Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Once I have joined the Pool, how do I gain admittance? Do you have Member ID cards?

A.  Yes. Each member of your family for whom you have paid membership dues will be issued a membership card. You will be asked to present this each time you use the pool, and when our Barcode System is in place, to scan it the first time you enter the pool for the day and when you leave for the day. Please ensure that the list of active members listed on your renewal form coincides with the members of your family who will be using the pool and make necessary changes. New members  may pick up their cards at the pool on designated days the week before the pool opens and from Membership personnel thereafter.

Q. Do you have a wait list?

A. Yes, we currently have a wait list for new memberships. Please click here to put your name on the Wait List. We also require that waitlistees pay a $50 non-refundable Wait List Fee to join our Wait List and submit an Application Form.  Your Wait List Fee will be credited towards your Initiation Fee when you join the pool. To pay your  Wait List Fee by check,  mail or bring your check,  payable to "MWRA",  and completed application to the pool : Mosby Woods Recreation Assn, Attn: Membership, 3136 Plantation Pkwy, Fairfax, VA 22030.  To pay your Wait List Fee by credit/debit card access our on-line store here: ON-LINE STORE, and scan and send your completed application form to  After we have processed payments/cancellations from our current members we will determine if/how many memberships we have available and offer them to waitlisted families, in order. Membership  personnel will contact you when an opening becomes available.

Q. My neighbor and I are both interested in joining the pool. Can we join together?

A. No. All adults and children on a membership must legally reside at the address of record, with the exception of daycare providers/caretakers. Membership personnel may request that applicants furnish proof of address to ensure that this is the case.

Q. Do you have to reside in the Mosby Woods community to join the pool?

A. No. Mosby Woods Pool is open to the community-at-large.

Q. Do you offer military discounts?

A. We will waive the Initiation Fee requirement for military families in the area for 2 years or less. Also, we will prorate annual dues for military families joining or leaving mid-season and have a liberal refund policy to accommodate changeable military schedules.

Q. My family and I have been long-term members of the pool. We will be doing extensive traveling this summer and wish to suspend our membership for this year only. Can this be done?

A. Yes.  Members in good standing can defer their membership for up to 3 seasons by advising Membership personnel of their  intention to do so by the annual payment due date and paying a Deferral Fee each season. Deferred members retain their voting rights and can resume membership at the end of the deferral period without having to go through the Wait List. Please complete the MWRA Deferral/Cancellation Form to apprise us of your plans.

Q. My daughter is away at college and will not be using the pool. Do I have to pay for her?

A. No. Your Mosby Woods Pool Membership Renewal Form has 2 columns: The left hand column, “Our Records”, lists the current number of household members we have on file. Correct this information by indicating the correct number in “Actual” column. Also, circle your daughter’s name in the “Household Members” list at the bottom of the form and write “Inactive” if you wish to keep her name on the account (should she wish to use the pool when she graduates) or “Delete” if you wish to remove her name from the account.

 Q. My husband and I are older and no longer use the pool. However, we have two children residing with us, ages 15 and 17, who still wish to use the pool. Can they join without us?

A. No. There must be one adult, 18 years or older, on the account. Next year, if your older child is 18 by the time the pool opens, he may act as the adult on the account.

Q. I work and have just employed a full-time daycare provider to watch my children. Can she join the pool under my membership?

A. Yes. You may include her/pay for her under your membership. To add her, write her full name under Household Members on your Renewal Form and indicate “Day Care Provider” under Member Type. Adjust the “Actual” number/amounts on the Renewal form and increase your payment amount, if necessary, to cover her. Generally, the expectation is that she will accompany your children to the pool. She may use the pool on her own with a few caveats: 1) you must arrange for any guests she brings and 2) she may not join the swim team.

 Q. We have a two month old child. Must I pay for her?

A. No. Children who are less than 1 year old on the day the pool opens for the season are free. Include his/her name and birth date on your Renewal Form, circle it, and indicate “Infant < 1 yr”.

Q. We are moving to the neighborhood in mid-July and would like to join the pool. Must we pay for the entire season or can the dues be prorated?

A. We may prorate membership dues in the year a member joins and the year a member leaves depending on how early or late in the season it occurs. Initiation Fees are not prorated.

 Q. Are any discounts available for senior citizens?

A. No. We do not currently offer a senior citizen discount.

Q. I would love to join the pool but have a hard time coming up with such a large sum all at once. Are payment plans available?

A. Dues and Initiation Fees must be paid by April 1st. However, if you wish, you may send in partial payments starting in October for the next summer. Just write a check and include your address/member # (located in the lower right hand corner of your renewal form) and “For Summer ” in the memo field; send it to MWRA, Inc, c/o Membership, 3136 Plantation Parkway Fairfax, Virginia 22030. In February, the Renewal Form sent to you will reflect total amounts owed less payments made to date. You may elect to pay this balance owed all at once or continue to submit partial payments until April 1st.   Note: Partial payments will be applied to Initiation Fees owed first, and then to Membership Dues owed.

Q. My family and I no longer use the pool. How do I cancel my membership?

A. Complete the MWRA Inactivation/Cancellation Form to apprise us of your plans and tell us about your experience at the Mosby Woods Pool.

 Q. My wife and I were members of the pool years ago when our children were small but have not used the pool in the last 10 years. We would like to start using the pool again. Do we need to pay the Initiation Fee again?

A. No. Once the Initiation Fee has been paid you do not need to pay it again.  Proof of Initiation Fee payment may be required, especially for accounts dormant for more than 10 years. Be advised,  however,  that you must advise us of your intent to reactivate your membership by April 15th,  otherwise you will have to add your name to the Wait List. If your request comes after we have reached capacity for the season we will not be able to offer you a membership for the current season. Click here to put your name on the Wait List

Q. We have sold our house in Mosby Woods and will be moving mid-summer. May we transfer our membership to the family buying our house?

A. No. Memberships are non-transferable.

Q. My son would like to swim on the swim team. Does he have to be a member of the pool?

A. Yes. He and at least 1 adult (>18yrs old) from your family must be members of the pool. There is a separate fee for swim team which you may pay with your membership or separately, at the Welcome Banquet for Swim Team, usually held Memorial Day weekend. To join the swim team, first join the pool by completing a Membership Form (available on the website, through Membership or from the lifeguards) and sending it to the address listed above. Indicate “Swim Team” next to the child (or children) that will be joining the team.

 Q. My spouse rarely uses the pool.  Can I bring him in as a “guest”, using a guest pass? 

A. No. Guest Passes may not be used for anyone residing in a member household.

Q. We have guest passes from last year we didn’t use. Can we use them this year?

A. Yes, since 2014, guest passes bought in one season can be used in subsequent seasons, providing your membership is active i.e. you've paid your dues,  for that season.

Q. Can I run a tab at the Snack Bar ?

A.  Yes, rather  than use cash at the pool’s Snack Bar, members may set up and fund an account at the Snack Bar. Purchases made at the Snack Bar reduce your balance; any $ remaining at the end of the season are carried over to next season. You may create/fund a Snack Bar Accounts by including the $ ($20 or greater) with your membership payment or directly  at the Snack Bar.