Fun Club FC Guidelines

Fun Club is a friendly, open group! Please abide by these guidelines!


1. Be courteous, friendly and open-minded to each other!

    We are LGBTQIA+ friendly.

    Avoid drama-inducing topics such as politics and religion.

    No bigotry, flaming, racism, sexism, homophobia, or other hateful language.

    Don’t be rude, don’t harass.

2. Keep chat in Discord and FC channel PG-13ish.

    Keep cursing to a minimum.

    No sexual content or ERP in the public chat.

3. No spoilers in Discord and FC channel.

    Spoilers can go in the Discord #endgame-spoilers channel.

4. Only take what you need from the Company Chest.


Novice: Starting rank for all newcomers.

Adventurer: Novices active for 30 days may be promoted to Adventurer!

Hero: Adventurers active for 120 days may be promoted to Hero!

Legend: Heroes active for 300 days may be promoted to Legend!

Socialite: Heroes and Legends may be selected to become Socialites!

People inactive for 90 days may be discharged.

See full rank details at:


    Contact an officer if you have a complaint about anything FC-related in-game or Discord.

    Include screenshots/text and date/time of event with your complaint.

    People can have 2 strikes before potentially being discharged.

    Complaints will be discussed by officers and addressed appropriately.

    Exceptionally-offensive behavior may be handled more severely.