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Short introduction Sourmelina
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Welcome to our house.

We hope you’ll have a pleasant stay!

Our house “Sourmelina” was built somewhat between 1850 and 1880. If you are interested in its history we suggest you read the novel from Nikos Kazantzakis - Alexis Zorba. In the novel her name “Sourmelina” is mentioned only once…

After the complete renovation during the winter of 2013/14, we always work at the house when vacant. We are trying to keep the house as authentic as possible. On the other hand we also want you to feel comfortable. Sometimes a dilemma. Many things you may find old fashioned and some things need to be done in a special way. That’s why we thought it would be good for you to have some instructions:

Check-in / Check-out

Check-in time is usually not before 4:00pm. Check-out should be latest around 11:30am.
Of course, depending on the occupancy we can also arrange quite individual times.


Water in the area is a problem. That’s why the house is supplied by two sources. One is the municipality. As this source is not reliable at all, we have a backup. Our neighbour has a well and helps us with water. Both sources fill the water tank and a pressure pump sends it into the house, which unfortunately can be heard.

The water can be used for all purposes if you boil it. Still we suggest buying drinking water or to get water from a tap at the main road with best Taygetos-water - ask us where exactly. Please do not waste water. For example with the dishwater you can also water the plants around the house.

Toilet / Waste:

As with most toilets in Greece, we do ask you NOT to flush paper or similar in the toilet - Greek sewage systems usually do not like it. Please use the toilet bucket.

Now also here waste is separated. You can put glass in the bell-shaped containers. Paper / metal / plastic goes into the blue containers, the residual waste in the green/grey containers which are distributed differently on the streets.

Electricity / Warm Water:

The wiring in the house is still very ‘greek-style’. You shouldn’t connect high power consuming units. The boiler has a button at the bottom. After pressing it, it needs about 20 minutes to warm up. Watch the red light on the boiler. For security reasons it switches off automatically after heating up completely.

Climate / Insects:

The house has very thick walls - and now also an insulated roof - and protects like this from cold and extreme heat. During summer a lot of Greeks still close up their house completely during the day. During the night they let the cooler air come in again. We suggest doing it the same way. At least it would do good to keep doors and windows closed in summer during day time. You’ll feel the difference!

Depending on the summer there are more or less bugs - especially mosquitoes. In order to drive them away, we recommend the incense spirals for outside available everywhere, inside the electric tablet/liquid plugs help quite well…

Food must be secured from ants: hanging baskets and refrigerators are good places!


Bed linen and towels are provided. Please bring your own beach towels.

We always try to keep the equipment of the house in order. Still we can not oversee everything when guests are changing. Accidents do happen. So please tell us if something is damaged - we won’t blame you!

If you find something is missing, let us know. We will try to provide you with everything needed.

WiFi: Sourmelina - Key: holidaymaker


Unfortunately, it happened once that things got stolen from the house. Lock the house when you are not there. At night, you should close the windows towards the street, the kitchen windows and the doors.

There is a camera installed outside the house. While guests are staying it is of course not plugged in.


We are in the process to get the licence in order to rent our house legally. Unfortunately the Greek bureaucracy isn’t easy and so we are still not legal.

We know that we’re asking a lot, but please do not tell anybody that you pay rent. You are good friends and stay for free. Thus we can provide the house to holiday makers. Rental income is taxed, and the rest is invested almost 100% back into the house...

Guest book / Reviews:

Feel free to leave us a note in this guest book. We really do appreciate it and are also open to your critics!

We are absolutely delighted and surely others would be very grateful if you would write a review for this house: or


Stephan Bartholomae: Mobile: +306978144435,

Feel free to keep this information sheet. Last updated january 22nd 2022.