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Hi guys!  Laskan here from AIE.

In my mind, the the recent actions of the Pretentious Chandelier (a.k.a. Xe'ra) have confirmed for me that The Light and The Void are just two extremes, and we've just been blindly assuming that "the path of the Light" is a "good" and the alternative is "evil."  I first started getting suspicious when I saw Lothraxion. Do you think he has friends and family at home who tell stories about the day The Light "corrupted" Lothraxion and stole him away?  Is he REALLY acting out of free will?


Hey guys,


As far as the discussion near the end of the latest podcast, and I have to agree wholeheartedly with the idea that we’ve become too much the paragons in the game where the story revolves around us. The appeal of this game has always been about the massive story with these ultra-powerful NPCs we get to interact with, and on “Special Occasions”, control. Nothing will ever top WC3 in the scope of what happened for overarching story to me. Those are the moments that solidified Warcraft for many people, and getting into WoW early on felt like the obvious continuation – we were the grunts, but we were accepting quests and fighting for control of areas to utilize resources in the war, against other people – the same strife that made the url “www.battle.net“ THE place to challenge your friends to see who was better.


I love the IP that Blizzard has created, the Lore, and most of the novels. We have reached what is, for all intents and purposes, the end of the story started in Warcraft when Gul’dan opened the portal because of the whisperings in his mind from Sargeras and set forth to invade another world. Closing that circle seems to be the only way to restore the focus back to player vs player. We are too powerful for our own good, and Blizzard realize this; they need an out to get back to where they need to be. I truly hope we get a Warcraft 4, or World of Warcraft 2 following the end of whatever we do following Sargeras – give us a reason that will have us go to Theramore, fight with Jaina and an ending that unleashes the Void Lords, then call it a day and let us know that whatever is next will be different. Start anew, give people the option to play as void-powered or light-powered characters instead of A v H. We have just reached the Army of the Light, we’re now coming into something larger than ourselves again, where we are rank-and-file members. GOOD. Let us go back to that, it worked for more than a decade, the balance was right, the progression was tangible, and the little victories seemed so epic that we still remember them fondly.


Who among your listeners remembers 40-man raids on the enemy capital “just because it’s Friday night”, or luring a world-boss into a starter zone to wreak havoc? Stealth or brute-force 1-man forays into enemy territory to see what it was all about, mess with the locals and generally have fun by being a pain? We need more of that and less “You’re the chosen one…..along with these 25 or 30 other Highlord/High Priest/ArchDruid/Whatevers running around here”.


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