SISTAH IMINAH BRINGS FIRE WITH NEW AFROBEATS SINGLE ‘KILONSELE’- on behalf of black Americans who identify as African.

Sistah Iminah has a message for Africa. She describes herself as a born again African. Some may laugh, but she means that quite literally.

Her debut Afrobeats single, KILONSELE, speaks specifically to the journey of African Americans and Caribbeans who choose to return to their African culture, traditions and identity. In the aftermath of enslavement & colonialism should they be welcomed back home to their roots or made to create new realities as foreign fruits? Are they African or nah?

KILONSELE is both a question and answer, delivered with smooth lyrics and a powerful message over a hypnotic rhythm produced by djembefola and ethnomusicologist Madiou Diouf. Released on the birthday of Fela Kuti and founding of the Black Panther Party,  KILONSELE is now available on all digital media outlets, brought to you by Iminah Edutainment.

Who is Sistah Iminah?

Sistah Iminah is a Singer/Songwriter, Dancer & Educator hailing from Oakland, CA with roots in 🇳🇬Nigeria,🇯🇲Jamaica, Texas, and beyond. With her unique brand of " born-Again African Soul”, Sistah Iminah's  goal is to inspire the original greatness of Africa to rise again.

She's performed with many of Africa's top artists including:

Her Rastafarian parents raised her with a strong pan African consciousness, though they technically would be classified as Black Americans.

Sistah Iminah’s musical message reflects the duality of being raised immersed in African culture, while surrounded by the stark reality of ghetto culture in Oakland and Atlanta. This mix eventually led down a road of self destruction and crisis. After experiencing, surviving and overcoming a life that brought a barrage of hellish and near-death experiences, Iminah embarked on an intensive, comprehensive & effective journey she’s dubbed ‘From Ghetto to Goddess’.

Though as a youth she resented her family’s choice to reconnect with Africa, as a young adult she works to reconnect with Africa in every way possible.


She's taken that journey of reconnecting to Africa to the next level by:

In true Afrobeat fashion, as an educative entertainer, Sistah Iminah is now becoming a rising force of positive change for Africans at home and abroad. From Ghetto to Goddess. From Oakland to the world. AŚE