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Board Meeting Minutes 1/8/20
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Call to Order: Jean Joslin called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.

Present: Sally Reisner, David Babic, Carol Hosford, Jean Joslin, Trish Reed, J. Butler,

Anna Church


Additions and Deletions: executive session to discuss a recent issue

Special Event: Christmas idea for next year

Draft minutes: Unanimously accepted for Dec. 4, Nov. 13

Friends of the Library Report:

11 books were distributed to newborns.

Children’s Librarian’s Report:

Winter solstice party was a great success (50 people attended).

Cookie decorating party with 4orty Bridge Boutique a huge success as well.

(100 people)

Librarian’s Report

J. reviewed programs

There was a discussion of possible future programs – perhaps someone on

the upcoming elections.

Laura Caffrey will cover one afternoon a week downstairs.

Old Business: Adopt policies on Inclement Weather, Meeting Room Use, and Public

Complaints & Concerns

Trish moved to accept the three policies. Sally seconded. Unanimously


President’s Report:

Work on drainage is still being addressed.

Jean closed the campaign mailbox at the post office.

Joshua Schwartz wrote a grant for possible replacement of wiring for lights.

Grant would cover half of expenses.

Treasurer’s Report: Update on fund appeal

Sally reported that the annual appeal was very successful.

Campaign funds are still coming in.


Financial Report:

David reviewed Profit and Loss Budget vs. Actual sheet.

New budget for town meeting. David reviewed a proposed budget for July 1,

2020-June 30, 2021.

Carol moved to accept the budget. Sally seconded. Voted unanimously.

Special Event: Carol introduced the idea of having trees representing children’s

books over the 2020 holiday. Idea was accepted. Carol will approach the Friends

with idea.

New Business:

Board members viewed the new oak table upstairs and expressed their approval

and their thanks to Charlie Hosford for building it. J. reports that it is getting a lot of


Jean asked to close the regular meeting at 7:14. Sally seconded. Voted unanimously.

Trish moved to go into executive session at 7:15 to discuss a breach of policy

under 1VSA 313 #6 “records exempt from the access to public records.”

Jean moved to leave executive session at 7:25. Trish seconded. All approved.

The Board agreed that J. had dealt appropriately with the issue and no further action

is necessary.

Closing: Trish moved and Sally seconded at 7:29 that the meeting close.

Unanimous approval.

Next meeting for policies: January 22 at 11:00.

Next regular meeting: March 11, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Hosford, Secretary