Procedures for Distributing Materials to CHCCS Students

Effective February 2015, CHCCS began partnering with Peachjar to distribute all publications to our families.


What does that mean?

Each school now has a Peachjar button on its website.  All approved flyers - both from outside vendors and the school/district - appear on this site.  The site can be viewed chronologically as flyers are approved, or families can search by category.  Please note that the schools’ Peachjar sites appear the same on a mobile device as on a computer, so parents can easily view the sites on their smartphones or tablets.

For Families

Families no longer receive hard copies materials from outside organizations.  Instead, families receive emails from periodically throughout the week, replacing all the hard copies with e-copies.  To make sure emails are received, please add to the families’ email contacts.

This e-flyer format will save school staff hours of time that was once spent putting flyers into students’ folders.  It is also a green alternative to printing the thousands of flyers sent through school backpacks each year.

The district and schools will continue to send some things home to families hard copy, but may also post them on the school’s Peachjar site for easy reference.

It is important for families to know that Peachjar does not share email addresses with anyone or use it other than for distributing approved materials.

For Organizations

There is a cost involved for organizations to upload to Peachjar.  To see their pricing, click here.  In general, the cost of distributing an e-flyer to CHCCS schools is less than the printing cost.

To have materials approved:

Once a flyer is uploaded through the Peachjar site, it will automatically be submitted to the Community Relations department for review.

Please note if a study is involved:  Any organization who wants to distribute a flyer that includes conducting a study, the study must be pre approved by Diane Villwock, executive director of assessment and research.  Before uploading a flyer to Peachjar, please email Dr. Villwock at  All study flyers will be held and remain unapproved until Dr. Villwock has approved the study.

All flyers are approved and distributed within four (4) school days of upload.  Please do not follow-up with an email to see whether or not a flyer has been received and/or approved.

Once a flyer is approved or not by CHCCS, vendors will receive an approval via Peachjar.

Board Policy 5210

Distribution of Non-School Materials to Students

Students and the educational program must be the focus of the schools.  It is, therefore, the policy of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools to create a non-public forum for distributing materials from outside organizations to students and/or parents.  Staff shall be required to distribute only four types of materials to students and/or parents.

  1. Materials from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro city Schools;
  2. Materials from agencies/departments with the towns, county, state or federal government and the state university system;
  3. Materials from the Parent Teacher Associations/organizations and school booster organizations.
  4. Non-profit organizations providing programs for youth that are primarily designed to promote fitness, cultural arts or academics consistent with the NC Standard Course of Study.  Materials that primarily promote fund-raising activities by these non-profit groups will not be approved.

Materials distributed through students shall contain no commercial advertising.  The listing of the name and/or logo of a program sponsor for an outside agency or school or non-profit organization or an acknowledgement of financial support would be allowed.

No other organizations may require school staff to distribute materials to be taken home by students.  Each school may develop procedural guidelines for the distribution of the aforementioned materials, but the distribution of non-school material should not interfere with instructional time.  Principals or the principals’ designees shall approve materials from their own school organizations and booster groups.  The superintendent or superintendent’s designee shall approve materials from all other school-related groups, as well as agencies, government branches and non-profit organizations before distribution.

Unless otherwise restricted by building or district level administration, staff members may share information with individual students to inform them about community resources to supplement the education provided by the district.  Nothing herein shall prevent the distribution of student-to-student materials or prohibit schools from designating a location accessible to parents and students where flyers or literature may be left by any person or organization.  If a school chooses to create a limited public forum to allow literature distribution in this fashion, it may develop procedures as needed, but materials may not be screened for viewpoint.

Political campaign materials for candidates may not be distributed to students or made available on school grounds during school time or at school events.  However, on election days, posters and printed materials are permitted at schools used as polling places in accordance with state law and board of elections requirements.

Revised:  February 6, 2015