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Private and Confidential After Signing

(Today's date)

(Name of employee)

(Address of employee)

Dear (employee name),

We are pleased to offer you employment with P&G Growth, on the terms and conditions set out in this Employment Agreement. You will be employed in the position of (employee position).

1.          Position and Duties

1.1        Your start date is (today’s date), or as otherwise agreed between you and P&G Growth. 

1.2        You will be employed on a casual basis, meaning that your employment with P&G Growth commences at the beginning of each shift and ceases at the end of each shift.  P&G Growth does not guarantee that you will be offered any shifts, nor does it guarantee the regularity of the offer of shifts .

1.3       You are covered by the ‘Graphic Arts,Printing and Publishing Award 2010’ award.

1.4       You are classified as Level 1

1.5       Your hourly rate of pay is $Z, which includes a casual loading of 25%.

1.6        Your principal employment location will be at P&G Growth, 2/50-52 Agosta Drive, Laverton North VIC 3026, Australia or otherwise as determined by the employer.

2.          Terms and Conditions of Employment

2.1        The terms and conditions of your employment are set out in applicable legislation.

2.2        These conditions may subject to change if you are requested to work in new capacity. Any substantial changes to the terms and conditions of your employment will be agreed to by both parties to this agreement in writing.

 3.          Superannuation

3.3        P&G Growth will make superannuation contributions on behalf of you at the minimum rate in accordance with the Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act 1992. Your superannuation will be paid:

  1. into a complying superannuation fund of your choice, if you notify P&G Growth of the complying superannuation fund which you wish for your superannuation contributions to be paid to, within 5 business days of your start date; or

  1. if you do not provide us with this information, your superannuation contributions will be placed into our choice of superannuation fund, and we will provide you with further information about our choice of superannuation fund.

4.4        You are eligible for our discretionary bonus plan. Whether you receive a bonus and the amount of any such bonus is entirely within P&G Growth’s discretion and is conditional on P&G Growth performance and on your being in employment, not under notice of termination, whether given or received, on the dates on which payments are made.

4.5        You agree that any amounts paid to you pursuant to this employment contract may be set off by P&G Growth against any amounts payable to you under an award, industrial instrument or legislation.

5.          Leave

5.1        As a casual employee, you are not entitled to annual leave or sick leave. You are entitled to unpaid carer's leave, unpaid compassionate leave, unpaid community service leave, parental leave (after 12 months) and long service leave, in accordance with the National Employment Standards and any award that applies to your role.  Rather, you are expected to provide us with your availability based on the same timelines promulgated in our leave policy. Details are outlined in the Employment Terms and Conditions section of this agreement.

6.          Your Obligations as an Employee

6.1        You are in a position of confidence and trust.  As well as the obligations in your Terms and Conditions, you must at all times in the course of your employment:

  1. support, enhance, and facilitate,  the vision and missions of P&G Growth;
  2. perform all duties to the best of your ability at all times;
  3. use your best endeavours to promote and protect the interests of P&G Growth
  4. observe all lawful directions, orders, instructions issued by P&G Growth
  5. comply with P&G Growth policies and procedures.  Policies and procedures may be amended from time to time. These policies and procedures are not incorporated into your contract of employment.

7.          Occupational Health and Safety/Workplace Health and Safety (OH&S/WH&S)

7.1        You are required to observe the OH&S/WH&S requirements in the Employment Terms and Conditions and the P&G Growth Supplementary OH&S/WH&S Requirements.

To accept this offer of employment and the terms and conditions, please sign, date and return a copy of this Employment Agreement.  Please keep a copy for your records.

You may seek information about minimum terms and conditions of employment from the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94 or at

As soon as possible, please:

  1. complete and return the new starter forms including the tax declaration form.
  2. provide all necessary super fund membership or nomination forms (with supporting documentation).

We look forward to a mutually beneficial association.  If you have any questions about your employment, please contact me.



P&G Growth  


I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed the following documents as conditions of my employment:

_____________________________                         _______________________________

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Executed for and on behalf of P&G Growth  in accordance with section 127(1) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth):



Signature of CEO P&G Growth/Secretary


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SIGNED by you in the presence of:







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