parties


Monthly assemblies for the Cougar Essentials are formal uniform days. Additional assemblies may be scheduled according to interest and alignment with the WCA mission.

Cultural Awareness & Celebrations

Cultural Awareness:

We utilize the concepts from the Essential 55 to help support our understanding of the world around us: Leadership, Manners, Compassion, Perseverance, Knowledge, Positivity, Respect, Integrity & Be the Best Person You Can Be

Cultural Celebrations:

Each language: Mandarin Chinese, French, & Spanish feature targeted language and cultural celebrations throughout the school year that include school-wide events and festivities

Taste of World Compass:

Annually, WCA celebrates our distinctives in an all school event that features student performances, teacher demonstrations and a variety of information about WCA.


WCA Website: https://www.WorldCompassAcademy.com/

CDE Website:  https://www.cde.state.co.us/

DCSD Website: https://www.dcsdk12.org/

World Compass Academy will subscribe to district policies including

Admission of Nonresident and Homehttps://www.dcsdk12.org/less Students (JFAB, JFAB-R); Interscholastic Athletics (JJI); Student Publications (JICEA); Student Education Records (JRA/JRC, JRA/JRC-R); Screening/Testing of Students (JLDAC); State-Mandated Assessments (IK)