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HonorsContract- Proposal Example
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Student Name Dr. Jesse Njus 30 April 2019

Honors Contract Proposal -- THEA 307

Theatre 307 is an intensive course that covers the global history of theatre and performance

from 500BCE-1700CE.

THEA 307 will be modified for honors study in the following ways:

Description of the Plan of Study:

● The four required response papers will be three pages (instead of 2pp) for me.

● I will also be required to see one extra non-VCU show (to be agreed on with the instructor) and to write an in-depth critique of the show using sources from class.

● The final paper will be 8 pages (instead of 5pp).

● In addition, I will do outside work on medieval India and will create a presentation for the class demonstrating the ways in which the performance techniques of medieval India compare to the techniques from other cultures studied in class.

● Finally, THEA 307 deals extensively with the history of gender and performance I will be given extra reading on these topics to prepare for weekly meetings with the professor.

Evidence of Honors-Caliber Work to be Presented: Syllabus is attached. Honors-caliber work includes: four response papers (3 pages each), one added viewing of a non-VCU performance, a final paper (8 pages), a project on the performance techniques of medieval India (to be presented to the class), and weekly meetings with the professor to discuss the honors work and the extra weekly readings on either performance techniques or gender and performance. The grading percentages will stay the same as evidenced in the syllabus, with the final project factoring in as an extra project grade for me.

Scheduled Meeting Time(s): I will meet with the professor once a week to ensure I'm completing the honors work and to discuss the extra topics I'm covering. These dates will be secured once my schedule for Spring 2019 is solidified upon completion of the sophomore year re-audition into the theatre program.