Advanced Portfolio (G324)

Group Agreement Document

This course work carries half the marks for year 13. Everyone has got a big stake in the success of the production! If the group works, the outcomes are more likely work.

Discuss the following and agree how to share the workload and make sure everyone gets a equal opportunity to participate and learn.

Please submit a group agreement on each of these items, print it, sign it and hand it to your teacher. This document should also be linked into your perfect production group post.

What Strengths and Weaknesses do you have as a group?

Name 1


Strengths - mise en scene

Weaknesses - editing

Name 2


Strengths- creative vision

Weaknesses - mise en scene

Name 3


Strengths - editing

Weaknesses - creative vision

Scheduling (Test) Shoots Out of School

We are able to commit provisionally to the following shooting schedule. Thursday evening/ Sunday evenings

Roles and Responsibilities on Shoot

Whilst we are all equally responsible for the quality of footage, we think that the best way to share the roles on shoot is listen to each others views and try to incorporate each other.

Roles and Responsibilities in Post Production

Whilst we are all responsible for post production, we think that the best way to share the editing workload  is all contributing, use school free’s at the same time.

Creative Responsibility & Disagreements

We understand that we are all equally responsible for creative outcomes, when there is a disagreement we will listen to each others views and compromise if cannot be resolved.

Working on Shared Documents

Many planning documents must be prepared as a group as they reflect a shared vision and shared practical planning. We will ensure that the workload is equally shared by google drive.

Communication and Organisation

The ways in which we will share ideas, resources and project documents is using messenger to communicate ideas and schedules.

What can you do if you feel unhappy within the group?

There might be times when you feel excluded from the production. Alternatively, you may also feel as though someone is not working as hard as you.

What do you think is the best way to approach difficulties in the group?

Talk it through to each other if still not resolved talk to teacher how it can be resolved.

Name:        Isabelle Gaudion                          

Name:        Olivia        Alves                                    

Name:        Imogen Wegerer