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“The More You Know: Deaf History Month” video

Video Description:

A woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing dark-framed rectangular glasses and a

dark blue top and black jacket sits in an open plan room with rough brick walls, couches

and small bar tables. She signs in American Sign Language.


I accepted an internship in Washington, DC, with Senator Tom Harkin. It was while they

were writing the ADA, so it was a very exciting time.

I worked for the Subcommittee on Disability Policy. That committee was the one

responsible for writing the ADA.

People flew in from all over to testify on disability policy. My role was to help with the

delivery of papers among various senators' offices. I was also researching in the areas of

education, healthcare and disability policy.

During the creation of the bill, a bulk of the work was ensuring that the right language was

used. Certain groups had their strongly held beliefs as to what they wanted to include in

the ADA. Of course, we had disability rights advocates protesting and making statements

to tell people why we needed the ADA.

It was quite something to be a part of. I learned so much.

Video Description:

As Elise fades, teal circles animate along with 2 banners with text: “The More You Know, Deaf History Month.”

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