1. Wanstead Tube station. Contact for artists interested in showing here (and Snaresbrook station)  is David Tachauer of the Woodford & Wanstead Photographic Society email: davidtachauer@gmail.com
2. The Manor House, Group show:  curated by  Anna Bisset: FULL
. Wanstead Opticians, 127 Wanstead High Street. Emma Davies

4. Keating Jewellers, 123a Wanstead High Street.

5. Cafe Chicchi, 123 Wanstead High Street. Chris Saunders

6 Daisy Florists: 

7. Francis & C. Walters Funeral Directors, 121 Wanstead High Street.Heather Whitney

8. British Heart Foundation, 119c Wanstead High Street. Anna Brown

9. Wanstead Fish, 119 Wanstead High Street. Richard Pratley,Pat Pratley, MBKR

10. The Art Shop (restricted space), 117c Wanstead High Street. Edward Welch

11. Piccolo, 117b Wanstead High Street.   

12. The Stow Brothers (estate agent) which is supporting our art trail. Alison Stenhouse, David Varney, Bernie Clarkson

13. Allan Burgess Centre (The Corner House) used as an Age UK day centre.  FULL. Being used as a venue for Age UK art classes.

14. Harvey's, greengrocer, 6 Clockhouse Parade. MBKR

15. Oxfam Books and Music, 1 Clockhouse Parade. Sally Asbury, Christopher Thomas

16. Wanstead Pharmacy/Post Office, 75 Wanstead High Street. Naiomi

17. Open House East London, 73 Wanstead High Street.  (New owners may be happy to show artwork.)

18. Images in Frames, art gallery, 71 Wanstead High Street. As it's an art gallery it does take a small commission to cover VAT.  Karen Humpage and Eliyah Qureshi

19. Moments, 69 Wanstead High Street. Alison Stenhouse, Stuart Edwards

20. Eightyfour Photography Gallery and Craft Boutique, 84 Nightingale Lane.

21. The Duke pub, 79 Nightingale Lane, very community orientated.

22. Trend Barber 49 Wanstead High Street.

23. Wanstead Beauty Clinic, 47 Wanstead High Street.

24. The Larder, 39 Wanstead High Street. Useful pots (Andrea Morton)

25  More Italy, 33 Wanstead High Street. Debby Haime

26. Heads 'n Tails, 21 Wanstead High Street.  Edward Welch Anna Brown

27. Target Fit Personal Training, 15 Wanstead High Street.Victoria Baskerville

28. Martin & Co (estate agents), 13 Wanstead High Street.Emma Davies

29. DaBora Conway, 9 Wanstead High Street.

30. Revive, 3 Wanstead High Street.

31. Simple 'n' Natural, 3a Wanstead High Street.

32. Devonsbrook Bathrooms, 3-5 Hermon Hill.

33. Lillies of Wanstead, 5 Gwynne House. (Usually limited display space inside shop.)

34. Beaute Parfaite, 12 Station Parade, Snaresbrook.

35. Time for Tea, 5 Station Parade, Snaresbrook. Rae Henry

36. Keatons (estate agent), 1-3 Station Parade. Benjamin Wallis

37. Bombetta, 1-5 Station Approach.  

38. Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road. Angélique Zucconi

39. Petty Son & Prestwich (estate agents), 11 Woodbine Place. Karen Humpage

40. Wanstead Hairdressers, 13 Woodbine Place.

41. Bambini, 15 Woodbine Place.  Anna Brown, Pat Pratley

42. Churchill Estates (estate agent), 32 Wanstead High Street.  Anna Brown

43. Luppolo, 34 Wanstead High Street. (small artwork only)

44. JoJos baby Shop

45. Otto restaurant, 44 Wanstead High Street. Ralph Hall, Pat Pratley

46. Darrell James Travel, 46 Wanstead High Street. Sally Asbury, Richard Meyer

47. Douglas Allen (estate agent), 52 Wanstead High Street. Call  Nathan  first   to arrange a meeting before popping in.

48. Pura, 54a Wanstead High Street.

49. Majestic Wine Warehouse, 60 Wanstead High Street. Stuart Edwards, Also being used as a venue for Michael Martin's life art classes.

50.  Filika,  62 Wanstead High Street. Emma Davies, Pat Pratley

51. Bairstow Eves 68 Wanstead High Street. Emma Davies

52. Barnardo's, 70 Wanstead High Street.Karen Humpage

53. Bike Trax Wanstead, 3 Cambridge Park. Edward Welch

54. Wanstead House Community Association, 21 The Green. FULL. Being used by art classes and groups based at the centre.

55. St Gabriel's Church, Park Road, Aldersbrook. ,Pat Pratley

56. Coco:

57. Joliffe’s Builders

58. Azzura: 

59: Ginger Pig: 

The Currant/ Sumo Fresh : not showing artists work

60: Percy Ingle:  

61: Bare Brew : Russell Frost. Carne Griffiths

62. La Bakerie : Matthew Webber