FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                Date: January 13, 2018



(Mobile, Alabama) Besides catching speeders, the most important thing to Sock Cop is TRUST.  

In order to create a meaningful, trust-filled relationship between Sock Cop and his countless

friends, Sock Cop is using the beginning of the new year (2018) to embark on a new

campaign designed to provide unprecedented honesty and complete and total transparency.

Sock Cop promises to you that any sandwich consumed this year (2018) will be promptly

disclosed in a public forum (i.e. TWITTER or INSTAGRAM) within a week of the sandwich’s

consumption using the assigned hashtag #MandatorySandwichDisclosure2018

This never-before-seen act of transparency aims to end the endless FAQs “Have you eaten a

sandwich lately?” or “When WAS the last time you ate a reuben or grilled cheese?”

Sock Cop invites members of the public to also engage in this campaign, to greater improve

Sandwich Consumption transparency worldwide, hopefully leading to World Peace.

We appreciate your cooperation and will release another press release when more information

becomes available.

@JasonBurglar, Director of Communications at Sock Cop

1-585-708-3668 (Office)