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first ties
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darkdesiresvermont presents:

first ties

rope bondage for beginners


We are thrilled to be a part of your journey with rope bondage-

Thank you for being here!

Inspiration | why we tie

devon (she/they):

I am a submissive and rope bottom of my dark desires vt partner, Tim.

 I have been involved in the erotic arts and kink since the early 90s as a stripper, fetish model, rope bottom & intermedia performance artist. rope bottoming is a profoundly sensual and embodied experience.  I love the deep surrender rope bondage offers me and the healing that comes from being held so tightly in a myriad of erotic expressions that are sculpted from my body with the binds of rope. Kink in general & rope bondage specifically provides me a space to be vulnerable, intimate & empowered often in tandem with embodied erotic healing.

I love being tied for many reasons and the primary ones are:

The way the human body-mind functions, thrives & expresses itself informs my work in the world. As a somatic therapist and a socially engaged artist - the healing, wholing and liberation of everyBODY from the current oppressive dominant paradigm of the cis-white-heteronormative-ablebodied- capitalist patriarchy is at the heart of my healing practice and embodiment+pleasure activism.  

Tim (he/him):

I am Dominant and rope top/rigger of devon. Please do  not call me Sir- Sir in this space is an honorific/title for devon. I’ve been tying for about 10 years, been kinky in one fashion or another my entire life. I’ve been making and selling bondage rope, leather goods, custom paddles & kink furniture since the Pandemic started and quickly became a side hustle. I am primarily a Dom, a rope top/rigger.

I tie for several reasons:

(I’m a professional photographer as well)

BDSM + KINK : safe.sane.consensual



Bondage is never risk-free.  The things we do are not “Safe”.  You can reduce risk, manage risk.  In order to manage risk, you need to understand those risks and make choices that are within your own personal risk tolerance.


Understanding your rope (materials)

Rope types

Informed Consent

As you gain more of an understanding of each other, it can be less explicit.  


Knowledge of the body’s Nerve Paths and Sensory Innervation will keep you from causing accidental harm or nerve damage.

Avoid tensions on Joints (armpits, elbows, knees)

Never tie around the throat.

Always check in with your partner while tying - feel for circulation, look for discoloration of the skin, ask- “how does this feel?”

Be aware of major nerve plexus areas to prevent nerve damage.


Playing with rope requires knowing a few knots:

Square knot | Remember “Right over left, left over right”

Overhand knot | Your basic knot

Somerville bowline: illustrated below:

Larks head:

Joining ropes (difficult to describe but easy to demonstrate)

1.Make a larks head on the new rope 2.Slide larks head over the ends of the old rope 3.Flip larks head over to make a square knot

first ties:

Single column

Tie someone to something!  This is a Somerville bowline - it’s hard to understand and remember at first, but it gets easier quickly.  Practice this one as a self tie, too!

1. Using a 15’ rope - Loop 3-4 times Leave bight side 3-5” long.

2. On the tails end, form a loop

3. Pull bight up through loop, over the cross at the bottom of the loop, then under everything and back out through the loop -  Hold bight end and pull tail end.  Done!

Double column

A double column ties two things together.  

Wrist to wrist, wrist to thigh, ankle to ankle, wrist to arm of chair, etc.  


Pentagram harness

Fun, fast, easy.  


Rope dress (hishi karada)


We encourage you to take this first ties workshop home with you

& invite you to play with rope and practice these ties often.

Should you, too, fall in love with the art of rope bondage and would like to play more- please keep in touch!

We offer intermediate classes, public demos & performances as well as create a lovely array of rope and leather products for your pleasure + play.


devon: @nigellis or @pause.and.revel

TIM: @darkdesiresvermont or @timstowephoto

devon: @nigellis

Tim: @darkdesiresvt