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-Club Officers

-Club Rules

-Players’ Code of Conduct

-Discipline Code


-Captains Fees and Membership

AFC Club -Details Kick-off times Officials’ fees

Key Dates

Club Officers

Chairman Richard Scott 

Club Secretary Morris Mac Donagh

Clubhouse Manager Mark Rowntree 

Fixture Secretary Josh Trott

Treasurer Chris Weir

Director of Football Deji Ogenyemi

Social Secretaries Sam Pinney/ Harry Calvesbert 

Club Rules

1. Club Colours The Club colours shall be blue & black shirts (home fixtures), yellow & black shirts (away fixtures) blacks shorts, black socks.

2. Objectives The main purpose of the Club is to promote the amateur sport of Association Football in the South West London area and community participation in the same area. It is also to encourage a social atmosphere for the well being of the Club and its members.

3. Management The management of the Club is vested by the Management Committee who are elected each year

4. Membership (a) Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non-discriminatory basis. (b) The Club may have different classes of membership and subscription on a non- discriminatory and fair basis. The Club will keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to people participating. (c) The Club Committee may refuse membership, or remove it, only for good cause such as

Conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against refusal or removal may be made to the members at the committee’s discretion

5. Annual General Meeting Notice of the Annual General Meeting of 28 days will be required. Notice shall be posted in the newsletter and on the club website. The adoption of the accounts should be considered at this meeting and the election of the management committee. All members whose subscriptions are not in arrears shall be entitled to vote at the meetings.

6. Management Committee Meetings The Management committee shall meet once a month and 4 members shall form a quorum.

7. Selection Committee The Selection Committee shall consist of the Team Managers. Any member shall have the privilege of attending meetings of any committee of the Club but a committee may exclude a member at their discretion. Each captain shall name a 14 man squad on Thursday each week. If a manager needs additional players, he may only pick from players/members not already selected for any level squad. Any player picked in the 14 man monthly squad but not selected for a weekly game will automatically

drop down to the next team but has no preference in regards to selection

8. Alteration to Rules Alterations or additions to the rules can only be made at a General Meeting by a majority vote of the members present

Players’ Code of Conduct As an OT player in competitions you will be expected to play the game in the best traditions of sportsmanship, self-discipline and hospitality. Below are the minimum standards expected of an OT player. Please study them carefully:

Off The Pitch

» pay your annual subs and match fees early or on time » attend training whenever possible

» Never drop out late

» arrive before the meet time on match days

» Always help with your team’s club duties for the day

» don’t wash your boots in the showers

» socialise with the opposition after the game

» Always make the Referee feel welcome

» treat the club equipment and kit with respect

» Offer to help the Captain

» support the Club by spending some money in the bar

» Respect the neighbours as you leave the Club

» do not approach the ref after the game in regards to matters relating to the game played.

On The Pitch

» don’t argue with the decisions of the Referee

 » treat the opposition in a fair and sportsmanlike manner

» Always give your best for the team and the Club

» don’t use foul language and never make racist comments

» don’t take glasses to the pitch side

» take any litter with you as you leave the pitch

Discipline Code

Reported cautions will attract the following disciplinary sanctions:

Booking (other than for dissent)

1 point + £10 fine

Dismissal for handball

1 point + £10 fine

Dismissal for denying goal chance

1 point + £10 fine

Booking for dissent

2 points + £20 fine

Playing while suspended by the Club

4 points + banned for season (Including captain responsible) Dismissal (for all but above offences)

3 points + £40 fine and appearance before committee

Team Managers

1’s XI Manager: Deji Ogenyemi dejiogunyemi29@gmail.com

2’s XI Manager: Andrew Dawson dawson.andrewdawson@gmail.com

3’s XI Manager: David Webster dswebster@rocketmail.com  

4’s XI Manager: Chris Lang


5’s XI Manager: Richard Lundie richardlundie@gmail.com

6’s XI Manager: Elliot Howarth-Johnson


By signing on as team captain, you agree that the collection of match day fees is your responsibility. The club does not select the players, therefore if you as a captain select a player who cannot pay his fee, it is your responsibility to cover that fee and reach an agreement with said player. This means that each captain needs to submit full match day subs in line with the fees below and make personal arrangements to collect outstanding monies. Submission of incorrect match day fees may result in disciplinary proceedings.

Reporting Results Managers are required to submit a screenshot of the match day sheets to the whatsapp group indicating who has paid/unpaid subs and how much as well as scoreres and assists.

In addition, the result of the match must be reported to the AFA or the AFC by text message by 6.30 on matchday. Each captain will receive an automated text message containing instructions. Also managers must update Full Time by 6pm on Wednesday following match day. Finally, each captain must delegate the job of writing a match report to a member of the team. The match report must be submitted to the club email by the day following the match.

Equipment Any request for training or match day equipment including, balls, pumps, bibs and kits must be submitted in writing to the facilities and equipment committee member who has to respond either verbally or in writing within 5 days of the submitted request.

Fees and Membership Annual Subscriptions Adult members £50.00 Students £25.00 *

Match Fees Adult members £10.00 (£5 if less than 50 mins) * Student I.D will be required.

AFC Club Details

Key Information

Kick off Times

    o Home League Games:

     2.15 at the latest (per local by-laws)

o Home Cup Games:

         1.30pm at the latest (per local by-laws)

Officials Fees 2018-19 

    o Referees £35 Assistants £27 

Key Dates

Christmas Party: First saturday of  December

Club Ski Trip: Last Weekend in March

End of Season Do: Second Saturday in May

Annual AFC Dinner: Last Friday in May

Summer Tour: Last Weekend in June