BHU Trial Standards

All Bird Hunters United Events will follow the given standards.


  1. All trials will be cleared by Mark Ferrell and posted to the BHU website at least 30 days in advance of the trial.
  2. For qualifying events, championship points will be awarded if there are 10 or more unique dogs in a given division. At state championships, championship points will be awarded no matter how many dogs are entered.
  3. Prizes will be awarded for 1st place if there are 5 or fewer dogs signed up and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd if there are 10 or more dogs signed up.
  4. All trial hosts will fill out the Trial Host Form found on BHU’s website if they are interested in hosting a qualifying event or a state championship.  
  5. The trial host must provide their own transportation machines unless cleared with Mark.
  6. Run Orders must be sent out by Thursday the week of the trial.
  7. Money breakdown: $7 per run for judges, $5 per run for bird planting, $15 for amateur sanction fees, $20 for open sanction fees, $25 for doubles sanction fees, $30 for state championship sanction fees, $35 for dual sanction (where applicable), $3 per run for awards, $30 per run for birds, $5 for trial host, $5 for landowner
  1. We suggest $70 for amateur runs and $75 for open runs at qualifying events and $150 for amateur and $160 for state championships but the cost is left up to the trial host.
  2. We also suggest you pay your transporter and field marshal if applicable.


  1. All run orders/score boards will be posted at the beginning of the trial. Scores will be recorded as the run is completed so handlers and judges can see all scores as the day progresses.
  2. All competitors will be blinded in a sturdy blind that prevents them from seeing any of the field in play.
  3. All bird planters will use the BHU Plant sheet and plant cards to randomly select the plant locations.
  4. All judges will read and know the rules.
  5. All boundaries will be clearly marked with stakes or other form of visible marking (mowed path, trees, etc.)


  1. Awards will be given to appropriate placements per the number of dogs that ran. (See above)
  2. ALL results will emailed and/or texted to Mark AND Wade within 24 hours of completion of the event.
  3. Sanction fees will be mailed to Mark Ferrell within 1 week. Checks are made out to Mark Ferrell.

Mark Ferrell

4277 North Penn Avenue

Independence, KS 67301